Top 5 Best Virtual Interview Platforms

Top 5 Best Virtual Interview Platforms

RahulDecember 18th, 20214 min read

Video interviews have become the new normal similar to wearing masks and social distancing. With the help of remote hiring, hiring managers can get job seekers from all over the world. Furthermore, the face-to-face interview is beneficial, but virtual interviews are more helpful.

It is necessary to choose the best virtual interview platform. Whenever you're moving your business online, you need to determine what your needs are. Most businesses function based on a software-as-a-service model to enhance their recruitment procedure.

Virtual Interview Platforms Are Taking Over

Reports suggest that virtual interviews are the most preferred option. Maximum HR managers are making the most of video interviewing platforms. Nonetheless, it is necessary to conduct interviews properly so that you can shortlist the perfect candidate. It will play an important role in reducing the time for the hiring process.

Comparatively, businesses prefer hiring professionals who can help you in the long run. The right professional will properly conduct the interview. At the same time, it is necessary to understand the features of a particular platform.

What Are The Important Features Of A Video Interviewing Platform?

HR Managers, while choosing a video interview platform, will need to ensure they get the best. It is necessary to understand the features of a video interviewing platform that can be helpful.

Some of the common features of a video interviewing platform include the following:

Written And Recorded Question

A video interviewing platform should have the feature of written and recorded questions. This will help the hiring managers understand who their test candidate is. At the same time, it is necessary to understand how the question template is being designed.

Ease Of Setup

The video interviewing software should be easy to set up. Since video interviews are a very new platform, not many people know about it. Therefore, before choosing an interview, it is necessary to understand the setup process.

A virtual interview platform should be easy to set up and also enhance the inviting process. At the same time, usability is also one of the most important factors to consider. First-time users should have the ease of browsing through the platform.

Type Of Interview

The best interview platform will play an essential role in conducting the interview properly. If the platforms benefit from one-way and two-way interviews, they can assist in live and group interviews.

Time Control

Is there an option for time maintenance? Many interview questions need to be answered within a time. Therefore, it is necessary to check if the platform provides an in-built option for setting questions.

Top 5 Video Interview Platform

Recruiting candidates can be painful. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a platform that can ease the process. The right video interviewing platform can play an important role in helping you choose the best candidate.


Intervue is one of the prominent video interviewing platforms. It helps to streamline the interviewing procedure between the hiring manager and the interview. One of the main benefits of using this platform is that it allows the manager to capture relevant data.

It is necessary for the hiring manager how to record a particular platform. With the convenient option across this platform, it is helpful to conduct smart interviews within a short time. Furthermore, the platform also promotes the benefit of collaborating with your candidate in real-time. It is necessary to check the code compliance so that you can conduct the interview easily.

Intervue has 24*7 support, thereby ensuring no fuss is made in the procedure. If you're looking for a tool to simplify the hiring process, Intervue can be helpful. The platform is available in different plans. Thus, make sure to research and choose one accordingly.


The interview platform plays a vital role in improving talent analytics and pre-employment assessment. One of the prominent benefits of using this platform is that it is available for free for the first 2 hours.

The 60-day free program will make you eligible for live and on-demand interviewing. Furthermore, some common features include recording and sharing videos, real-time feedback, and more. This will help to make your brand appear as pop culture, something that will appeal to the manual audience.

Unlike other platforms, it provides a client success manager who will help you easily set up the platform. Outmatch is an easy-to-use video interviewing platform.


Zoom is also one of the most prominent platforms for virtual interviews. In a very short period, Zoom has become one of the most popular platforms. The platform is effective for hirers and applicants and can be applicable for all devices.

Zoom is compatible with almost all devices and is easy to use for hirers and applicants. Zoom is free to use, and it can host around 100 applicants. It is extremely easy to use. Furthermore, it does not have any limits, even for the free plans.

If you're considering choosing the safe version, you can apply for the paid version. This will eventually conduct different services such as Zoom United, Zoom Video Webinar, Zoom Room, and Zoom Phone.


Harver provides the convenience of hiring a lot of candidates at once. In coronavirus, Harver has paved the way for virtual interviews within 60 days of the free period.

With the help of Harver, hiring managers can easily conduct asynchronous video interviews. However, it is necessary to understand the selection procedure. Furthermore, it is also necessary to check how the candidates are answering the questions.

Harver is a convenient platform that will eventually allow users to record responses easily. As a result, the individuals can pick the best candidate from volume hiring. It provides an enriching experience.

Final Thoughts

Most of us are comfortable with person-to-person interviews. However, there are certain negative points that you will want to consider. Companies switching from manual to virtual interviews will eventually be helpful in the long run. It is necessary to choose the best technology to get all benefits.

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