How To Assess 100+ Tech Candidates Efficiently in Minutes?

How To Assess 100+ Tech Candidates Efficiently in Minutes?

RahulJune 5th, 20215 min read

Undoubtedly, the advancement in the recruiting process has a direct impact on the hiring speed. The more accurate data you have, the more it will be easy for you to hire the right employee.

Data plays a significant role in the hiring process. The idea is that the less time it takes to source, technical round, screening, interview, background check, and make a job offer to get the top candidates – the more skilled the recruiter.

Many organizations are losing out on productivity and revenue while their job position remains vacant. On the other hand, candidates often wonder why they didn’t get any reply back from the organization, and hence, they move on to other opportunities.

As a non-tech recruiter, assessing 100+ tech candidates in minutes might sound impossible. However, in this article, we will discuss how you can reduce your time hiring and evaluating the candidates in minutes and increasing your chances of hiring the industry’s best talent.

7 Tips To Speed Up The Hiring Process

According to workable, the hiring process of tech candidates for all tech roles is 62 days, hiring a data scientist takes 60 days, and hiring a senior data scientist takes 70 days. Well, that’s huge. Here’s how you can reduce your time to hire a technical team:

Identify And Eliminate The Time-Consuming Aspects Of Hiring

There are a lot of factors that can result in the delay of the hiring process. So, you need to identify them and replace them with some less-time consuming and cost-effective approaches.

For example, if scheduling a bunch of interviews is difficult, you can use some interview scheduling tools, which will help you schedule interviews for bulk candidates. Thanks to the new technological advancements, which have made it easier for recruiters to structure the interview process and onboard the right talent.

There are several steps involved in the hiring process, so using technology to find and keep the right talent on the hiring list can reduce a lot of time.

Build A Talent Pipeline In Advance

A well-built pipeline can be a great source of talent and support for your recruiting team. Building a talent pipeline in advance based on the screening test will reduce your time to hire when managed efficiently because you already have a list of candidates before the search even starts. Also, you can ask for referrals to your existing employees.

To get started, here are 5 basic steps to build a quality talent pipeline:

  • Identify the positions you hire for
  • Define the requirements for those roles, such as required skills, cultural fit, etc.
  • Don’t limit your searches to recruiting sites. Start your search on LinkedIn, get referrals, join industry events, etc.
  • Find the right talent and approach them
  • Stay connected with those candidates by sharing personalized messages

Building a talent pipeline will help you hire the right talent while cutting your time to hire a significant amount.

Keep The Recruitment Process Transparent

Keeping the recruitment process structured and transparent is the key to develop a positive corporate brand. It can help put candidates at ease so they become more responsive, getting back to you more quickly than they might otherwise have done.

Today, candidate experience is also essential, which every recruiter must consider as a priority. They want the recruitment process to be fast, straightforward, and easy. You need to be upfront with the candidates, and if possible, let them know the entire recruitment process before they apply for the job.

Improve Your Job Listings

Usually, the recruiting process starts with posting an effective job description on recruiting sites or social media channels. It is a crucial part of the application process, as it is used to deliver the right information to the candidates so that they can assess whether this job is the right fit for them or not.

From the company’s perspective, the job description is important in ensuring that the applications received for the position exactly match the role’s needs.

So how can you write compelling job descriptions?

Well, to maximize your job listings’ effectiveness, you need to provide all the relevant information such as required technical and soft skills, day-to-day responsibilities, required educational background, achievements, skill sets, etc. The description should also include practical information, such as where the job is based, is it full-time or part-time, in some cases, the expected salary.

Use The Right Pre-Employment Assessment Software

Using the right pre-employment assessment software will help you identify who is the right fit and how you need to proceed to the next round.

For example, if you are recruiting a technical team, you can use an online code editor that resides on a remote server and is accessible via browsers. It is used to check the technical skills of a candidate and use an auto-grading report system. Based on the grading report, you can easily identify who has passed the exam and is eligible for the interview round.

Code editors overcome mental conflict and allow the candidates to be more productive, which is why they’re so crucial for recruiters as well as for candidates.

With intelligent screening, you are less likely to rely on the CV and focus more on the candidate and his/her technical and soft skills.

Use An ATS To Track Year-Round Results

If you want top-notch results, using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) will be your best decision. It is an internal way of deciding if the hiring team is being efficient over time. It can even show you how many days it takes to hire a person for a particular role on average.

With an ATS, you can effortlessly measure recruitment campaigns by other hiring metrics such as the number of candidates interviewed and hired. Additionally, regular monitoring of results can keep you attentive to your own hiring approaches.

Leverage All Modern Interview Techniques

As technologies are meant to reduce human effort, why don't you leverage them in your recruitment process?

Today, most of the interviews occur on Skype, Zoom, phone calls, and Google Meet due to the ongoing pandemic.

Travelling can be time-consuming for you as well as candidates. So, to reduce the time, it will be beneficial for you to conduct interviews over a phone call or video call. By using modern technologies, you can easily streamline your hiring process.

Summing Up

Quick hiring is possible without compromising the quality of hire you bring into your organization. You need to get smarter and use all the possible recruitment technologies to make things easier.

Finding and eliminating the time-consuming factors from your existing recruitment strategy can speed up your hiring process. Even better, you will get the best talent for your organization.

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