11 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Technical Recruitment Process

11 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Technical Recruitment Process

PulkitJuly 5th, 20215 min read

As we are heading towards a faster-moving world, recruiters must think of leveraging different techniques to hire the right talent and streamline the recruiting process.

Looking back at last few years, there has been a positive change in the hiring process. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a game-changer in the corporate world. Everyone is working from home, and companies are embracing remote hiring. Today, more and more companies are focusing on improving employer brand, candidate experience and using the best technical tools for the technical recruitment process.

Every recruitment process is different, and it can be quite a challenge for recruiters from non-technical backgrounds to figure out which strategy will work in technical recruitment.

Don't worry - here we will discuss some of the best strategies to revamp your existing operations and streamline the recruitment process.

11 Best Ways To Revamp Your Technical Recruitment Process

Develop A Company Culture To Attract The Right Talent

The first and most crucial point that every recruiter must consider is to improve their company culture. You must invest in creating a positive company culture that people want to be a part of.

While company culture isn’t usually considered in a recruitment process, having a solid company identity goes a long way in pitching yourself to potential employees.

If your company culture is weak, figure out the best ways to work with your people to improve this powerful business aspect.

Inclusive Job Descriptions

As it may sound common to write compelling job descriptions, the words you use in your descriptions matter a lot.

The words and phrases you use in your descriptions say a lot about your organization, and it is a crucial element of the recruitment process to hire the top talent. However, you must avoid using words that can affect the candidate population such as women, ethnic minorities, older people, etc.

As we live in a world of technologies, you can leverage an AI-driven writing tool to write compelling job descriptions.

Video Interviewing

Gone are the days of face-to-face interviews where the employer and the recruiter meet each other physically. Eventually, the pandemic has eliminated this time-consuming process.

Today, more and more companies are hiring remote employees, and video interviewing is the new norm in the corporate world. It saves time, money, and effort you put into hiring an employee.

To streamline the hiring process, you must leverage pre-employment assessment tools that consolidate video technology. It is the best approach towards the technical recruitment process where you can quickly assess a candidate’s soft skills such as communication skills, eye movements, non-verbal communication, etc.

Don’t Limit Your Searches To Only Recruiting Sites

Never limit your searches to recruiting sites; instead, expand your search to social media and other online platforms.

LinkedIn is one of the most trusted resources to recruit the right talent for your organization. Every recruiter must use LinkedIn to attract the right talent by posting the job vacancy and effectively promoting it.

For example, if you want to hire a technical team in your organization, apart from LinkedIn, you can use other online platforms such as GitHub, Stack Overflow, etc. It will give you deep knowledge about candidate’s technical skills and hence the recruitment process becomes easier.

Structure Your Interview Process

In a structured interview, recruiters ask a particular set of pre-determined questions to the candidates. These are the questions prepared prior to an interview, which means that all candidates are asked the same questions in the same manner.

Structured interview process help with a lot of things, such as:

  • A better understanding of the job profile
  • It helps to reduce bias
  • It helps recruiters prepare better to enhance the candidate experience

Additionally, it helps the candidates to understand the interview process better.

Focus On Developing Strong Employer Brand

Today, employer branding is quickly becoming a traditional recruitment method. The goal here is to position your company as a great place to work simply.

Candidates often visit employer review websites like Glassdoor before applying for the job. They review a company’s reputation and culture and assess whether the company is the right fit for them or not.

To develop a strong employer brand, you need to work on aspects such as the career section, employee testimonials, and profiles. If you have an Instagram page, you can derive insights into what is most to work for you. It also helps you determine other techniques to put your best foot forward.

Technical Screening

Technical screening is a must while hiring a technical team for your organization. It can help you assess 100+ candidates effectively in minutes. A technical screening assessment uses a combination of knowledge and application-based techniques such as MCQs and simulators. You can filter out quality technical talent before the interview using an auto-grading system.

The technical screening will help you assess the candidate’s technical skills and how passionate he/she is in his/her chosen field. It will help you to determine whether the candidate is the right fit for the organization or not.

Data-Driven Recruitment

Data-driven recruitment will help drive the best tactics for finding and screening candidates. These platforms allow recruiters to handle candidate data, ad platforms, screening practices, onboarding, and talent management. In 2021 and beyond, you must deep dive into the recruitment data to find out ways to streamline the recruitment process.

Invest In Artificial Intelligence

As we live in a world full of modern technologies, it is the right time to invest in artificial intelligence (AI). As a recruiter, you can use AI in chatbots to reach out to potential candidates, setting up interviews, etc. The positive impacts of such technologies in recruitment will continue to evolve.

Invest In An Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

An applicant tracking system makes the hiring process easier as it gives recruiters easy access to candidate information that can be used at every stage of recruitment. Investing in an ATS is worth it, and you won’t regret it.

Always Welcome Candidate’s Feedback

Lastly, candidate feedback is essential. With this, you will get a deep insight into which recruitment process you should work on or completely replace.

Summing Up

Are you ready to revamp your technical recruitment process? Roll up your sleeves, be prepared, and leverage the right tools and technologies to streamline the hiring process.

When the recruitment process goes smoothly, you’re taking your organization towards progress. That’s why it is important to revamp your strategies according to modern trends to find the right talent for your organization.

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