5 Things Every Virtual Interview Software Should Have

5 Things Every Virtual Interview Software Should Have

RahulDecember 18th, 20214 min read

With Covid-19, the work-from-home trend became the norm. Many people lost their jobs. However, at the same time, many people got really great opportunities. With everyone working from home, it wasn't possible to visit the office for interviews. Therefore, virtual interviews became a thing.

Due to social distancing norms, tech giants are more likely to rely on virtual interviews than others. Conducting remote interviews need to ensure the hiring process is done smoothly. As a result, coding and behavioral hiring have become a popular practice.

What Is a Virtual Interview?

A virtual interview is generally an interview taken via a video conferencing platform. The candidate and recruiter will conduct a video interview apart from the phone calls. This helps the candidate to understand the company better and vice versa.

Reports suggest that candidates who are interviewed through a video tend to find their employers innovative. This further plays a vital role in improving the reputation of the particular platform online. HR managers and recruiters are gradually shifting from manual interviews to online interviews.

What Are The Benefits of Virtual Interviews?

Whether you're conducting a one-on-one interview or a mass interview, virtual platforms can be the best choice. This is mostly because these platforms allow numerous participants to get into the call together. Recruitment teams can get in a call together for the pre-employment screening. This plays a vital role in streamlining and easing the entire interview process.

While it's difficult to meet in person now, virtual interviews allow companies to review the best candidates. Irrespective of the current situation, it is often impossible to appear for a manual interview. Therefore, video conferencing platforms can be beneficial.

The process of hiring can change and be customized as per the needs of the company. With time, several video conferencing platforms are evolving. Many companies prefer launching their platform for conducting these virtual interviews. Usually, a virtual interview lasts around 30-45 minutes to help the company and employees know each other better. Moreover, if required, they can easily reschedule the interview too.

Telephonic interviews can often become inconvenient if these are done for a long time. Therefore, video platforms can prove to be highly beneficial in the long. The right video interview software will make it easy to conduct interviews.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Video Interview Software?

Using video interview software can be helpful in the long run. It will help to evaluate the condition of candidates. Some of the key benefits of using the video interview software for conducting an interview include the following:

Connect With The Best Candidates

Geographical boundaries can often make you unable to connect with the top talents. However, thanks to the video interview software, you can now easily connect with the best candidates. With the coming in of video interview software, you no longer have to limit yourself to local candidates. You can have the flexibility to connect with any candidate around the world.

Cut Down The Hiring Costs

Holding manual interviews can be expensive. When you schedule online interviews, it can become highly beneficial for you. Going through different rounds of interviews for the same candidate is expensive. However, with the help of a video interview platform, you will get the flexibility to hold manual interviews with those who have cleared video interviews.

Check the communication skills

Before calling anyone for a manual interview, you definitely want to understand the languages they speak. Online or virtual interviews can help to understand communication skills. No matter what skills you're hiring a particular candidate for, communication is essential. With the help of virtual interviews, you get to decide what your potential candidate is like.

What Should A Video Interview Software Have?

A video interview software is meant to ease the entire interview process. Therefore, it is incredibly crucial for hiring managers to choose the right platform. Some of the key features to look forward to before selecting a video interview software include the following:

Asynchronous interview

Video interviews do not require you to meet every candidate. Apart from meeting them in real-time on video, hiring managers can consider pre-recording the questions. This will allow the candidate to interview at their convenience. Once the candidate receives the questionnaire, they can fill it and send it back.

Structural interview

Biasness has always been a problem during interviews. However, with the help of an asynchronous interview, you can work towards removing bias. Since all candidates have to answer the same question, there is no room for bias.

Hence, the structural interview will allow you to focus on what your candidates have to say. You don't have to be influenced by any small talk. This will give you a brief idea about the candidate and their thought process.

ATS Integration

A video interview software can streamline the entire hiring process. Since the software is easy and convenient to use, it helps to manage the organizing. Depending on the requirement, you can assess the skill of the interview. Furthermore, the integration will also allow you to leave remakes about the candidate. All information will be in the software, thereby preventing any risk.

Hiring Team Should Work In Sync

Hiring often involves different rounds with different managers. Therefore, if the hiring team is present all at once, they can efficiently conduct the interview. A good video interview platform should have the option to integrate the hiring team. This will make it easier for the hiring team to go through the candidate's profile and make a one-rounded decision.

Group Interview

Do you want to hold a group discussion?

GD is also an essential part of the interview that most organizations miss. The software should have an option for the potential candidates to indulge in a group discussion. This will play an essential role for hiring managers to get an insight into the thought process of individuals.

Final Thoughts

The right video interview software can ease the entire hiring process. However, organizations should be cautious about the platform they're using. There are numerous of these platforms available online that allows HR executives to conduct online interviews. It is advisable to check which platform would comply with your business.

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