What Features Should A Good Coding Interview Tool Have?

What Features Should A Good Coding Interview Tool Have?

RahulAugust 6th, 20214 min read

A coding assessment is an ideal way to assess a candidate’s skills beyond their resumes. When you have the right coding interview tool by your side, it will help you get a clear picture of the candidate.

As the demand for the technical team for various roles is at its peak, more and more companies are including coding assessments in their recruitment process. Simply, hiring a candidate based on their wordy resume is a bad practice, and it can negatively impact the business’s overall productivity and even cost a business a lot.

There’s a lot of competition in the tech industry, and hiring the right talent can be challenging for recruiters – especially non-tech recruiters. That’s why conducting a coding assessment is necessary for every business.

Most recruiters and candidates say that these assessments can make the hiring process lengthy and complex. That’s true, but it helps businesses attract the right talent for a particular job role, resulting in higher productivity. The features a coding interview tool offers can do wonders for any organization.

Why Conducting Coding Assessments Is Essential?

A single mis-hire can cost the company around 50%-200% of the employee’s salary, depending on the seniority of the job role. Attracting the right talent by conducting an effective coding assessment is critical in reducing the risk of high turnovers and ensuring the right person is hired for a particular job role.

When hiring a technical team for your organization, coding assessments can help you assess the candidate’s ability before an interview, saving your precious time in interviewing unqualified candidates.

That said, let’s discuss how a coding assessment tool can help businesses to attract the right talent and what are its top-notch features.

What Is An Online Coding Interview Tool? What Are Its Best Features?

A coding interview tool is used to conduct an effective coding assessment where recruiters can easily get a deep insight into a candidate's technical skills.

Coding interview tools consist of an auto-grading report functionality that ranks candidates based on the score they get in the test. These scores will help you move forward with the candidates who have passed the test and saves time interviewing the unqualified ones.

Undoubtedly, coding assessment tools can directly impact the candidate experience, which will help you develop a positive employer brand and improve brand reputation.

Here are some of the best features of a good coding interview tool:

It Offers a Wide Range Of Tests To Choose From

A coding assessment is not only conducted for a single job role, but you can conduct it for different tech roles you’re hiring for. Before you choose the right tool for you, it’s essential to check whether the tools offer the functionality of conducting multiple tests for different job positions.

A coding assessment tool also includes coding challenges for different technologies and frameworks such as Java, CSS, SQL, etc.

In-Built Video And Audio Functionality

Coding interview tools come with an audio and video call functionality to have face-to-face engagement while a candidate solves the questions.

In a coding interview, you can assign some questions to candidates or write a code to solve a particular issue in real-time. While the candidate solves the questions, you can monitor their answers visible on your screen.

These tools also include their own communication technologies so that both you and the potential candidate don’t have to switch to third-party software for video or audio chat. Video and audio functionality is a must for every coding tool that helps recruiters assess candidates’ soft skills.

It Allows Recruiters To Speed Up The Hiring Process

Let’s face it: as a recruiter, you have to handle tons of applications whenever you post a job vacancy online. As a result, it becomes difficult to schedule interviews and assess candidates based on their skills.

With the right coding interview tool, you can streamline your technical recruitment, as it uses an auto-grading functionality. It generates a report of candidate’s marks they’ve got in the coding assessment test. It becomes easier for recruiters to move forward with candidates who have passed the test based on their marks.

Using an easy-to-use tool can help you speed up the hiring process, whereas a complex tool can make the process slower; as a result, it can harm the candidate's experience.

It Supports Multiple Programming Languages

Coding interview tools make it easier for recruiters to schedule a coding interview on a single platform. They don’t have to move to third-party platforms to conduct tests for different programming languages.

For example, recruiters can conduct a coding interview for web developers and Android developers using multiple programming language tests on a single platform.

It Has A Whiteboarding Tool

A whiteboarding tool is an essential part of a coding interview. It allows both recruiters and candidates to use the same whiteboard to add the questions, and candidates can write the answers. It allows recruiters to constantly monitor what candidates are doing in real-time and communicate with them easily.

Interviews Can Be Scheduled Easily

The right coding tool can benefit passive candidates in several ways. Passive candidates are already employed, and it becomes challenging for them to schedule interviews with any other organization while they’re already employed.

These tools allow recruiters to schedule the interview at the candidate’s convenience. That’s why this is one of the essential features of any coding interview tool.

Summing Up

A high-quality tool will help you attract high-quality candidates and can streamline your technical recruitment process.

When you are equipped with the right tool, it can help you set up an effective coding interview to enhance the candidate experience and help you develop a positive employer brand.

Choosing the right tool depends on your company’s requirements. An attractive UI, supported programming languages, and functionalities that meet your company’s needs are criteria that matter the most.

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