Advanced interview question to hire experienced candidates

Advanced interview question to hire experienced candidates

PulkitApril 20th, 20214 min read

If you're going through this page then you're potentially trying to recruit the perfect candidates for an job, but the concern is that you don't know enough about the topic to be interviewing someone.

Don't worry, you're definitely not the first HR professional who has found himself in this position. The reality is that almost every HRs goes through the very same thing; they are tasked with recruiting people with technical experience while they lack it, but that's the nature of an HR's job.

We'll give you some pointers on how to conduct interviews for posts as well as a list of advanced questions to ask.

There are plenty of key questions to ask and decide whether or not the job applicant is a good match for an post. A good enough candidate would have a high degree of ease, experience, and in-depth knowledge of both introductory and complex development principles.

The questions below are a strong starting point for sifting through candidates who work in the.NET framework. This collection, though, is just a starting point. The appropriate questions asked will emerge from the particular job role, and can preferably be known by those who are currently employed in the department and on similar tasks.

Apart from coming up with questions, there are several online tools you can use to help you pick the right candidate for the role. These live coding interview tools and online code editors make it possible for you. is a versatile platform with a broad range of capabilities that can be tailored to the needs of the enterprise and/or staff. The easiest way to come up with a list of useful and crucial questions is to have a group discussion with existing staff members.

Obtain the participation of all stakeholders. Make a list of all possible questions from immediate reports, partners, internal clients, and administrators of the job role.

Make a list of the most important questions. Members of the team and other stakeholders will vote on specific elements to create a smaller, more manageable list until a good long list of possible questions has been generated.

Interview questions should be tailored to each applicant. If a candidate appears to know a lot about C#, for instance, make them write a simple C# FizzBuzz script. While the FizzBuzz dilemma is a good easy test for almost every developer position vacancy, it might seem to be a poor example but the most important thing is to search the application for potential questions.

As a preliminary step, use prefabricated questions. Start with the questions mentioned below, then adjust them to better suit the job requirements. Make a list of other issues that come naturally from the situation.

Advanced Interview Questions You Must Ask

Here is a list of questions that can ask the job candidates:

  1. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of custom controls and user controls?
  2. What versions of IIS do you have experience with?
  3. How do you avoid a CSRF attack?
  4. Differentiate between stateful and stateless?
  5. What are Cookies in ASP.NET?
  6. Define Ajax in ASP.NET?
  7. What is the Web.config file in ASP?
  8. Differentiate between Web.config and Machine.config file?
  9. What is IIS?
  10. Why is IIS used?
  11. What is Role-based security?
  12. Explain the types of authorization and authentication in ASP.NET?
  13. Define a connection string in Web.config file?
  14. Describe the several page events in ASP.NET?
  15. What is the distinction between LinkButton and Hyperlink?
  16. What are navigation controls? How many are there?
  17. What is the distinction between server-side and client-side validations?
  18. In ASP.NET, how do you add several models to one single view?
  19. What are the HTML server controls in ASP.NET?
  20. Explain and differentiate between Globalization and Localization?
  21. What are Global Resources and Local Resources?
  22. What is Culture, Neutral Culture, and Language?
  23. List differences between GridView and DataGrid?
  24. List the differences between ListView and Repeater?
  25. In ASP.NET, what are the various modes for Session state?
  26. Define Global.asax file?
Other General Tips To Help You Out

You really must give heed to those specifics that are associated with specific job functions.

Using online recruiting applications is also a good idea. 88% of companies all over the globe have started to say that engaging in online hiring tools enhances the selection process, which is why they have started incorporating AI in one way or the other.

While the idea of online testing is not recent, there seem to be a few new features that make our lives simpler. If you're an HR professional conducting interviews for positions but don't have much experience with the language, you can try utilizing online resources like online .net code editors or live interview tools.

There are several free online interview sites available, but the premium edition can provide you with more features to pick from.

Wrapping Up

These are just a few of the many options available to you if you're not a tech specialist and need to hold an interview. As a result, you must guarantee that apart from concentrating on the technical factors of it, you should also focus on essential aspects.

All of the above variables will help you find a good developer, but understanding a little something about tech and coding is the most effective way to find one. So think outside the box and find the best possible candidate.

Technical assessment test for Asp.Net Developers are one of the most reliable way for recruiters to judge a candidate.

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