Why Technical Screening Assessments Should Be An Integral Part Of Your Developer Hiring Strategy?

Why Technical Screening Assessments Should Be An Integral Part Of Your Developer Hiring Strategy?

RahulMay 29th, 20214 min read

Are you a recruiter from an IT agency? Are you struggling to hire developers? Well, you’re not alone.

Research states that 8 out of 10 recruiters and managers find it hard to interview employees and onboard them, and most of them are from a non-technical background.

However, to streamline the hiring process of a developer, you can conduct a technical screening test to assess developer skills. It is a time-consuming, cost-effective, and simple process to onboard the right talent.

The screening interview is considered to be one of the most powerful techniques which you can implement so that you can find out the right developer for the organization’s requirement. So, every recruiter needs to consider this test as a priority when hiring a developer.

7 Reasons To Use Technical Screening In Hiring Process

To Test Candidate’s Claims

Do you know, more than 85% of recruiters found job candidates lying on their resumes? That’s huge. However, to minimize it, you can use skill assessment or technical assessment to check the honesty of candidate’s resumes.

By using technical assessment, you can verify if the candidate really possesses the skills they claim to have in their resumes.

To Avoid Hiring The Wrong Candidate

According to Career Builder, approx. 74% of recruiters said that they’ve hired the wrong person for the position.

With a technical skill assessment test, you will get to know whether a person is a right fit for the company or not. Additionally, you will get a clear idea about the experience and how passionate a candidate is in his or her chosen field.

In the end, making a wrong hiring decision is much less common among employers who use technical skill tests to assess coding skills.

To Test On Real Situations

You can create a test for all the candidates, which may be a coding project or a problem-solving project similar to your organization’s requirement.

With this test, you will get more accurate and clear insights into the candidate’s ability. You can easily assess a developer’s skill whether he or she is the right fit for the company or not. Hence, it makes the hiring process more convenient for recruiters and hiring managers.

To Eliminate Bias

Undoubtedly, there’s a lot of pressure on hiring recruiters to hire the right talent – especially on those who are from a non-tech background. Hence, they are more prone to make biased decisions.

Recruiters often choose candidates based on their soft skills and technical skills. However, not every candidate can excel in both skills. Therefore, the decisions recruiters make are not always accurate and they never will be, but you can use skill assessment tests for developers to reduce bias and wrong hiring decisions.

Reduced bias in the recruitment process is related to the higher performance of the new hire, as the hiring decision will only be based on the skills, experience, and abilities of the candidate and not on the intuition about the candidate’s future performance.

To Save Time & Money

Conducting a technical skill assessment test is the right approach towards eliminating unqualified candidates quickly and easily. You can ensure that only skilled and experienced candidates progress through the hiring process, and as a result, you can save time focusing only on the right candidates.

Apart from saving time, the technical skill assessment test is a cost-effective approach in the hiring process. But how?

Well, a skill assessment test is a cost-saving process as it avoids the cost of hiring the bad hire and hiring only the right talent and most productive candidates. Research states that the average cost of a bad hire is approx. $15,000.

To Enhance Candidate Experience

The right technical skill assessment software can also improve the candidate experience with your organization. Nowadays, candidates prefer brief, informative, and engaging hiring experiences. Plus, they want to know that they were given a fair chance to compete for a job position.

However, with screening tests, you can provide a timely and well-argued analysis of your hiring decisions.

To Improve Company’s Employer Brand

Technical assessment is also a key to enhance a company’s employer brand. If you are presenting your company as having highly talented employees, then you need to have a process in place that supports that statement.

That said, using skill assessment tests can strengthen that image makes the applicants who pass your assessments feel that they have joined the right place.

How To Set Up A Technical Test For Developers?

When setting up a technical skill assessment test for developers, keep the following in mind:

  • Avoid badly worded, vague questions that involve style or creative thinking, such as coding challenge that has many potential solutions.
  • Make sure your questions are up to date. Sometimes the job candidate knows a unique solution to a challenge but gets marked wrong due to an outdated answer key.
  • Don’t ask people to define terminology. Developers work on various front-end as well as back-end languages and have instant access to any information they want at their fingertips. Your questions should reflect what they will do in their day-to-day responsibilities.
What To Do If You Already Using A Technical Skill Assessment Test?

Give your ideal candidates an alternative to taking the test. For example, they could take the test in person with a technical person on your team.

Give them a test administrator who can answer any questions they have about the test. Never put a time limit on the test and give them a private space to take the test. Allow the candidate to have access to the internet during the test, just as they would have on the job. You are testing their skills and abilities and creativity needs space and freedom to flourish. Give them the space to show you their true abilities.

Summing Up

To be a great developer, a candidate must possess all the required technical as well as soft skills. As a recruiter, you need to know whether the candidates possess the requisite expertise before hiring them.

So, the technical skill assessment test comes with numerous advantages and is always two-way communication. As a recruiter or hiring manager, you can implement skill assessment tests to achieve the overall goals easily and efficiently by gathering the most relevant information.

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