20 Best Technical Assessment Tools for Hiring in 2023

20 Best Technical Assessment Tools for Hiring in 2023

ShubhamSeptember 25th, 202317 min read

Traditional recruitment can be a bit like a treasure hunt, where the prize is the perfect candidate. Instead of relying solely on past experiences, wouldn't it be far more effective to evaluate an applicant's potential to excel in the role at hand?

This is where talent assessment tools come into play. By using data-driven methods, these tools expedite decision-making and confirm a candidate's expertise effectively.

In this piece, we're pulling back the curtain on some of the best technical assessment tools in the market. So buckle up and get ready to turbocharge your recruitment process, pinpointing top-tier technical talent and slashing the risk of wrong hires.

Dive in, and let's transform the way you recruit!

Why is choosing the appropriate assessment tool crucial?

Accurately gauging job performance and capability demands the use of a fitting talent assessment tool that can effectively screen for these specific attributes. By doing so, you can sidestep the pitfalls of hiring unsuitable candidates and elevate your chances of bringing on board a true professional who aligns perfectly with your team.

Consider this: If you're on the hunt for adept coders, it's essential to thoroughly assess their software and coding skills. By leveraging the right talent assessment tool, you can easily achieve this through remote coding tests.

However, bear in mind the potential repercussions of choosing a misaligned tool. Not every tool is a one-size-fits-all solution.

It's vital to remember that no two companies are identical. A strategy that delivers spectacular results for one organization may not necessarily do the same for another. What truly counts is finding a solution that can be tailored to meet your organization's unique needs and objectives.

Best Technical Assessment Software for Technical Recruiters

The market is full of excellent tools designed to streamline the technical recruitment process. Here's a look at some of the best technical assessment software for IT recruiters:


Intervue: Technical Assessment Software

When it comes to technical assessment, Intervue offers an unmatched blend of simplicity, efficiency, and functionality. The platform empowers HR teams with home assignment options and structured remote interviews, enabling a comprehensive evaluation of candidate abilities. The live coding environment, which supports over 35 programming languages, allows recruiters to gauge the programming prowess of candidates in real-time, bringing a level of precision that's critical in tech hiring.

Intervue: Technical Assessment Software

The Intervue platform isn't just about coding, it also incorporates collaborative white-boarding options, fostering a more dynamic, interactive assessment process. This feature allows you to dive deeper into a candidate's thought process and problem-solving approach, providing insights that go beyond just their coding skills. And with the provision to store feedback records, tracking candidate performance and improvements becomes a breeze.

And here's the best part, Intervue comes equipped with on-demand technical interviews, letting you schedule and conduct technical interviews at your convenience. This seamless integration of flexibility, interactivity, and comprehensive assessment is what sets Intervue apart from other assessment tools. Intervue isn't just another technical assessment tool; it's a robust platform designed to refine and redefine the technical recruitment process.


BarRaiser: Technical Assessment Software

BarRaiser steps in as a game-changer in technical recruitment, bridging the gap between talent and opportunity by offering robust validation of an applicant's capabilities. It doesn't just focus on technical abilities, but also provides structured interviews to evaluate the competencies and cultural fit of a candidate. These comprehensive insights empower recruiters to make informed decisions, mitigating the risk of potential mis-hires.

Moreover, BarRaiser prioritizes fairness in recruitment. Its structured interview process ensures that each candidate is evaluated based on the same criteria, promoting equality and transparency. This distinctive blend of capability validation, competency evaluation, and fair assessment, positions BarRaiser as a reliable ally for IT recruiters.


Coderbyte: Technical Assessment Software

Coderbyte is a robust screening tool that assures employers of hiring certainty. By delivering high accuracy and a positive recruitment experience, Coderbyte aids in unearthing the top talent, integral to a company's success.

What's more, Coderbyte is mindful of the financial constraints that startups and small to medium-sized companies might face. Its flexible pricing plans make it a cost-effective solution, ensuring that budgetary limitations don't stand in the way of quality recruitment. With Coderbyte, the journey towards hiring the best technical talent becomes smoother and more efficient.


