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Intervue is a true game changer in the hiring space. As a hiring manager it makes my team very productive if I am not having to worry about using my team’s interviewing bandwidth
Kartik Sura
Kartik Sura
Senior Engineering Manager
I cannot imagine Upstox’s hiring without intervue now. As a recruitment lead finding interviewers bandwidth was the biggest frustration that intervue solves seamlessly
Anupriya Krishnan
Anupriya Krishnan
Director, Talent Acquisition
Intervue helped us save a lot of recruiting bandwidth with their product. Their product helped us build reliance over how they could actually emulate our internal hiring process so seamlessly
Niladri Sekhar
Niladri Sekhar
Manager, Talent Acquisition
Intervue is a go to hiring partner at Fampay. Hiring is the biggest pain of a founder and intervue solves the bandwidth problem so beautifully. My team can now focus only on building products
Kush Taneja
Kush Taneja
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