Lots of useful features

Question bank, resume, interview history and many more.

Playback your interviews

Make informed decision with step by step analysis

Code Editor + Code Execution

Power of Google docs and the simplicity of a code editor.
Collaborate with candidates using the simplest and the fastest way possible over an interview. It is one of the best tools to take interviews.

Customized question bank

Ask better questions without leaving the interview session. Add your own questions that align with your interview process. Keep them confidential and secure with our data security policy.

Integrated Audio/Video Calling

Connect via a Reliable audio/video with the other person on the same URL without downloading any additional software . Audio/video call adapts well to fluctuating internet to make sure remote interviews are done seamlessly.

Support for multiple languages

Support for 35+ languages that can be customised as per requirements.

Collaborative Interviewer Notes

Get centralized notes that shows the candidate journey from a take home assignment to interviews helping you make unbiased decisions.

Remote Panel Interviews

Conduct remote panel interviews & collaborate on interview notes. Use markdown support to format your notes to make them more readable.
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