How To Make Remote Coding Interviews More Engaging?

How To Make Remote Coding Interviews More Engaging?

RahulJuly 29th, 20214 min read

Remote coding interviews have become more common these days, and it is the future of the corporate world. A remote coding interview is different from a face-to-face interview, and recruiters try to make it as realistic as possible – so that the candidates visualize that they’re giving a face-to-face interview.

As more and more companies embrace remote interviews today, providing the best candidate experience should be the top priority. A positive candidate experience can do wonders for your organization. It helps to build trust among the candidates, improves reputation, and develops a positive employer brand.

Remote hiring is the new norm, and most recruiters aren’t familiar with it. They often fail to make the hiring process engaging, which leads to a negative candidate experience. If you’re the one struggling to make your remote hiring process engaging, then we’ve got you covered.

8 Practical Ways To Make The Remote Coding Interview More Engaging

If you’re a new recruiter and are unaware of the remote interviews, here are some practical ways to make the recruitment process more engaging and effective.

Revamp Your Current Recruiting Process

The pandemic has encouraged the recruiters to rethink the current hiring process and switch it to remote interviews. For some recruiters, remote interviewing might be a new thing, and they often struggle to adapt to the new tools and technologies required in remote hiring.

To enhance the candidate experience and make the process more engaging, you need to structure your interview process. Once your recruiting process is structured and streamlined, it will help you maintain consistency during the entire recruiting process. At the same time, it results in more accurate and informed hiring decisions.

Communicate The Job Details

When you deliver accurate information about the job, the candidates are more likely to apply for a job role in your organization. They will inquire about the job such as salary, perks, benefits, educational qualification, skills requirement, etc.

Transparency is the key to success – you might have heard this phrase thousands of times. The same goes for remote hiring. The more you are clear about your job, the more the chance to attract the right talent.

Get Equipped With The Right Tools

Leveraging the right tools play a crucial role in a successful remote coding interview. Meeting a candidate face to face over a screen is much better than a phone call, as it allows you to assess the non-verbal skills of a candidate.

You can use several video tools to conduct remote interviews such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, etc. Apart from these tools, when you’re hiring a technical team for your organization, how will you assess the technical skills of a candidate? These video interview tools don’t have in-built live coding assessment functionality.

To assess the technical skills of a candidate, you can leverage the power of Intervue, which is the jack of all trades. Intervue has code editor + code execution functionality, where you can ask a candidate to solve a particular set of questions or write a visible code to your screen.

Additionally, you can ask better questions without leaving the interview session. Also, you can add your own questions that align with your interview process.

Communicate The Interview Details

Remote hiring is the new norm in the corporate world, and most candidates aren’t aware of this new interview process. So, once you shortlist the candidates for the interview round, you must clearly deliver all the relevant information to them, which are as follows:

  • Date of the interview
  • Timings
  • Who will they be interviewing with
  • Which tool to use
  • What kind of questions can be asked
  • Does the interview require audio or video?
  • Do you need to share your screen with the interviewer?

You can also give some preparation tips to them so that they can put their best foot forward. The more information you give to the candidates, the easier it will be for you to assess their skills.

Introduce Your Company Culture

During the pandemic, your new hires will not get an opportunity to meet your team and experience the company culture. So, you need to find a way to introduce your company culture to new hires virtually in these tough times.

You can tell about your company culture, give them background introductions, introduce them to the team members, and explain the behaviors you expect from them.

Ask For Feedback From Candidates

To make the hiring process more engaging, give candidates enough space to ask questions and give feedback on their experience throughout the recruiting process.

Getting feedback from candidates will give you deep insight into the changes in the existing recruitment process to make it more engaging, structured, and streamlined.

Always Have Plan B

A remote coding interview depends on modern tools, and these tools can also fail. For example, there can be a battery issue in a candidate’s laptop or even in your laptop.

So, it's better to keep the candidate’s phone number handy in case of any mishap. You can easily switch from an online interview to a phone interview.

Take Advantage Of References

It’s almost impossible and challenging to work with someone with whom you’ve never met in person. Also, you can’t judge a person based on short meetings and interviews. A more trustworthy source is the references.

In a virtual interview, you need to ensure that you have solid reference calls for every hire. Start by ensuring that the candidate completely understands the job role and its requirements. Take your time to share the important qualities, skills, and experience you’re looking for during the first call.

Summing Up

Remote hiring offers several benefits to businesses when it’s conducted in the right manner. It helps recruiters save time, money, and effort towards attracting the best talent for their organization. It also opens up the opportunity to hire candidates living outside the country and time zone.

With the points mentioned above, you can make your hiring process more engaging and enhance the candidate experience, which will let you develop a positive employer brand.

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