Codility: Technical Assessment Software

Navigating the vast sea of technical talent can be overwhelming for large companies and enterprises. Codility addresses this concern, offering a robust platform that aids in hiring skilled engineers remotely, and at scale. It empowers hiring teams with critical insights for unbiased scoring, fostering data-driven decisions that enhance the quality of recruitment.

Beyond the hiring phase, Codility continues to be a useful resource. It aids companies in establishing a clear, objective baseline of their engineers' skills, enabling targeted professional development and facilitating effective team building. With Codility, not only does the recruitment process become streamlined, but the journey towards building a proficient engineering team also becomes smoother and more precise.

Criteria Corp

Criteria Corp: Technical Assessment Software

Criteria Corp enables organizations to recruit candidates objectively through evidence-based decision making. It utilizes multidimensional data in its employee testing software, offering a comprehensive view of the candidate's profile.

Criteria Corp stands out for its versatile assessment solution. It doesn't just assess technical skills, but also delves into other critical factors such as emotional intelligence and personality. This broader perspective equips recruiters with a well-rounded understanding of the candidate, aiding in the selection of individuals who are not just technically proficient but also align with the company's culture and values.


DevSkiller: Technical Assessment Software

DevSkiller simplifies the challenge of finding the best developers for specific IT roles. It does this with its innovative talent management platform, which utilizes AI test scoring to reduce unconscious bias. By automating parts of the process, it shortens the time to hire, making the recruitment process efficient and effective.

Moreover, DevSkiller goes a step further to ensure that its assessments mirror the actual work that developers would be doing. It tests developers in a "real-world" testing environment, giving employers a true sense of a candidate's abilities. With DevSkiller, the guesswork in technical hiring is significantly reduced, replacing uncertainty with surety.

Eightfold AI

Eightfold AI: Technical Assessment Software 

For large companies and enterprises, managing a vast network of technical talent can be a daunting task. Eightfold AI simplifies this with its talent intelligence platform. Its advanced AI system aids in identifying individuals with the best skill sets for specific roles, ensuring a robust match.

Notably, Eightfold AI also champions diversity. It utilizes market data to automatically identify top performers, helping build and retain a diverse workforce. By efficiently managing the talent network and fostering diversity, Eightfold AI not only optimizes recruitment but also contributes to creating an inclusive work environment.


Hackerrank: Technical Assessment Software

HackerRank revolutionizes the recruitment process for technical positions with its pre-employment assessment tool. It enables companies to evaluate a developer’s innovative ability at every stage, ensuring a thorough understanding of the candidate's potential.

One of HackerRank's standout features is its dashboard and virtual whiteboard, which ranks each candidate based on their assessments and level of skill. This ranking system enables recruiters to identify top performers quickly, making the hiring process swift and efficient. With HackerRank, the journey to finding top technical talent becomes significantly smoother.

Hire Success

Hire Success: Technical Assessment Software

Finding the right match for a position goes beyond just technical skills, and Hire Success understands this. Its online employment screening system seamlessly matches a candidate’s traits with the role's requirements. This comprehensive approach allows you to shortlist candidates effectively, improving objective decision-making and assessments based on skills and aptitude.

Additionally, Hire Success integrates data analytics into its platform. This means that decisions are not just intuitive but are backed by solid data, ensuring you select the right candidate for the role. With Hire Success, you can optimize your recruitment process, making it faster, more accurate, and efficient.


HireVue: Technical Assessment Software

Companies operating at an enterprise level need streamlined HR operations to efficiently source talent. HireVue provides just that. It combines HR operations automation with internal process management to simplify talent sourcing at scale. The platform's smart integration of AI equips hiring teams to screen candidates effectively and efficiently, cutting down on time and resources.

HireVue doesn't stop at screening, though. It also offers tools for structured digital interviews and automated scheduling, making the entire recruitment process smoother and more coordinated. With HireVue, companies can enhance the efficiency of their hiring process while ensuring a great candidate experience, a combination that pays dividends in the long run.


iMocha: Technical Assessment Software

Remote-based skills assessment tools are critical to a successful recruitment strategy. iMocha fits perfectly into this mold. It enables global enterprises to gain a competitive advantage using AI and science to make high-quality recruitment decisions. iMocha's platform focuses on digital skills evaluation, with features for video interviews and chatbots to make the process interactive and comprehensive.

