All You Need to Know About Interview as a Service

All You Need to Know About Interview as a Service

Sugandha SrivastavaNovember 4th, 20234 min read

Traditionally, the recruitment process has been laborious, disorganized, and often biased, leaving both employers and candidates frustrated and drained. This is where Interview-as-a-Service (IAAS) comes into play – a contemporary recruitment solution that not only saves time and resources but also leads to better hiring decisions.

What Is Interview As A Service & Its Advantages?

For recruiters and hiring managers, Interview-as-a-Service offers a curated group of experienced industry professionals as interviewers. These interviewers possess both technical skills and expertise in the softer aspects of the interview process and candidate experience. IAAS also addresses the challenge of scalability, allowing an unlimited number of interviews to be conducted in a day, eliminating constraints related to in-house interviewers' availability.

For candidates, Interview-as-a-Service offers a user-friendly experience. Using popular communication channels such as WhatsApp and email, candidates can express their interest in a job and specify their preferred interview times. No more waiting for the right interviewer! This system reduces anxiety by providing options for rescheduling and technical support.

Seamless Integration and Automation of Tasks

Crucially, interview-as-a-service ensures that every candidate has a fair and equal opportunity during the interview. It employs standardized question pools for interviews, covering all required skills and maintaining consistent difficulty levels. Structured feedback is provided within minutes, including video recordings of the interview sessions. More than 86% of candidates who have used this service have found it superior to traditional in-house interviews.

Automated Proctored Assessments

Beyond these advantages, IAAS has proven effective in preventing fraud, a regrettable reality in any job market. Interview-as-a-service has been meticulously designed after a comprehensive study of best interviewing practices. For instance, in well-known companies like FAANG (or MAMAA for perfectionists), external interviewers are mandatory to ensure an unbiased and long-term hiring decision. IAAS aims to make such best practices easily accessible to all hiring managers.

Candidate Management and Auto-Scheduling Features

IAAS offers a modern, all-encompassing solution to the recruitment process, prioritizing candidate experience and quality. As the talent acquisition landscape continues to evolve, interview-as-a-service is likely to become an increasingly vital tool for organizations seeking to recruit the best candidates. However, it's essential to acknowledge that some organizations may not immediately adapt to relying on external interviewers. In such cases, transitioning to a specialized assessment and interviewing platform is the first step in the right direction.

The right platform can seamlessly integrate with existing systems and automate tasks like resume screening. AI-powered JD to CV matching streamlines the resume screening process by providing scores for each candidate. Shortlisted candidates can then undergo automated proctored assessments, reducing the interview workload.

Modern interviewing platforms offer candidate management and auto-scheduling features, reaching out to candidates through various communication channels and facilitating the interview process. They ensure that each candidate faces an equal level of difficulty while being evaluated for all necessary skills.

Why Do Customers Choose an Interview as a Service Solution?

Customers opt for Interview as a Service solutions to streamline their hiring processes, reduce costs, eliminate bias, and ensure they identify the most qualified candidates for their job openings while saving time and resources. These services offer flexibility and access to expert interviewers, making the hiring process more efficient and effective.

Finding the Best Candidate for the Job

Interview as a service platforms help organizations identify the most qualified candidates by accurately assessing their technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking skills related to the job requirements.

Savings on Expenses

Outsourcing interviews can be more cost-effective than conducting them in-house, as it eliminates the need for expenses such as candidate travel, accommodation, and meals. Video conferencing solutions can reduce costs while maintaining the necessary human interaction.

Adaptability in Time Planning

Interview scheduling can be challenging, especially when dealing with multiple candidates and interviewers. Interview as a service eliminates the need for in-person interviews, allowing for more flexible scheduling based on the availability of both parties. This flexibility benefits candidates as well.

Bringing Experts to the Job

Interview outsourcing companies often have experienced professionals from various industries to conduct interviews. Their expertise ensures a more thorough evaluation of candidates.

Guarantees Cycle Consistency

Virtual interviews can be recorded, enabling both interviewers and candidates to review the conversation afterward. This helps in making more informed decisions and maintaining consistency throughout the hiring process.

Getting Rid of Bias

Interview as a service platforms provide a more objective and unbiased interview process. By eliminating human bias, the focus is solely on hiring the right talent for the job.

Using Cutting-edge Tools and Techniques

These services can incorporate the latest interviewing techniques and tailor questions to meet the organization's specific needs, ensuring the most relevant and effective interviews.

Provides a Larger Flow of Candidates

Candidates are more likely to participate in interviews when they can do so remotely, saving time and costs associated with traveling for in-person interviews. This broader candidate pool enhances the chances of finding the best fit.

Time is Saved for Employees

Interview as a service relieves HR departments and current employees from the time-consuming process of conducting interviews and evaluating candidates. This allows them to focus on their core responsibilities.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, these platforms keep candidates engaged, provide support, and generate standardized feedback reports with embedded video recordings. In conclusion, the adoption of modern recruitment solutions like Interview-as-a-Service and specialized assessment and interviewing platforms can greatly enhance the recruitment process, making it more efficient and effective while prioritizing the candidate experience and maintaining a structured and standardized approach.

These solutions also contribute to a fairer and more transparent hiring process by eliminating biases and fraud. As organizations grapple with the evolving talent acquisition landscape, embracing modern recruitment solutions is crucial to staying competitive in attracting and hiring the best candidates.

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