6 Key Challenges Of Technical Hiring

6 Key Challenges Of Technical Hiring

PulkitJuly 27th, 20214 min read

Finding the right technical team for an organization can be challenging for recruiters – especially for non-tech recruiters. At the same time, it’s essential to hire the right person for a particular job profile to increase the business’s overall productivity.

Technical hiring is far different from normal hiring. It involves many technical aspects such as coding assessments, phone screening, background check, etc.

According to Empxtrack, more than 52% of recruiters say that the most challenging part of their job is to screen candidates from a large applicant pool. Hiring a coder depends on the size of the company you work with or the type of job profiles you’re hiring. However, most recruiters would face a few common tech recruiting challenges.

If you’re the one – struggling to hire a technical team, read this article where we will discuss some of the common challenges that recruiters face and how to overcome them.

6 Common Technical Hiring Challenges And How To Overcome It

Intense Competition With Rivals

Thanks to advanced technologies, tech jobs are more available than job seekers, and each company strives to hire the right talent. As the demand for software engineers and developers is increasing, job seekers can now choose the company that offers the best benefits.

Pro Tip:

First of all, you need to develop a positive employer brand on several reviews and recruiting websites. It can be done when you deliver the best candidate experience to the applicants applying for a job in your organization.

How to improve the candidate experience?

You must inform the candidates quickly about the results whether they are selected or not. Candidates are impatient – and they’ll move on to the other opportunities lying on their table. Most candidates say that they didn’t get any response from the organization after the interview. When you inform the candidates about the outcome, they’ll think of applying for a particular job role in your organization again whenever there’s an opening.

Secondly, you can seek employee referrals. Your current employees know their friends/relatives better than you, and it will help you hire the right talent. This indicates to the employees that you value their opinion. Thus, it helps you in building a robust community.

Engaging Qualified Candidates

Qualified candidates are often contacted by recruiting managers and HR regularly, making it harder for your email to stand out. Additionally, candidates often find it challenging to choose one from several job offers they get at the same time. So, you need to ensure that the passive candidates choose your company over any other.

Pro Tip:

Before contacting a potential candidate, you must identify what motivates them to be consistent and happy in their job. Once you determine it, personalize your sourcing emails to describe how they will benefit from the organization with their work.

Hiring Fast

In most cases, tech recruiters often hurry up the process of technical hiring to fill the vacant position to avoid delays in operations. Depending on the industry, making a great hire can take time, putting pressure on recruiters and hiring teams. Hiring a coder can be a long process, and recruiting teams may struggle to reach a consensus. It might lead to losing the best candidates.

Pro Tip:

Firstly, you need to look at your hiring process. Is it streamlined? Are all the stages required? Are you using the right source to attract the best talent? You can get an answer to these questions when you leverage the power of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Secondly, you can identify the gaps in your hiring process and explain them to your hiring team to set expectations early. Let your team know the exact timeline and ensure that they don’t hire any unqualified candidates.

Investing In Live Coding Interview Tools

Hiring a technical team requires several interview rounds, and one of them is a live coding assessment. It is the stage where recruiters get a deep insight into whether the candidate possesses the right skills or they are a right fit for the organization or not. For companies that have a tight budget on investing in a coding assessment tool, hiring a technical team becomes difficult.

Pro Tip:

Intervue is one of the best live coding interview tools that offers several benefits to recruiters and candidates. Its easy-to-use interface is what makes it different from its rivals. Investing in a tool like Intervue will generate a high return on investments. When you have the right tool by your side, you can easily evaluate the candidate’s skills which will help you make informed decisions.

Ensuring A Good Candidate Experience

A great candidate experience helps you develop a positive employer brand. Moreover, it works as a considerable factor for candidates evaluating the job offers. If the candidate has a bad experience with your organization, they will be less likely to accept your offer and move on to other great opportunities. As a result, you will miss out on an opportunity to hire the right person for your organization.

Pro Tip:

Communicate well with candidates. Give them a response on time, whether they’re selected or not. In case of in-person interviews, provide them with all the necessary details such as the point of contact, documents to bring, and others. Inform them about what to expect in an interview and what might be the next steps.

Using Data-Driven Recruitment

Companies use data and metrics to streamline their technical hiring process to make quick and thoughtful decisions. However, collecting data can be a daunting task. Recruiters use spreadsheets for manual work, but it is more prone to human error. So, recruiters need to find a way to compile and organize data in an efficient manner.

Pro Tip:

You can store data using ATS or recruitment marketing software. You can talk to your senior management who will help you settle on a few data that will make sense to you and your company.

Summing Up

Technical recruitment is challenging – and it’s not going to get easier anytime soon.

To attract the right candidate, you need to work on the challenges mentioned above to streamline your hiring process, improving the candidate experience.

The points mentioned above will give you an idea of where you are lacking and how to overcome these issues to hire the right person and build a positive employer brand.

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