Pair Programming: What Is It And Why Is It So Popular

Pair Programming: What Is It And Why Is It So Popular

RahulNovember 20th, 20214 min read

What is pair programming? Is it an effective approach towards hiring developers? What are the benefits of pair programming interviews? If these questions are spinning in your head, then we’ve got you covered. Here, we will discuss pair programming and how you can leverage it to hire developers in your organization.

Technical hiring is one of the biggest challenges that every recruiter faces. According to Medium, 9 out of 10 recruiters say it is hard to find and hire technical talent. Hiring will be hard when you don’t leverage modern tools and technologies to hire and attract tech talent.

This is where pair programming comes into play. A pair programming interview is a modern and practical way to assess a candidate’s technical skills. In this article, you will learn: what is pair programming, the benefits of pair programming, and how to conduct pair programming interviews to hire the best talent.

What Is Pair Programming?

So, what is pair programming? A pair programming interview is conducted using an online coding platform where both recruiter and the candidate solve a particular set of technical questions.

On average, a pair programming interview is 45 minutes. During the interview, the recruiter asks the candidates to write a code, and they discuss the process, give opinions, and voice concerns.

Technical hiring is one of the most significant investments of tech companies and makes sure you invest in the right technologies to reap its benefits.

As we have mentioned earlier, a pair programming interview is conducted via an online coding tool. You can invest in Intervue – an ideal tool for conducting pair programming interviews. It supports 25+ languages and also integrates audio/video calling functionality.

Hence, investing in the right tool will generate higher returns on investment.

How To Conduct A Pair Programming Interview?

So, now you have a glimpse of what pair programming interviews are, let’s discuss how you can conduct a successful pair programming interview to hire top talent:

Use The Right Tool

Pair programming interviews are conducted using an online coding tool. Make sure to use an easy-to-use tool without confusion between you and the candidate during the interview session.

Here, Intervue is a big win-win. Most recruiters prefer to use it as it supports 25+ languages and has total control over the candidate’s activities.

Use Short Tasks

As we have mentioned before, a pair programming interview is approximately 45 minutes. So, you have a limited time to assess a candidate’s technical skills. To do so, you must use short tasks, which should be easy and don’t take too long to solve.

Use A Real-World Problem

The task should be related to the job role you’re hiring for. For example, suppose you’re hiring a web developer. In that case, you must give a task to update the database, fix an issue, etc.

Invite Your Team Members

One of the most significant benefits of pair programming interviews is that you can run them by yourself or invite your team members. Others can sit and listen while you conduct the test and ask questions at the end of the session.

Identify Thought Process Of A Candidate

A pair programming is not about answering the right questions. Instead, you must assess how your candidates work, how they communicate, and how they think. Do they explain the code? Or do they work in silence?

Choose The Programming Language

What role are you hiring for? Is it for web development or android development? The online coding platform you choose must support multiple programming languages so that you don’t have to switch to third-party software to conduct a pair programming interview.

5 Benefits Of Pair Programming Interviews

So, what are the benefits of pair programming interviews?

There are several ways to assess a candidate’s technical skills, such as whiteboarding assignments and screening tests. But pair programming comes with several advantages.

Informed Hiring Decisions

As compared to whiteboarding interviews, pair programming interviews generate better results. Whiteboarding interviews require a candidate to perform a task before recruiters, increasing the candidate’s anxiety level.

Good pair programming focuses on the candidate’s skills. It gives recruiters a clear insight into a candidate's skills and assesses whether they are the right fit for the culture.

Enhances Candidate Experience

For candidates, a pair programming interview is challenging and exciting at the same time. With pair programming interviews, candidates get a deeper insight into how a company works and know the team members. As a result, it improves the candidate experience and helps you create a positive employer brand.

Promotes Faster Hiring

Pair programming interviews give a clear picture of the candidate, and you won’t have to conduct multiple interview rounds that lengthen the hiring process. It is a thorough approach towards hiring a technical team, and it helps recruiters speed up the hiring process.

Objective Hiring Process

A pair programming interview is more objective than take-home coding assessments. Objective hiring refers to hiring a qualified candidate rather than candidates who meet your biases.

Reduce Bias

When you use an online coding platform to conduct pair programming interviews, you end up saving a lot of time, money, and effort you put into interviewing unqualified candidates. These online platforms use an auto-grading system that automatically eliminates unqualified candidates and allows you to focus on the qualified ones.

Summing Up

In today’s competitive job market, it is challenging for recruiters to attract, hire, and retain top talent. The tech industry is growing, and so are the opportunities.

To make yourself stand out, you must look for a modern approach to attract and hire top talent, enhancing the candidate experience. When candidates have a great experience with you, they will prefer to join your company over your competitors.

The benefits of pair programming interviews are beyond words. It will help you assess a candidate's skills in real-time and ensure that you’re hiring the right candidate for your organization.

The above-mentioned tips will help you conduct a strong pair programming interview and speed up the technical recruitment process.

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