Security at Intervue

Our high-end platform ensures that you meet all compliance requirements, and our state-of-the art privacy policies guarantee the security of your data.

Data privacy at Intervue

Intervue has a number of security policy requirements in place to ensure the privacy and protection of customer data, including Information Security, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery; Incident Response Management; Access Management (including network access); Physical & Environmental Security. We review and approve these policies annually, consistent with industry standards (e.g., ISO) and best practices.

The Intervue platform collects the following information about each candidate: First Name, Last Name, email address and IP address. Our employees complete both information security awareness and data privacy training courses annually, ensuring that only authorized support staff have access to customer data.

Enterprise-grade security

Intervue employs advanced security measures to protect data, applications, and infrastructure.Our platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services, a cloud provider that meets or exceeds all industry standards for security and data privacy.

Additionally, ​​Intervue undergoes a SOC2 examination by an independent third party to verify our security and data protection controls annually. The Intervue SOC2 report is available to current and prospective customers upon request.

To the highest standards