5 Tools You Need To Bring Your Recruitment In The Modern Age

5 Tools You Need To Bring Your Recruitment In The Modern Age

RahulSeptember 15th, 20214 min read

After the pandemic, the way we work and live has completely changed – and recruitment is not an exception. Today, more and more companies embrace remote hiring tools, online interview tools, live coding interview tools, etc. Indeed, these tools help recruiters to make quick and thoughtful decisions and streamline the hiring process.

Hiring without leveraging modern tools can be challenging for recruiters. For instance, when you post multiple job openings on several platforms, you will get tons of applications to go through. However, it is difficult to assess each application, but it becomes easier when you use the pre-employment tools. These tools help recruiters to save time and money in interviewing unqualified candidates.

Apart from pre-employment tools, you can choose from tons of tools to structure and streamline the hiring process.

How Modern Tools & Technologies Help In The Recruitment Process?

Modern innovations won’t replace the human factor, but they can make things much easier. New tools and technologies support recruiters in every stage of the recruitment process – from interviewing phase to onboarding.

We live in the modern age; the strategies which have worked in the past may no longer be applicable today. For example, after the pandemic, face-to-face interviews are not an option. Today, every company embraces video interviewing tools to conduct interviews.

As the corporate world is rapidly changing, you must adapt to such modern changes by leveraging modern technologies. With that said, let’s discuss the best tools to update recruitment in the modern age.

5 Recruitment Tools To Use Right Now

Job Posting Tools

It may sound obvious that you must leverage the job portals that can help you find talented folks worldwide.

Glassdoor is a company review site plus a job portal where former employees leave reviews about their past employers. These reviews help new job seekers to get a clear picture of the company’s culture, management, work ethics, etc. However, its job board is also a great source of many forms of talent.

The other most diverse job portal is Indeed. It is one of the most trusted job portals by recruiters and job seekers, and more than 10 jobs are added on Indeed per second.

Leveraging such job portals will help you find talented candidates easily and streamline your recruiting process.

Social Media Recruiting Tools

Recruiters often overlook social media recruiting. If posting a job on job portals is not an option, nothing is better than promoting your job vacancies on social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

If you are a startup, and you don’t have a budget to pay the subscription fee of multiple job portals, then you must use social media recruiting tools – which are free. LinkedIn is one of the most trusted social recruiting platforms, and it is the 24th most visited website worldwide, according to Writers Block Live. Additionally, it has 738 million LinkedIn users, and more than 87% of them use LinkedIn regularly.

Candidates are everywhere – you just need to be smart while recruiting. While using social media for recruiting, keep the below points in mind:

  • Have a clear social media recruiting strategy;
  • Keep track of your social media recruiting metrics;
  • Know exactly which platform is working well for you.

Candidate Screening Tools

Candidate screening is a part of the pre-employment assessment, which gives recruiters a clear picture of the candidate’s soft and hard skills. It helps recruiters to assess the candidates and make better hiring decisions.

For example, suppose you’re hiring developers in your organization. In that case, you need to conduct a live coding interview to assess the candidate’s technical skills. So, you need to use the right tool to conduct coding assessments and evaluate candidates effectively.

You can Intervue – which is the most trusted coding assessment tool by recruiters with audio/video call functionality. You can monitor the candidate’s activities on your screen and spot their errors. These tools use an auto-grading system that automatically eliminates unqualified candidates and helps recruiters to move forward with the qualified ones.

Intervue is a jack of all trades as it supports more than 35 programming languages. You can conduct coding assessments for multiple job roles in the technical department.

Onboarding Tools

Most recruiters think that once the candidate is hired, the recruitment process is over. They often lack in providing a great onboarding experience to the new hires. Good onboarding is your brand’s first and only at making a good first impression on the candidates, and it’s important to make it go well.

The most prominent onboarding tool you can use in the modern age is BambooHR. It is popular among recruiters due to its easy-to-use functionality. Also, it helps recruits manage the onboarding of their new staff. By creating less paperwork and providing an automated way to get to know the entire team, you’ll save the time of your other employees.

Bonus Tools – Video Interviewing Tools

When we are talking about recruitment in the modern age, how can we forget video interviewing tools? After the pandemic, video interviews have replaced phone interviews, and today, every organization embraces video interview tools to hire new talent.

You can use Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, etc., to conduct video interviews. It’s a time saver for all concerned, and you can eliminate unqualified candidates after a screening call and move on with the qualified ones.

Summing Up

Undoubtedly, recruiting is hard, but modern technologies can make it quicker, cost-effective, and agile.

The tools mentioned above can help you structure and streamline the hiring process, and you will be successful in attracting and hiring the right talent for your organization.

Leveraging modern technologies shows candidates that you’re an exciting company to work for, and you can improve candidate experience.

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