Improvement release because small things matter

Improvement release because small things matter

RahulMarch 30th, 20210 min read


  • Your company logo will look more beautiful with the new alignment. So yes, a lot more meaningful branding for you.
  • If you are publishing a take home assignment and accidentally press the browser back button, you will not be penalised now 😀
  • When you will add questions to your take home assignment, assignment time limit is auto-calculated now. So you don't have to do the maths now.
  • When someone attempts a take home assignment, more camera snapshots will be taken giving you better monitoring 👀
  • Drop-downs are more beautiful in take home assignment 😀 (a lot more on design coming soon).
  • Some more technical changes for our internal team to improve our development process, so we can release even faster 😉

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