Downshifting is a deliberate career strategy, involving reduced workload, hours, and potential salary cuts to prioritize work-life balance. Gaining popularity, it offers an alternative to quitting outright, allowing for a recalibration of priorities towards personal fulfillment over relentless career advancement. With a growing emphasis on work-life balance, downshifting is a preferred choice for aligning careers with personal values and aspirations.

After interviewing candidates on Intervue, we were able to convert at least 5% of people from our application base to hires.
Niket Gupta
Group head of talent acquisition, Yubi
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How do I schedule an interview?
Go to and select the profile and rounds you want to schedule the interview for. Add candidate and company details and click 'Schedule Interview.'
Will I be charged per interview?
For on-demand interviews, you will get paid credits to use per month.
Can I get a trial for On-demand interviews?
Yes! Enjoy 2 free credits (1 credit = 1 interview) or you can reach out to us.
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