How Can Automation Help You In Your Recruitment Process?

How Can Automation Help You In Your Recruitment Process?

RahulSeptember 20th, 20214 min read

Indeed, AI will take over several business operations, but it won’t replace the human factor. The same goes for the recruitment process – you have to create a job description, source candidates, conduct interviews, and communicate the outcome to the candidates.

Automation in recruitment process is the way to structure and streamline the recruitment process using innovative methods. AI is gaining popularity in various sectors, and it’s an opportunity for recruiters to boost their hiring process.

According to Redbranchmedia, more than 17% of companies use AI in their recruitment process, and 30% will do so by 2022. AI can benefit organizations a lot in the coming years. AI helps recruiters provide a great candidate experience, which has become the norm for most candidates.

How Does Automation In Recruitment Process Help Organizations?

The automation recruitment process can help recruiters automate hiring tasks, reduce filling time, reduce cost per hire, and improve efficiency.

A few decades ago, AI in recruitment wasn’t familiar. Recruiters have to evaluate resumes and schedule interviews manually. With the introduction of AI, the recruiter’s life has become much easier than ever.

Some of the recruitment areas where AI plays a significant role include:

  • Candidate sourcing
  • Candidate assessment
  • Candidate selection
  • Interview scheduling
  • Onboarding

Most recruiters and industry leaders believe that investing in AI will generate higher returns on investment in the long run.

6 Benefits Of Using Automation In Recruitment Process

Boost Productivity

Gone are the days when recruiters have to evaluate tons of resumes and schedule interviews manually. Automation in recruitment streamlines the processes and allows recruiters to work on their cork work which holds great significance. AI calculates things quickly and more precisely compared to humans.

Therefore, accurate calculations help recruiters make quick and thoughtful hiring decisions to boost the business’s overall productivity.

Assess Candidate’s Skills Effectively

Most companies worldwide conduct some form of pre-employment assessments to assess the soft and hard skills of the candidates. These assessments give a clear picture of the candidate and help recruiters to identify whether the candidate is the right fit or not.

Using an easy-to-use pre-employment assessment tool can save time in interviewing unqualified candidates and focus on the qualified ones. These tools use an auto-grading report functionality that automatically eliminates unqualified candidates from the recruitment process.

Increased Diversity

By leveraging modern tools and technologies for assessing, ranking, and screening candidates, you can remove any common employing biases and guarantee the procedure to remain unbiased. More than 20% of recruiters believe that using recruitment automation tools can help to increase diversity in the workplace.

With automation tools, you can improve your work environment by discovering quality candidates without any oblivious biases.

Simplify Interview Scheduling

Automation in recruitment removes recruiters from the scheduling paradigm and allows candidates to schedule interviews themselves without disrupting your team. Leverage an interview scheduling software to provide candidates with available time slots and schedule their preferred time based on availability.

Such tools work best for passive candidates. Passive candidates are those who are currently employed and looking for a job change. These candidates find it challenging to give interviews when they’re employed. Interview scheduling tools allow them to schedule an interview at their convenience.

Employee Onboarding

The onboarding phase is your first interaction with the candidates when they’re hired. As a recruiter, you don’t want them to get disappointed on their very first day at work.

However, automation in the onboarding process can help you improve the onboarding experience. You can send welcome emails automatically, set up IT access, and conduct induction and training programs.

Enhance Candidate Experience

Leveraging innovative technologies can help you automate several recruitment stages. For recruiters, it speeds up and streamlines the hiring process. Candidates will get a quick response from the employers and move on to other opportunities if not selected.

How To Use Automation In The Recruitment Process?

Recruiters and hiring managers can leverage recruitment technologies to automate the recruiting process.

Recruiting automation can be used in the following ways:

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Using the right ATS is the key to improve the candidate experience. An ATS maintains the complete data of the candidates.

An applicant tracking system allows recruiters to track the applicants, create the notes, maintain the talent pool, and source the candidates. It also shows the candidates who match the job requirements via automating functionality.

Job Advertising

Recruiting automation tools automatically publish information about the job on multiple platforms such as social media, job portals, online platforms, etc. It helps recruiters to reduce the cost per hire by 25%.

Screening Candidates

Conducting a pre-employment test is crucial for every organization to get a bigger picture of the candidate.

For example, suppose you are looking for a web developer in your organization. In that case, you have to conduct coding assessments to evaluate the candidate’s coding skills using a coding assessment tool. These tools involve an audio/video call functionality through which both candidates and recruiters can communicate with each other.

Using an easy-to-use tool is critical to improve candidate experience and hire top talent.

Use A CRM To Streamline The Process

With a CRM, you can use scheduling software to schedule interviews for different job roles. Also, you can use campus recruiting tools to gather accurate candidate data to conduct a recruitment drive in a particular college or institute.

Summing Up

As more and more companies embrace the automation recruitment process, the role of recruiters is changing. However, automation won’t replace humans, but it can make things much easier and streamlined.

When using automation in recruiting, some areas should be considered. While every company has its budget and specific needs, the automated hiring process must make the recruiter’s life easier.

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