Moreover, iMocha boasts of a vast library of skills tests, making it a versatile tool for hiring a variety of roles. Whether you're hiring a developer, a digital marketer, or a data scientist, iMocha has an assessment designed to gauge the candidate's competency. It's not just an assessment tool - it's a complete package for technical recruitment.

Indeed Assessments

Indeed Assessments: Technical Assessment Software

Indeed Assessments leverages the power of one of the biggest job boards in the market to efficiently funnel applicants. It ensures you're hiring candidates with the required skills and qualities for the role. Posting an advert is simple too, and its wide reach makes it efficient for appealing to a vast volume of active job seekers.

But Indeed Assessments is more than just a job board. It also offers skill assessments to help you evaluate candidates' qualifications beyond what's listed on their resumes. With its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive assessment tools, Indeed Assessments streamlines the hiring process, ensuring you find the right fit for your company with ease.


Testlify: Technical Assessment Software

For startups and small businesses, Testlify provides an effective solution for making hiring decisions for technical talent. It's designed to assess the quality of a candidate’s performance based on their job skills, with unique questions prepared by experts for each applicant. Testlify also offers benchmarked scores for various assessments, ensuring all qualified applicants reach the interview stage.

What sets Testlify apart is its commitment to fairness and objectivity in the recruitment process. It reduces bias and ensures that every candidate is given an equal opportunity to showcase their skills. For companies looking to make data-driven, fair hiring decisions, Testlify provides an excellent solution.


Karat: Technical Assessment Software

When it comes to making the hiring process predictable and optimized, Karat stands out. It provides detailed analytics that guide the interview process, helping to identify the right competencies your company needs. These are then translated into targeted interview questions to find high-quality engineers and build diverse teams with an array of technical talents.

Karat isn't just about predicting job success, it's also about creating a hiring process that is fair and equitable. Its platform is designed to reduce bias and increase diversity in technical hiring. From standardized interview processes to expert Interview Engineers conducting each interview, Karat ensures that every candidate gets an equal opportunity to prove their skills.


Mettl is a cloud-based examination platform that simplifies the process of assessing technical talent. It's an efficient tool for pinpointing each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as their skills and competencies. With a variety of assessments covering a range of job roles, Mettl takes the guesswork out of technical hiring.

The power of Mettl lies in its versatility. Whether you're looking to hire software developers, data analysts, or cybersecurity experts, Mettl has the right assessment for you. It's a comprehensive platform that helps you understand your candidates' skills on a deeper level, so you can make confident hiring decisions.


Pymetrics: Technical Assessment Software

Pymetrics stands out for its unique approach to candidate experience. It integrates behavioral science and AI technology, creating an unbiased hiring process that promotes diverse hiring and accurately matches candidates to job roles. Its neuroscience games and bias-free AI technology provide a novel, engaging way to evaluate candidates' potential beyond their resumes.

By focusing on candidates' cognitive and emotional traits, Pymetrics uncovers deeper insights than traditional assessments. The platform provides a more holistic view of each candidate, helping you predict their potential with a higher degree of accuracy. It's an innovative tool that brings fairness, efficiency, and scientific rigor to the hiring process.


Talview is a powerful tool for recruiters. As an AI-powered and online proctoring solution, it simplifies and streamlines the work of hiring teams. It enables enterprises to recruit at large volumes while efficiently managing the workflow.

Talview's platform is designed with scalability in mind. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, Talview has solutions to meet your needs. From automating routine tasks to providing advanced analytics, Talview helps you make the most of your recruitment process, ensuring you hire the best technical talent.


TestDome: Technical Assessment Software 

For companies keen on validating candidates' actual job skills over paper qualifications, TestDome is a preferred tool. This platform makes it easy for recruiters to evaluate the specific skills of each candidate. They offer a broad spectrum of assessments, such as programming tests and project management tests, catering to various technical industries.

TestDome is not just about assessing skills; it's about verifying the application of those skills. By asking candidates to solve real-world problems, TestDome provides a more accurate gauge of their ability to succeed in their roles. In this way, you get a deeper understanding of each candidate's practical skills, resulting in more effective hiring decisions.


