5 Tips To Hire A Great Flutter Developer

5 Tips To Hire A Great Flutter Developer

RahulJune 5th, 20214 min read

As the world is shifting towards modern technologies, today, every business relies on a mobile application that can be used for marketing and branding. Thanks to such modern technological advancements that have increased the demand for flutter developers. But who are flutter developers?

Flutter developers make cross-platform applications that cut down on companies’ development costs. In fact, they free organizations from the hassles of hiring different software development teams.

It benefits your business by taking less time in marketing, it has easy maintenance, cost-efficient, integrates easily with other existing apps, increases productivity, saves resources, etc.

With this increase in demand for flutter developers, the hiring process can be challenging for non-tech recruiters. They often struggle to structure the interview, conduct a pre-employment assessment, coding assessment, etc. If you are the one struggling to hire flutter developers, then keep on reading this article. We will discuss some of the best tips to hire a great flutter developer if you have no or least technical knowledge.

Quick Tips To Hire A Great Flutter Developer

Through Freelancing

If you want to hire a flutter developer, you should consider hiring them from freelancing websites like freelancer, Fiverr, or Upwork. These platforms usually suggest developers according to our requirements like experience, hourly rates, or locations.

Hence, you can hire a good developer in the shortest period. It is handy for small-sized projects. Moreover, it results in cost efficiency. On the other hand, it is very risky to engage different developers for different tasks. You should worry about quality and security rather than development continuity.

Go Beyond Recruiting Sites

Recruiting sites are great for hiring employees, but you should not limit your searches. Think out-of-the-box, and initiate your search on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

As a software development organization, you must have your LinkedIn profile which can help you enhance your employer brand. LinkedIn is one of the most trusted platforms where more than millions of employees worldwide search for new roles every week. You can create your business page and start promoting your job vacancies. Surely, you will get the best talent out of it.

Check Online Presence Of A Flutter Developer

As a recruiter, you must not rely on the words written in a resume of a flutter developer. That’s not sufficient. To assess the technical skills of a flutter developer, you must check their online presence on several platforms such as GitHub, Stack Overflow, etc.

On these platforms, you will get a deep knowledge about a developer’s presence in the online community and how he or she is coding and testing the applications. Unfortunately, online presence is not a portfolio, but it will help you determine the technical skills of a developer and how creative he or she is in their chosen field.

Conduct A Coding Assessment Test

Conducting a coding assessment test is the best approach towards hiring the right talent for your organization. Basically, it is a test that will help you evaluate the candidates with their existing skill set to help the company achieve the desired goals.

Additionally, you will get an idea about how much time a candidate takes to solve a particular question. It is a cost-effective approach that will help you save the time and effort you put towards hiring a flutter developer.

A coding test will help you hire the right talent so that there is a high level of specialization. Here are some of the best coding test tools you can use:

  • Intervue
  • CodeSubmit
  • HackerRank
  • Devskiller
  • HireVue


Once the candidate passes the coding test, it’s time to evaluate his/her soft skills. In an interview, you can ask some general questions such as your experience, which tools you use, the latest updates, etc.

During the interview, you will get a deep knowledge about technical skills and the soft skills of the candidate, which include time management skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills, creativity skills, etc.

Here are some interview questions you can ask a flutter developer:

  • Tell me the difference between hot reload and hot restart.
  • StatelesWidget and StatefulWidget: What’s the difference?
  • Can you nest a scaffold? Why or why not?
  • How to use packages, plugins, or third-party dependencies?
  • How to reduce widget rebuild?
  • What is BuildContent, and how is it useful?
Essential Skills To Look For In A Developer

We have listed the hard and soft skills to look for in a flutter developer to give you a framed idea.

App Design And Development

Flutter is all about unique UI widgets and packages. Hence, a flutter developer you hire must know app design and development to create sophisticated cross-platforms apps. He or she must also have the ability to solve any bugs that can occur at any time.

Readable Coding

Dart is the programming language that every flutter developer must know. The developer you hire must have the skills to write clear and readable code to make it easy for other developers to understand and scale the app faster when required.

Testing And Fixing Bugs

Once the app development gets completed, QA engineers adequately run a test to identify any malfunctions or errors. Here is where flutter developers come into play. They are responsible for fixing the issue as soon as possible. Hence, when hiring a flutter developer, you must assess he or she possesses problem-solving and testing skills.

Knowledge Of SQL

When designing an app or website, you need to store a lot of data. Hence, a flutter developer you hire must have basic SQL knowledge to manage the database management system (DBMS).

Good Knowledge Of Widgets

There are plenty of widgets in flutter, and your flutter developer must have a good knowledge of the basic ones. Here is a list of the required skills of widgets:

  • Fundamentals of layout using Column and Row
  • The basics of grouping and decorating content using Container
  • Creating custom Buttons using GestureDetector
  • Working with APIs using Dart and JSON
Summing Up

Are you ready to hire your first flutter developer? Hiring a technical team being a non-tech recruiter might be challenging.

To hire the right talent for your organization, you need to properly structure the interview process and identify how you can streamline your current recruiting process to make it effective.

With the above-mentioned tips, you can ace your hiring strategy and onboard the right talent to accomplish your organization’s goals.

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