Why Intervue Is The Best HackerRank Alternative?

Why Intervue Is The Best HackerRank Alternative?

RahulDecember 20th, 20215 min read

After the COVID-19 pandemic, live coding interviews have become the new norm in technical recruitment. Today, most tech companies hire remote employees and conduct online assessments to assess candidates’ technical skills.

But the problem lies with choosing the right tool for conducting these online assessments. HackerRank is an online platform to conduct coding interviews but it lacks some vital features. Due to the less availability of features, most recruiters end up hiring unqualified candidates and such outdated tools slow down the technical recruitment process.

According to a review of HackerRank by GetApp, the interface where candidates’ code is not smooth and takes a lot of time to identify errors in the code.

So, what is the best HackerRank alternative?

Today, recruitment is all about candidate experience. To deliver exceptional candidate experience and hire the top talent, investing in Intervue will be your right decision. It is the best HackerRank alternative and ideal tool for conducting live coding interviews. Intervue is cost-effective than HackerRank and offers tons of features that fulfill the business’ needs.

Top 9 Reasons Why Intervue Is The Best HackerRank Alternative

Intervue has an easy-to-use interface, and it allows recruiters to boost up the recruitment process. However, it has some features similar to HackerRank, but it lacks some vital features.

That said, let’s discuss the top 9 reasons why Intervue is the best HackerRank alternative:

Tab-Switch Detection

Tab-switch detection is a crucial feature that every online coding tool must offer. It allows recruiters to monitor the candidates’ activities during the interview session to not cheat on their tests. However, HackerRank doesn’t offer tab-switch detection functionality, making it less reliable to test the candidates effectively.

On the other hand, Intervue offers a tab-switch feature and allows recruiters to make unbiased hiring decisions. Intervue is the best HackerRank alternative as recruiters can:

  • Assess the candidates effectively
  • Make quick and thoughtful hiring decisions
  • Streamline the technical hiring process
  • Monitor candidates’ activities in real-time.

Trackpad Whiteboarding

Intervue’s trackpad whiteboarding feature takes the coding interviews to the next level. Both recruiters and the candidates can get deeper into the complex discussions by drawing shapes, images, and wireframes in real-time. HackerRank lacks a feature, which is crucial to enhance the collaboration between recruiters and the candidates.

With Intervue, recruiters can assess the candidates effectively and enhance the candidate experience at the same time.


Intervue encourages collaboration during the coding interview session, and it enables recruiters to invite multiple team members. It integrates audio/video call functionality so that the users don’t have to shift to third-party software for communication.

HackerRank doesn’t offer collaborative interview features, and that’s the reason why Intervue is the best HackerRank alternative.

Centralized Reports

Analyzing 100+ candidates can be a daunting task, but Intervue makes it easier for recruiters. Intervue can validate centralized reports for the test, and it becomes easy for recruiters to identify who has passed the test.

Intervue automatically eliminates the unqualified candidates and allows recruiters to focus more on the qualified ones. It saves a lot of time for recruiters they put towards interviewing unqualified candidates.

On the other hand, HackerRank makes it challenging for recruiters to evaluate each candidate, and it lengthens the recruitment process and may result in a bad candidate experience.

Take-Home Assignments Playback

With Intervue, recruiters can easily assess a remote developer with take-home assignments before the interviews. The best thing about Intervue is that it allows recruiters to playback the whole assignment in minutes. Also, recruiters can document candidates’ keystrokes, clipboard history, language changes, and code executions.

HackerRank doesn’t offer this functionality, and hence, it becomes challenging for recruiters to playback the assignment to assess the candidates. That’s the other reason why Intervue is the best HackerRank alternative and stands at the top above all.

Interview Scheduling With Calendar Integrations

HackerRank doesn’t offer third-party integrations with Google Calendar. Hence, it becomes difficult for recruiters to schedule interviews with the candidates.

However, with Intervue, recruiters can easily schedule interviews using Google Calendar in just a few clicks. Investing in Intervue is worth as you can:

  • Schedule interviews with Google Calendar
  • Upload resume in attachments, and it will be visible in the resume tab during the live coding interviews session
  • Any changes in the scheduled dates will be automatically synced in the background.

Third-Party ATS Integration

Intervue integrates with a third-party Applicant Tracking System, and it becomes easy for recruiters to stay organized and streamline the process. It allows recruiters to save time in surfacing and highlighting the top candidates. Intervue integrates with Google Calendar, Notion, and Recruitee.

Live Chat And Slack Support

Intervue offers 24/7 live chat, email, and slack support to its users, whereas HackerRank doesn’t. Intervue values its customers, and this is what makes it the best HackerRank alternative.

Why You Should Invest In Intervue Over HackerRank?

Intervue is the best HackerRank alternative for several reasons. It offers some features similar to HackerRank and other features at cheaper rates.

Investing in a tool that satisfies a business's needs is always the right decision. While every company has its own budget, investing in a tool that is cheaper but lacks vital features isn’t worth it.

According to a HackerRank review on G2, users say that its UI is complicated, and the software is often slow. Investing in such software isn’t worth it as it can complicate the recruitment process and affect the candidate experience.

Investing in Intervue will generate higher returns of investment in the long run. It not only streamlines the recruitment process but also enhances candidates’ experience, creating a positive employer brand and improving business and brand reputation.

The benefits of investing in Intervue are:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Eliminates biased hiring
  • Streamlines the technical recruitment process
  • Enhances candidate experience
  • Encourages collaboration between recruiters and candidates
  • 24/7 live chat, email, and slack support.
Summing Up

With the availability of several tools online, recruiters often opt for tools that have expensive monthly plans and lack vital recruitment features. Investing in such tools isn’t worth it as you won’t assess the candidate’s coding skills effectively. Also, these tools slow down the recruitment process, resulting in affecting the candidate experience.

Intervue is the best HackerRank alternative and ideal tool for conducting live coding interviews. It has an easy-to-use interface which makes it easy for both recruiters and candidates to work on it. Intervue basic plan starts at $47/month, and it offers tons of features than its rivals, including HackerRank, CoderPad, HackerEarth, etc.

Investing in the right tool should be your priority as it can help you attract, hire, and retain the top talent and enhance your business and brand’s reputation in the long run.

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