TestGorilla: Technical Assessment Software

Built for businesses of all sizes, TestGorilla presents a simple solution for pre-employment screening. Their multifaceted approach includes coding tests, video interviews, and game-based assessments, providing a comprehensive evaluation of a candidate's IT skills.

What makes TestGorilla stand out is its commitment to user-friendliness. Their platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, which means you can focus on finding the right candidates instead of figuring out how to use the software. With TestGorilla, you can streamline your hiring process, reduce bias, and make faster, data-driven hiring decisions.

The Predictive Index

The Predictive Index: Technical Assessment Software 

The Predictive Index brings a scientific approach to hiring. It provides essential insights on the potential of a candidate by gathering data from assessments. This talent optimization platform serves employers by helping them attract the right talent that aligns with their business values.

What sets The Predictive Index apart is its emphasis on understanding people. Their platform is designed to dig deeper than just skills and experience, focusing instead on what drives each candidate. By gaining insights into candidates' drives and motivators, you can ensure they'll be a great fit for your team and your company's culture.


Togglhire: Technical Assessment Software

Toggl takes a unique approach to technical assessments by offering time tracking and project management tools alongside their skills tests. By observing how candidates manage their time and projects, Toggl provides additional insights into their organizational and productivity skills.

With Toggl, you're not just assessing a candidate's technical skills, but also their ability to effectively manage their work. This comprehensive approach helps you identify candidates who are not only technically competent but also able to keep up with the pace and demands of your work environment.


Vervoe: Technical Assessment Software

Vervoe goes beyond the traditional hiring approach by providing skills-based assessments that predict a candidate's real-world performance. This tool allows companies to review each candidate objectively, focusing on their ability to perform tasks realistically at work.

What makes Vervoe distinct is its immersive approach to skills assessment. Their AI-powered platform lets you see how candidates perform tasks they'll be doing on the job. This results in a hiring process that's fair, predictive, and reflective of real work situations.


Technical Assessment Software

Wonderlic specializes in analyzing candidates' cognitive abilities. By hiring applicants based on their potential for your company and the role, this tool provides a deeper understanding of the candidate's cognitive abilities, motivations, and personality traits.

What sets Wonderlic apart is its reliance on science-backed assessments. Their platform provides an in-depth analysis of each candidate, helping you discover more than just their skills and experience. This tool gives you a holistic view of each candidate, ensuring that you hire individuals who are not only technically adept but also culturally aligned with your organization.


Adaface: Technical Assessment Software

Adaface is a friendly skills assessment tool that seeks to help enterprises hire the most qualified employees. Their unique approach focuses on assessing on-the-job performance to evaluate candidates' expertise.

What sets Adaface apart is its emphasis on creating a friendly, conversational assessment experience. Rather than intimidating candidates with complicated and tricky questions, Adaface engages them in a friendly conversation involving real-world problems. This allows you to gain insights into a candidate's problem-solving abilities and suitability for the role, while also providing a positive experience for the candidate.


HackerRank has made a name for itself with its comprehensive code assessment platform. Known for its innovative coding challenges and real-world projects, HackerRank streamlines the process of identifying top-tier IT talent.

HackerRank’s user-friendly interface and sophisticated dashboard make it easy for recruiters to assess and compare applicants. Each developer’s code is assessed and ranked, providing you with a reliable metric to identify the best talent for your team. Plus, the platform’s vast array of coding challenges means you can tailor your recruitment process to match your exact requirements.


Codility: Technical Assessment Software

Codility shines in the arena of timed coding tests and tasks, measuring a candidate's coding capabilities accurately and objectively. Its robust platform is specifically designed to aid in the technical recruitment process, making it a reliable tool in your recruitment arsenal.

Codility’s strength lies in its detailed and scientifically-backed assessments. The platform allows you to evaluate how a candidate performs under time constraints, mirroring real-world scenarios and tasks. This provides an objective measure of a candidate’s abilities, helping you make informed hiring decisions.


Codesignal: Technical Assessment Software

CodeSignal’s assessment platform stands out with its unique coding scores and real-world coding environments. It provides a reliable, comprehensive means of technical assessment, making it an indispensable tool for tech recruiters.

