How To Boost Productivity As A Recruiter?

How To Boost Productivity As A Recruiter?

PulkitAugust 19th, 20214 min read

In today’s competitive job market, recruiters often struggle to onboard the right person for a particular job role. Recruiting is a time-consuming process, and it distracts recruiters from their core business work which holds great significance.

Most people think that a recruiter’s job is easy – they just have to post vacancies on multiple platforms and shortlist candidates based on their skills. While it’s true, but it doesn’t end here. Recruiters have to evaluate resumes, schedule interviews, and complete paperwork for onboarding new employees all in one day.

According to SHRM, the stress level for recruiters has increased by 61%, with 19% reporting a drastic increase in stress. Some stress from working with reduced resources, while others have had to adjust to rapidly filling urgently needed positions.

As recruiters go through the endless to-do lists, they often look for ways to boost productivity as a recruiter. Productivity can be improved, but it won’t happen overnight.

With that in mind, here we will discuss some of the best ways on how you can reduce your stress levels and boost productivity.

9 Ways To Boost Productivity As Recruiter

Automate Your Daily Tasks

According to West Monroe, 36% of managers spend 3-4 hours on managerial tasks. If you’re the one – wasting your time on mundane tasks, then it’s time to stop.

This is where automation comes into play. Leveraging the power of automation technology can help you save a lot of time while focusing on other critical business aspects. Additionally, it helps you retain quality candidates and enhance the candidate experience.

You can use an ATS (Applicant Tracking System), which helps you streamline the hiring process. An ATS can help you in:

  • Posting jobs on multiple platforms
  • Evaluating resumes
  • Eliminating unqualified candidates
  • Getting a deep insight into candidate’s skills
  • Keeping candidates informed and engaged

Manage Your Time Effectively

One of the best approaches to managing your time and staying on track is creating a daily to-do list.

A successful to-do list should define your daily tasks from the most important to the least. You must break down what you need to do when you need to do it and how much time it takes to complete.

However, there’s not a perfect way to create a to-do list, but if you’re wondering how to get started, consider the below points:

  • Every Monday, create a list of everything you need to complete by Friday and split it into priorities.
  • At the beginning of each working day, write down your top priority task for the day.

Keep Track Of Your Activities

One of the simplest measures of productivity is the number of activities you perform each day. Measure the number of calls, emails, messages, and tasks you accomplish daily. Once you start measuring, you can start improving and get more done daily.

The number of activities you perform each day doesn’t correlate to the quality of those activities. However, when this data is compared with other data, it can be helpful.

Invest In Right Tools And Technologies

Investing in the right tool will result in higher productivity.

For example, suppose you’re hiring a technical team for your organization. In that case, it is worth investing in Intervue – the best coding assessment tool for developers. It uses an auto-grading system through which you can save time interviewing unqualified candidates. It automatically eliminates those candidates who didn’t pass the test.

Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking can distract you from your core work and impact efficiency. It can also result in delays and affects the final output of the project.

You must avoid multitasking by focusing on how you can organize your day to meet deadlines. Here are some tips to avoid multitasking and boost productivity:

  • Keep distractions away (switch off your phone or put it on silent)
  • Plan a schedule and stick to it
  • Use a task management software to plan your day and organize your daily tasks
  • Take some time off work

Being focused on the core work will help you avoid multitasking.

Dip Into Your Existing Resource Pool

There’s a high possibility that the candidates you rejected before for a particular job role might fit any other job position. If they didn’t meet the client’s requirements before, it doesn’t mean they won’t fit the brief in the future.

So, rather than wasting time interviewing new candidates, it is always better to peep into your existing candidate pool.

Keep It Simple And Straightforward

To boost productivity, look for ways to make the process as simple as possible. Here’s how you can make your process straightforward:

  • Eliminate unnecessary steps that aren’t essential to your success;
  • Measure the time spend on each of your processes;
  • Communicate candidates over mail rather than a phone call;
  • Designate time to complete different elements of work and stick to these time slots.

Evaluate Your Current Recruiting Workflow

Today, most candidates prefer a short and least complicated recruitment process. If your recruitment process is too long and complex, you will miss out on opportunities to hire the right candidate for your organization. Not all roles require complicated recruiting processes.

A concise workflow has the most significant influence on the candidate and is more inclined to lead to a successful hire.

Designate Email-Checking Time

Whenever you post a job vacancy online, you will receive hundreds of calls, emails, and messages in a day. Addressing the candidate’s queries can take a lot of time, distracting you from your core work.

To structure the process and boost productivity, it’s best to set aside some time per day to check and respond to emails and messages. You can devote about an hour each day to check emails and messages from candidates.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to use folders and color-coding to prioritize emails. The emails to which you have replied, put them in the “done” folder. Similarly, color code emails for your boss and clients so you don’t miss responding to them.

Summing Up

By implementing the tips mentioned above, you’ll become a better recruiter and boost your team’s productivity. Additionally, you can also enhance the candidate experience, retaining high-quality candidates to lead to more outstanding outcomes for your company.

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