Should Technical Recruitment Be Outsourced?

Should Technical Recruitment Be Outsourced?

RahulJuly 23rd, 20214 min read

Outsourcing is one of the best approaches towards reducing the pressure on workers where third-party handle the required operations. Today, outsourcing has become more popular – and outsourcing in technical recruitment is not an exception.

Tech recruiting is hard, and it’s not getting easier anytime soon. So, there's pressure on non-tech recruiters to hire the right technical team for the organization. As the demand for software engineers and developers is growing rapidly, it becomes a pressure on non-tech recruiters to fill that positions quickly with qualified candidates.

According to Statista, the recruitment process outsourcing industry worldwide spent over USD 11 billion in 2017. This is expected to reach USD 25 billion by 2022.

There are some huge advantages of outsourcing your technical hiring process. Third-party companies leverage all the latest tools and technologies required to attract the best talent for the organization. Outsourcing reduces the pressure on HRs and recruiters, and they are more likely to focus on their core job.

4 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Technical Recruitment

Outsourcing means handing over the complex work to experienced recruitment consultants, which will help you save time and money.

That said, here are 4 reasons why you should outsource technical recruitment:

You’re Struggling To Find Qualified Candidates

Most recruiters lack knowledge of hiring a technical team for their organization.

While hiring a technical team, recruiters must have a basic understanding of the job profile they’re hiring for. For example, suppose you’re hiring a web developer for your company. In that case, you need to be familiar with website development concepts such as frameworks, knowledge of programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and Python, UI design, UX design, etc.

As a recruiter, if you’re continually struggling to find qualified candidates for your organization, it is the right time to outsource your recruiting efforts to a firm that specializes in hiring tech candidates.

There Are Tons Of Vacant Positions

Filling several positions at once can be challenging for some recruiters. If you are not able to find qualified candidates, then the project can face some delays.

Outsourcing works well when you want to fill several positions at once.

Turnover Is An Issue

The main reason why companies opt for outsourcing is the turnover. A higher turnover costs money in interrupted business productivity, lower customer service, and lower employee engagement.

Companies can improve their turnover when outsourcing their technical recruitment process to attract the right talent and a better recruiting process from expert recruiters. As a recruiter, opting for outsourcing the recruitment process will be your right decision, and it is the best way to prevent recruiting-related turnover.

You’re Not Using The Right Tools And Technologies To Hire

Most companies have a tight budget. And due to this, they aren’t equipped with the latest tools and technologies required to hire the right talent.

Here outsourcing can help you hire a qualified candidate for your organization. When you outsource your recruitment to third-party companies, they have experts who are well-aware of the strategies on how to attract the right talent, and they are also equipped with modern tools and technologies.

5 Benefits Of Outsourcing Technical Recruitment

Now you know why you should outsource your recruitment, let’s discuss some of the benefits of outsourcing the recruitment process to third-party companies.

Reduce Cost

Most companies spend a lot of money, but still, they fail to onboard the right talent for a particular job role. It results in the waste of money, time, and effort, impacting the business’s overall productivity.

When outsourcing the recruitment to third-party companies, they can reduce the costs by streamlining your recruiting process and can hire the right talent in less time and money.

Increased Candidate Quality

A good amount of experience, right skills, and educational qualification makes a candidate perfect for a particular job role. Hiring managers who are in a hurry to fill a vacant position often overlook whether the candidate will stick with the position or not.

However, this is not the case in outsourcing. Your outsourcing company will carefully assess the candidate’s skills, experience, and educational qualification to ensure that you onboard the right talent who will help increase the business’s overall productivity.

Develop A Positive Employer Brand

Developing a positive employer brand is crucial for every company – no matter what the size is. When you successfully deliver the best-recruiting experience to the candidates, they will talk about your company with their friends/relatives. They may post a positive review on several reviews and recruiting sites.

Outsourcing the recruitment process will help you improve the employer brand, cut the cost per hire, and fill vacant positions quickly. It helps an organization to become an attractive place to work.

Following Up With The Candidates

Candidates are impatient – they want to stay informed about the next hiring steps and whether they pass the previous interview steps. Most companies with several departments often face this issue, where every department has its requirements to hire a candidate.

Outsourcing can help to make the recruiting process consistent for both recruiters and candidates. Outsourcing helps both parties to stay updated about the hiring process.

Access To An Exclusive Talent Pool

One of the significant issues in the global recruiting market is a lack of suitable candidates required to fill vacant positions. Filling the position quickly to avoid any delay in business operations can become difficult without outsourcing the recruitment process to third-party companies.

One of the primary advantages of outsourcing recruitment to third-party companies is that they have a detailed, comprehensive database of hard-to-find candidates needed to fill crucial job positions. The expertise of third-party companies will enable you to acquire the services of in-demand candidates more effectively and efficiently.

Summing Up

So, should you outsource your technical recruitment?

Let’s face it – startups don’t have a budget to invest in the modern tools and technologies required to get detailed information about the candidate. It will be beneficial for startups to outsource their technical hiring process as it will help them hire the right person at less cost.

Not only for startups, but it can also be helpful for every organization, no matter the size, reduce the pressure on candidates and help them focus more on their deadlines.

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