How to Save Time When Hiring Developers?

How to Save Time When Hiring Developers?

RahulMay 14th, 20214 min read

The hiring process for developers taking too long? Well, you’re not alone. The prospect of hiring a developer can be pretty challenging let alone doing it at a certain pace.

Undoubtedly, developers are the most valuable asset for any organization as they are responsible for taking care of all the development processes and are in some case, are responsible for the product it self. Hence, hiring the right talent is going to make a huge difference.

In this article, we’ll discuss quick ways to hire developers for an organization even if you are a non-tech person. So without further adieu, let’s dive in.

Quick Tips To Hire A Developer

Know Your Requirements

Before initiating the hiring process, you need to understand your company’s requirements. The more precise you are, the more it becomes easy to onboard employees.

For example, suppose your company provides web development services. In that case, you must look for someone who has hands-on experience on several backend and frontend programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, etc. To save time and make the hiring process easy, what you can do is – conduct coding tests for the candidates to examine their expertise in programming languages.

Know Where To Look

Once you are clear about your company’s requirements, the next step is to set up your search strategy. If using paid services is not an option, the following are a few resources that you can tap into:

  • LinkedIn: The first trusted resource you must tap into is – LinkedIn. According to HubSpot, more than 40 million people searched for jobs on LinkedIn each week in Q4 2020. Additionally, LinkedIn was voted the most trusted network in 2020. Leveraging LinkedIn to recruit developers can do wonders for your organization.
  • Use Social Media Platforms: Some prominent social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, etc., help you promote your company and culture through existing employees and cut through the noise. You can even find niche networks using attractive ads, videos, photos, and hashtags. Research by TalentLyft states that 62% of job seekers use social media channels to evaluate a company’s employer brand.
  • GitHub: It is an online project-hosting service platform where developers share their open-source projects. You need to create your public account to have the developer’s contact details, number of followers, GitHub contributions, and repositories.
  • Stack Overflow: Stack Overflow is an online community for developers to discover, share their experiences, and enhance their careers. Using the right filters to refine your search can help you get the basic details and summary about developers.
  • Reddit: Reddit is an online community where developers and industry leaders ask questions and discuss technology-related topics. It can be an excellent source of highly skilled developers.
  • Glassdoor: An optimistic tool for recruiting, Glassdoor uses a huge social influence on job aspirants. People use Glassdoor to write or read anonymous reviews about companies and their culture. So, this is where you need to build an excellent brand while being fair and transparent.

Screening Assessment

Now comes the screening assessment.

Many recruiting tools have made it easier for recruiters to hire developers by cutting down the cost, effort, and time they invest in attracting, managing, and hiring employees.

Gone are the days when recruiters invite candidates, screen them manually, interview them, and then hire. This is a time-consuming and not a scalable approach.

As a recruiter, you can use online coding assessment software, which helps you screen developers easily via customized assignments that are automatically evaluated.

Using the right screening solution can cut down your time to hire without losing quality. With intelligent screening, you also get to rely less on the CV and more on the candidates themselves.


Once the candidate passes the screening assessment, the next step is – interview. In this stage, both the candidate and you are going to make some valuable decisions.

When interviewing the candidates, you must identify whether a candidate possesses the following skills or not:

  • Communication skills
  • Coding skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Time-management skills
  • Good grasp of their area of expertise
  • Team player
  • Creative in their area of expertise

Hire developers based on their knowledge and skills than experience. You should ask the developer about their area of expertise and online presence (portfolios/GitHub). Ask general questions and ask them to critique a system or code.

If you are someone with the least technical knowledge, it is best to get someone with some know-how to help you interview developers.

What Not To Do When Hiring Developers?

As a recruiter, you should never settle for inferior developers. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when hiring developers.

Hiring Inexperienced Developers

Most companies want to save money by hiring inexperienced candidates as they wish to prioritize quantity over quality and want to minimize costs as much as possible. Here, it doesn’t mean you only have to hire professionals with 5-6 years of experience. You can consider candidates who have some online presence on platforms, such as GitHub and have attractive portfolios.

Considering Only Technical Skills

Without a doubt, a developer must excel in technical skills, but he or she should also have some soft skills, including time management skills, problem-solving skills, team management, etc. Don’t limit your search – you’re hiring not just a developer, but you’re adding a new member to your organization.

Not Sharing Your Desired Goals With Developer

Your developer is there to help your company to achieve its goals. Share your vision with your developer, and don’t leave him/her in the dark.

Include him/her in brainstorming sessions, ask for feedback, and share what you think about it as well. It’s crucial that all members truly understand what you’re expecting to accomplish to ensure success.

Wrapping Up

To wrap it up, you need to build a robust recruiting approach to find developers.

It’s a big world, and there are skilled and experienced developers to find if you know how to use the right approach.

The strategies we included will work well for your organization to onboard the right developer and save your time. Keep in mind that the best talent may be the most enthusiastic person just waiting for the right company to make their mark.

Happy hiring!!

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