The Anatomy of a Great Pre Employment Assessment

The Anatomy of a Great Pre Employment Assessment

RahulJuly 14th, 20214 min read

High-quality talent is the backbone of any successful business. In the last decades, many companies have embraced pre-employment assessment to identify the right talent to ensure the business’s success.

According to Xobin, more than 94% of companies leverage pre-employment tests, including basic verbal abilities, problem-solving skills, logical and numerical abilities of the candidate.

These pre-employment tests offer several advantages to recruiters and organizations and help them make quick and thoughtful decisions. With the pre-employment test, you can attract and engage a larger candidate pool.

As a recruiter, you must leverage the power of the pre-employment test to hire candidates for the present and the future. After the COVID-19 pandemic, everything has become digital, so are the pre-employment tests. With the availability of several tools online, you can efficiently conduct a pre-employment test for candidates to gauge their hard as well as soft skills.

What Is Pre-Employment Assessment?

Pre-employment assessments are a standardized and scientific way of determining cognitive abilities, work skills, knowledge, physical abilities, language proficiency, etc. Today, more and more companies conduct pre-employment tests to filter and manage the large applicant pools and streamline the recruiting process.

Hiring a candidate based on a wordy resume can impact the overall productivity of the business. But how can you assess the technical skills of a candidate without conducting a pre-employment test? Conducting a pre-employment test is a must for recruiters as it can provide tremendous value for organizations looking to hire the right talent for a particular job position.

Top 4 Reasons To Use Pre-Employment Assessments

A pre-employment assessment can help you save the cost, time, and effort you put towards hiring the right talent. In addition, it ensures the likelihood that new employees will be successful in their respective job roles and reduce the cost of employee turnover.

Get A Deep Insight On Candidate Skills And Experience

You can rely on wordy resumes of candidates – as more than 50% of resumes contain lies.

For example, suppose if your company is looking for an Android developer. In that case, how you can be sure about the candidate’s skills without screening or conducting a pre-employment test. Conducting a pre-employment test will help you get a deep insight into the candidate’s skills and how passionate they are in their chosen field.

A well-conducted test can bring objectivity to the recruitment process as a whole. In addition, the results are standardized across candidates to make finding the right talent easy.

Increase In Productivity

A pre-employment test can help you get the right data about the candidate, which will help you choose the right candidate among the large talent pool. In addition, it leads to actual developments in the productivity and effectiveness of all other employees. Pre-employment assessments provide recruiters with validated and predictive metrics about every candidate that leads to success.

Pre-employment tests can determine the extent of knowledge, skills, and ability an individual possesses.

It Helps To Reduce Bias

A pre-employment test ensures that every candidate is screened with the same questions and tests. Such tests measure and present data based on their actions and answers and then analyzing the data – in the same way for each candidate.

Pre-Employment Test Saves A Lot Of Time And Money

With a pre-employment test, you can assess 100+ candidates in minutes effectively. Statistics show that it takes around 40-45 days to fill a new position. At the same time, a recruiter spends more than 40 minutes per interview and receives an average of 250 applications per online job posting minimum.

By conducting these tests, you can streamline your hiring process and increase the possibility of onboarding the right talent for your organization.

5 Best Practices Of Pre-Employment Assessment

Now that you have a glimpse of the importance of conducting a pre-employment assessment, you might have a question – how can I conduct a pre-employment test? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the tips to consider while running a pre-employment test:

Pre-Employment Test Must Match The Job Profile

Every job role requires a different set of skills, and conducting the right test for the right candidate is essential. For example, you can’t perform a typing test for a technical role in your organization.

The test must contain valid questions related to job qualifications and requirements and generate similar results even if the person appears again for the test.

Choose The Right Tool

Choosing the right tool to conduct a pre-employment test is vital to find the right talent. You must select the most appropriate tool for measuring relevant skills for the job in question to ensure they’re imminent for on-the-job success. Choosing a complex tool can lead to ineffective results that will not be helpful for candidate selection.

Communication Is Key

Being clear about the assessment’s scope and purpose can help candidates understand why you’re doing it. However, you don’t want to make them feel like you’re asking for free work from them.

A lack of communication is one reason why candidates have a bad experience in the recruitment process.

Make Sure The Assessments Are Of 40 Minutes Or Less

Research states that the tests conducted in 40 minutes or less have a 70% completion rate. On the other hand, the tests which are close to an hour or so only have a completion rate of 65% by comparison.

Reducing the time limit to 40 minutes or less helps you decrease the number of candidates who fail to complete the process due to time restrictions.

Welcome Candidate’s Feedback

Giving candidates quick feedback is as important as welcoming candidates’ feedback about their experience in the overall recruiting process. It will provide a deep insight into what’s working and which area of your existing recruitment process should be improved to enhance the candidate experience.

Summing Up

The pre-employment test can give additional insight into the job applicants, hence, helps recruiters to save a lot of time and money and help them make informed hiring decisions.

That said, a well-organized pre-employment assessment will not only help you grab the right candidate but also improve the candidate experience – which will result in developing a positive employer brand across different recruiting and review sites.

Focusing on a candidate-driven approach is crucial as it will make candidates realize that you value their precious time.

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