Why Intervue Is The Best Coderpad Alternative??

Why Intervue Is The Best Coderpad Alternative??

RahulDecember 20th, 20215 min read

Today, companies prefer to invest in tools and technologies which offer more features at the least possible price. However, when a cheap tool doesn’t fulfill your business needs, there is no point in investing in such tools.

CoderPad is an ideal tool for conducting a live coding interview but lacks crucial features, such as bulk invitations, interview scheduling, automated reports, etc. That’s why recruiters and hiring managers are looking for the best CoderPad alternative, which can help them evaluate the candidates’ coding skills effectively.

The best CoderPad alternative is Intervue. It is one of the most preferred tools by recruiters and hiring managers as it offers multiple features to streamline the recruitment process and hire the right talent.

According to G2, most candidates say it is more difficult to code in CoderPad than in the real world. Also, there is no screen lock or monitoring to avoid candidates switching tabs and referencing during the sessions.

Top 9 Reasons Why Intervue Is The Best CoderPad Alternative

Intervue is the best CoderPad alternative as it streamlines the technical recruitment process and allows recruiters to focus on the core work, which holds greater significance. However, there are some features similar to CoderPad, but Intervue is at the top above all.

Some of the best features of Intervue includes:

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • Supports 35+ programming languages
  • Allows multiple collaboration
  • Integrated audio/video calling functionality

That’s said, let’s discuss the reasons why Intervue is an ideal tool to conduct a live coding interview and CoderPad alternative.

Interview Scheduling

When recruiters shortlist a candidate, they send confirmation emails to the selected candidates and schedule the date and time for the live coding interview. Interview scheduling streamlines the recruitment process, and it is a vital feature to consider while looking for the best coding interview tool.

However, this is the primary feature of any recruitment tool which CoderPad lacks, making it less reliable for recruiters and hiring managers to invest in it. On the other hand, Intervue allows recruiters to schedule and conduct coding interviews with the candidates effectively.

Tab-Switch Detection

With CoderPad, candidates can easily switch tabs during the interview sessions, which increases the chance of cheating and makes biased hiring decisions. One bad hire can cost a company a lot and affect the business’s overall productivity.

On the other hand, Intervue offers a tab-switch detection functionality where recruiters can easily monitor the candidate activity on the screen, making unbiased hiring decisions. There are many interview tools similar to CoderPad, which offer the tab-switch detection feature.

Intervue is the best CoderPad alternative as you can:

  • Make informed hiring decisions
  • Streamline the hiring process
  • Monitor candidate’s activity in real-time

Bulk Invitation

The other reason why Intervue is the best CoderPad alternative is that it allows recruiters to send bulk invitations for coding interviews in one go. It saves a lot of time for recruiters in sending invitations to each candidate and streamlines the recruitment process.

Automated Reports

Intervue helps recruiters to get a clear picture of the candidate at a deeper level. It automatically validates test cases and allows recruiters to identify the right talent for your organization.

It uses an auto-grading system where it automatically eliminates candidates who didn’t pass the test. It saves a lot of time for recruiters in interviewing unqualified candidates and allows them to focus on the qualified ones. Undoubtedly, Intervue is the best tool to conduct whiteboard interviews and live coding interviews which help recruiters to assess the candidates effectively.

Multiple Questions In Single Assignment

Intervue allows recruiters to ask multiple coding interview questions to candidates in a single assignment without leaving the session. Recruiters can ask multiple coding questions related to debugging issues, language concepts, MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions), test cases, etc.

Additionally, recruiters can also add up their own questions without leaving the interview sessions.

Easy To Use UI/UX

According to a CoderPad review on Quora, most candidates complain about the CoderPad’s UX and UI. They’re unable to highlight the syntax, and compilation information is poorly laid out. With that in mind, recruiters must use an easy-to-use tool and a suitable CoderPad alternative such as Intervue to enhance the candidate’s experience.

Today, recruitment is all about candidate experience. If you’re successfully delivering a tremendous candidate experience, you can easily create a positive employer brand and enhance your business and brand’s online reputation. Hence, it’s crucial to invest in the right tool which helps you improve the candidate experience and employer brand.

Chat And Slack Support

Intervue offers 24/7 chat and slack support to its customers, which CoderPad doesn’t offer. CoderPad only provides email support functionality to its users.

Multiple Choice Questions

Intervue allows recruiters to ask the candidates MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) and technical questions during the interview sessions. On the other hand, CoderPad doesn’t allow recruiters to ask the candidates MCQs and is more focused on the different technical questions.

Centralized Reports

With Intervue, recruiters can get centralized notes that show the candidate's journey from take-home assignments to interviews which help them to make quick and thoughtful hiring decisions.

Why You Must Invest In Intervue Over CoderPad?

Every tool must evolve with time to fulfill the needs of its customers. However, some of CoderPad's alternatives, such as Intervue, Hackerrank, CoderByte, etc., offer some features similar to CoderPad, including whiteboard interviews, collaboration, review interviews, etc.

Investing in Intervue will generate higher returns on investment and help identify and retain the top talent in the long run. Intervue is the best CoderPad alternative which has an easy-to-use interface that makes it easier for both recruiters and candidates to operate it.

Here are some reasons why you must invest in Intervue over CoderPad:

  • Recruiters can test both front-end and back-end languages and frameworks during the session
  • It allows candidates to highlight syntax
  • It has an easy-to-use interface that enhances candidates experience
  • Recruiters can easily send bulk invitations to candidates for a live coding interview
  • It offers a tab-switch detection feature which is crucial to avoid biased hiring

Intervue will not only help you hire the right talent but also streamline the recruitment process. On the other hand, an outdated tool can lengthen the recruitment process, and recruiters won’t assess the candidates effectively.

Summing Up

There is no point in investing in a cost-effective tool that doesn’t satisfy your business needs. While considering a budget is essential, you must look for a tool that fits your budget and meets your needs at the same time.

Intervue is the best CoderPad alternative as it is cheaper and offers tons of features.

It is an easy-to-use tool that helps recruiters to assess the candidates effectively, enhance candidates’ experience, and create a positive employer brand.

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