6 Things All Live Coding Assessment Tools Should Have

6 Things All Live Coding Assessment Tools Should Have

PulkitJuly 22nd, 20214 min read

The pandemic has urged the corporate world to revamp its existing recruiting strategies completely. Today, more and more companies are using online tools to assess a candidate’s hard and soft skills.

Everything has become digital in the past few decades – and the recruiting process is not an exemption. Conducting an online coding assessment for recruiting a technical team has helped recruiters streamline the hiring process and save time and cost. Additionally, these coding tests can also help recruiters and organizations to develop a positive employer brand if implemented correctly.

What makes a coding test perfect? As a recruiter, you must follow a candidate-driven approach to improve the employer brand and hire the right talent for your organization. Such modern technologies have helped recruiters to streamline the hiring process and have made everything easier than ever.

What Is An Online Coding Test?

Coding tests are one of the best approaches to assess a candidate’s technical skills effectively. It helps recruiters find the right talent among a vast talent pool using a combination of knowledge and application-based techniques such as MCQs and simulators to measure job-relevant skills.

In online coding assessments, you can ask candidates to solve a particular set of questions or solve an issue quickly. Hence, you can track the candidate’s performance on each question and will get a deep insight into the candidate’s skills and expertise.

Coding assessments clarify whether the candidate can fulfill the essential criteria and job requirements. Hence, every recruiter needs to conduct a coding test as a part of technical screening before an interview.

6 Must-Have Features In Live Coding Assessment Tools

Today’s market is flooded with many tools, and not every tool can work best for your business. Therefore, here is the list of 6 must-have features which will help you choose the right tool for your next tech recruitment:

Expansive Coverage Of The Topic

A coding assessment tool should be a jack of all trades. It means that the tool must have a range of programming languages and frameworks for all coding job roles such as iOS developer, Android developer, web developer, data scientist, etc.

A tool must also cover every existing and modern programming language, framework, topics, technology, and skills requirements. Also, it should help recruiters to choose the right candidate among the vast talent pool with relevant coding test questions and concepts within coding and development.

Proctor Settings With Reports

Here comes one of the most important features that every tool must have – proctor settings with reports. Proctoring enables candidates to write a code online while maintaining the integrity of the assessment. In this, candidates confirm their identity, and they are monitored through video. Recruiters can then use this video to filter out irrelevant candidates.

A tool also generates a candidate’s report, which is available in PDF format and HTML format. There are five main sections of the report:

  • Credibility index
  • Candidate authentication details
  • Candidate webcam details
  • Candidate screen recording
  • Flags with timelines

Hence, it is a must-have feature in every tool that can help recruiters easily flag the candidates who are not the right fit for the organization.

Auto Evaluation Reports That Score The Candidates

Every tool must have the ability to generate auto evolution reports of the candidate’s scores. It helps recruiters to know who has passed the exam and is qualified for the interview round.

It is a must-have feature that can help recruiters to assess more than 100 candidates at once. When recruiters have the details about the candidate’s score, they can inform them immediately, and it will make candidates feel that their time is respected and valued.

In-Built Audio/Video Call Functionality

Online interviews must give a realistic feel to both recruiters and the candidate. Hence, it is important to have in-built audio/video call functionality, which will help both parties experience a real-time feel remotely.

Most tools don’t offer audio/video call functionality, and recruiters must shift to third-party software to communicate with candidates. So, it is a must for every tool to have this functionality to give a real feel while interviewing a candidate.

Combination Of Subjective As Well As MCQ Questions

A super mix of subjective and MCQ questions is what makes a tool efficient for recruitment. However, subjective-based questions are essential, but the importance of MCQ questions shouldn't be overlooked. These are the questions that every tool must offer to help recruiters shortlist candidates based on critical knowledge, concept, and analysis.

Along with MCQ questions, it is imperative to have technical questions which provide a real sense of a candidate's ability by asking them to mirror real-world challenges.

Integration With ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

With the introduction of different technological advancements, recruiters are still dependent on spreadsheets and emails to keep track of their potential candidates. As a result, it leads to confusion, loss of data, and chaos.

When the tool offers integration with ATS, recruiters can easily access the benefits of tools without any additional effort. In addition, with hundreds and thousands of skill assessments available, it becomes easier for recruiters to send invites for whatever assessment they desire with the tool of their liking.

How Can The Right Coding Assessment Tool Help Improve Candidate Experience?

The coding tool you use must be simple to make it easier for both parties to work on it. When you have the right tool by your side, you can easily streamline your recruiting process and improve the candidate experience.

These coding tests allow quick and thoughtful hiring. The coding tests should be less than 40 minutes, as too lengthy assessments can often force candidates to step out of the process. So, every organization needs to shift towards a candidate-driven approach to improve the employer brand and enhance the candidate experience.

Summing Up

In the past few decades, tech hiring has been revolutionized, and using the right coding tool for assessment has become an integral part of recruitment.

Gone are the days when recruiters were just given an ambiguous job description and judged candidates based on their wordy resumes. With the introduction of new tools, recruiters can easily streamline the process and easily access the candidate’s technical skills.

When you are looking for a top-notch coding assessment tool, it is vital to consider the above features, which will make your recruiting process easier than ever.

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