5 Tips To Hire A Great iOS Developer

5 Tips To Hire A Great iOS Developer

RahulJune 3rd, 20215 min read

In today’s world of technologies, it has become crucial for every organization to have an app. Hence, it has increased the need for iOS developers to launch the application on the iOS platform.

Investing in the iOS platform is definitely worth it, as people prefer iOS over Android. So, if your organization wants to capture the iOS market, hiring the right iOS developer will be your right decision.

However, many organizations fail to hire the right talent because 8 out of 10 recruiters are from a non-technical background. They fail to conduct a pre-employment assessment, interviews, and coding tests for developers.

If you are struggling to onboard the technical development team for your organization, we will discuss some of the tips to find the right iOS developer for your mobile application.

5 Tips To Hire iOS Developer For Your Organization

Know Your Company’s Requirement

Before you begin searching for an iOS developer, you need to evaluate your company’s requirements. As a recruiter, you should know what kind of project your organization is looking for, such as:

  • A Simple Project: It includes adding extra features to your existing application.
  • A Medium-Sized Project: It requires building an app from scratch and third-party integrations.
  • Large-Sized Projects: It includes sophisticated technologies such as designing, maintenance, and quality control.

By understanding the company’s requirements, it will be easy for you to narrow down your searches. Also, it can have a more significant impact on a company’s budget.

Leverage Social Media Platforms

iOS developers are everywhere – you just need to use the right platform to hire the right talent for your organization. If recruiting sites are not an option, you can initiate your search on Facebook groups, Instagram, Google+, etc. Even a simple Google search will also show a variety of results.

Apart from these social media channels, LinkedIn is one of the platforms that every recruiter must use. LinkedIn is the most trusted platform which every job seeker uses to search for a job. So, you can create your business page on LinkedIn, post your job vacancy, and promote it to attract job seekers.

Check Online Presence

No matter Android or iOS, every developer must have an online presence or portfolio to showcase their skills to potential candidates. As a recruiter, you can initiate your search on online platforms such as GitHub, Stack Overflow, AWS CodeCommit, etc., to check the online portfolio of a developer.

By reviewing their online presence, you will get a deep knowledge about a developer’s technical skills and how passionate a developer is in his/her chosen field.

Conduct A Coding Assessment

Conducting a coding assessment test for developers is a crucial part of recruiting a technical team. It tells you more than a candidate’s online presence and portfolios.

In a coding test, you can ask a candidate to implement code or give a real-life situation to resolve a problem in an application. Using assignments that are tailored to Swift developers will give the most clear insight into a candidates' knowledge.

Consider the following guidelines for the test:

  • Prepare the assessment related to the task an employee will be going to do in the organization.
  • Ensure that the candidates have a natural setting for the test following the real working experience. It means that you can give them access to the IDE, libraries, tech stack, etc.
  • Combine business logic with coding skills to get a clear picture.

Never test the candidate only based on the coding part, but get an overview of their business logic, understanding their environment, and how well they understand the requirements.

Coding Interview

Interviews for iOS developers are not just about technical questions. In an interview, you will not only get a deep insight into a candidate’s technical skills, but you will also get to know about soft skills, including problem-solving skills, communications skills, and how creative a developer is.

For this round you can use remote coding interview tools or online code editors. They will help the interview panel have deeper and more productive discussions.

Here are some questions you can ask an iOS developer:

  • Tell me about your previous projects. What technologies did you use there?
  • Do you have any experience in open-source projects?
  • What are the sources of your knowledge?
  • What do you think about Scrum/Agile?
  • Tell me something about code review
  • Explain the different types of iOS Application States
Essential Skills Of An iOS Developer

Apple’s Xcode IDE

Xcode IDE is a great cause that allows the developer to deliver a great user experience. It is one of the primary skills to look for in an iOS developer.

Having hands-on experience also encourages an iOS developer to work on multiple Apple services like Passbook, Game Changer, etc.

The Swift 3.0 Programming Language

To build a robust iOS app, you should hire someone with working knowledge of functionalities related to Swift 3, such as:

  • Objective-C Interoperability
  • Syntax
  • Switch Statements
  • Proficiency in Design Guidelines
  • Inheritance, Classes, & Initialization

Spatial Reasoning

For creating, designing, and developing an iOS mobile app, your developer must have a great understanding of spatial reasoning. It means having clarity on the user’s perspective – the interaction with the mobile app and the app’s overall experience.

Thinking from the user’s perspective allows the developer to design an inherent user interface that is easy to navigate and has the features/functionalities that users look for.

Problem-Solving Skills

An iOS developer is responsible for troubleshooting various applications on iOS platforms. However, a developer you hire should be well-skilled at recognizing multiple technical problems and understand how to resolve them.

A developer must be creative to think out-of-the-box to resolve any issues that come up in an application.

Good Knowledge Of Working With Third-Party Libraries

The iOS developer you hire must have experience working with the time-tested third-party libraries that have been consistently updated and maintained.

Additionally, the developer should know how to integrate SDKs (software development kits) and different libraries into specific Xcode projects using Cocoapods or the Swift Package Manager.

Summing Up

To sum it up, investing in hiring a good iOS developer can benefit your business in the long run. To build robust apps, you should consider the skills mentioned above when hiring a developer for your organization.

Additionally, you can streamline the hiring process with the tips mentioned above, even if you are not from a non-technical background.

Also, do proper research regarding your firm’s requirements and choose the candidate who will be the most beneficial for your firm.

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