CodeSignal’s system rates candidates' programming skills objectively, allowing you to compare and rank candidates effectively. With its real-world coding environment, you get to see how candidates tackle coding challenges, providing you with insights that go beyond what you get from a traditional interview or resume review.


iMocha: Technical Assessment Software

Interview Mocha offers robust capabilities for assessing technical skills. Its library of pre-designed IT skills tests, combined with custom test features, provide a comprehensive platform for technical assessment.

Notably, Interview Mocha is renowned for its user-friendly interface, extensive skill test library, and detailed analysis reports. By covering a wide array of IT roles and skill sets, it ensures you have the tools to identify the perfect fit for your team.


Leetcode: Technical Assessment Software

LeetCode is an exceptional platform that serves both as a preparatory and assessment tool for IT recruiters. It offers a vast collection of coding challenges, effectively gauging a candidate's skills.

With LeetCode, recruiters can customize coding challenges according to job requirements, providing a unique way to understand a candidate’s proficiency and problem-solving approach. The platform’s ability to test and enhance a candidate’s coding skills makes it an efficient tool for technical recruitment.


Coderpad: Technical Assessment Software

CoderPad stands out with its interactive programming environment designed to evaluate a candidate's coding and problem-solving skills under pressure. This platform takes a more realistic approach by allowing candidates to code in a familiar setting, thus eliminating the discomfort of unfamiliar interfaces.

CoderPad not only assesses the candidate's coding skills but also their problem-solving abilities and how they react under time pressure. This feature makes it a favourite amongst recruiters as it provides a deeper insight into how a candidate might perform in real-world situations, aiding in the selection of the most suitable talent.


Hackerearth: Technical Assessment Software 

HackerEarth offers a robust platform for assessing coding abilities. It provides real-world coding challenges that assess a candidate's skills in a practical context, thus making the recruitment process more effective and less subjective.

The platform boasts a vast library of coding questions and an intuitive interface. HackerEarth’s platform allows the recruiters to observe the candidate's approach to solving problems and their ability to deliver under tight deadlines, adding depth to the evaluation process.


Quodeck: Technical Assessment Software

Quodeck is a leading name in the field of learning management systems but is also utilized as a technical assessment tool due to its functionality and adaptability. By creating engaging, interactive assessments, Quodeck allows hiring managers to measure the technical skills and knowledge of candidates effectively.

The system's flexibility allows for a range of customization, enabling recruiters to craft unique assessments that reflect the specific needs and challenges of their industry. This approach fosters a deeper understanding of the candidate's abilities, aiding the hiring process significantly.

Prevue HR

Prevue HR: Technical Assessment Software 

Prevue HR offers a unique suite of tools that blend psychometric testing and skill assessments to provide a well-rounded view of potential employees. It's best known for its job-fit and personality assessments, but its capabilities extend into the realm of technical assessment as well.

Prevue HR's approach is to match candidates to the job profile using a set of benchmarks. By comparing the candidates' abilities to these benchmarks, it becomes easier for hiring managers to gauge their suitability for the role. This thorough, data-driven methodology greatly enhances the hiring process, ensuring a better fit for both parties.

Deciding on the Perfect Technical Assessment Software

Are you seeking a tool that caters to your industry's unique requirements? Do you need a system that ensures impartial testing of a candidate's proficiency?

The optimal software for you is the one that aligns most closely with your organization's specific needs and goals. It should seamlessly integrate with your existing structure and possess a user-friendly interface that your team can quickly adapt to.

Here are some additional factors to consider:

  • Cost Efficiency: Does the software offer value for the money invested?
  • Candidate Interaction: The software should offer a user-friendly and straightforward interface for candidates.
  • Scalability: The software should have the capability to automatically manage large-scale recruitment, freeing your time to concentrate on conducting interviews.
  • Assessment Quality: The software should evaluate candidates on their performance, emphasizing cognitive abilities related to their job.
  • Artificial Intelligence: The utilization of AI to enhance efficiency by automating various aspects of the recruitment process.
  • Security and Integrity: The software should offer advanced proctoring features to prevent question leaks, plagiarism, and dishonest practices by applicants.
In Closing

We've traversed through an array of top-notch technical talent assessment tools poised to optimize your success in 2023.

Leveraging these tools will enable you to make objective decisions, thereby securing the cream of the crop in the talent pool for your team.

So, are you ready to onboard only the most adept technical candidates?

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