10 Must-Read Books For Recruiters In 2021

10 Must-Read Books For Recruiters In 2021

RahulSeptember 15th, 20214 min read

After the pandemic, the recruitment process worldwide has completely changed. Gone are the days when recruiters hire candidates based on their resumes and cover letters alone. Today, many tools and technologies help recruiters screen candidates to assess the right fit.

New tools and technologies will continue to evolve, and we’re expecting to see new changes in the recruitment process in the future. As remote hiring and working have become the new norm in the corporate world, most recruiters and candidates aren’t familiar with modern technologies such as video interviewing tools, screening tools, coding assessment tools, etc.

With that in mind, you need to adapt yourself to the modern changes to streamline the recruitment process and stay ahead of your competitors. One of the best ways to adapt to new changes or learn new strategies is through reading.

While not everyone is a bibliophile, most recruiters consider reading books to level up their recruitment skills or to adjust to new corporate strategies.

Is Reading Books Worth For Recruiters?

Books for recruiters are valuable sources that provide a deep analysis of what can be improved and avoided in the recruitment process.

Recruiting books are guides that help recruiters to improve their recruiting, interviewing, and evaluating skills. These books cover topics like data-driving hiring practices, interviewing strategies, and how to leverage modern techniques in the hiring process.

If you’re looking for the best books for recruiters to improve your recruiting skills, here is the list of some best books which will help you make a better recruiter.

10 Best Books For Recruiters In 2021

High-Tech High-Touch Recruiting By Barbara Bruno

The first on the list is High-Tech High-Touch Recruiting by Barbara Bruno. If you are looking for ways to build strong relationships with the candidates, then this is the book you should read in 2021.

Barbara Bruno is a president of Good As Gold Training and HR Search, and she gives tips on how recruiters can better connect with their potential candidates beyond emails and text.

Social Media Recruitment By Andy Headworth

The pandemic has urged recruiters to rethink their existing recruiting strategies, and they are changing the way they hire employees. While most companies use job portals and other sites to hire employees, some companies successfully hire top talent from social media platforms.

Social Media Recruitment by Andy Headworth will help you leverage social media platforms accurately and build a strong brand online. Andy Headworth says, “Using social media to enhance your hiring efforts is a valuable tactic to have in your corner.”

Hire by Design By Jodi Brandsetter

Hire by Design is one of the best books on recruitment, which breaks down a talent acquisition strategy and assigns design thinking on how recruiters can structure and streamline the hiring process.

As a recruiter, if you’re struggling to streamline your recruitment process and make it stronger, then this book is worth reading. This book also provides templates to make applying design thinking to their business and hiring practices even easier.

High Velocity Hiring By Scott Wintrip

On average, the time to fill a vacant position takes at least three months. High Velocity Hiring offers modern strategies to attract talent before the need arises. It helps recruiters boost the hiring process with structured hiring pools, interview techniques, and relationships with senior management.

If you’re the one – seeking ways to boost your hiring process, then this is the book you should read.

Hiring For Diversity By Gerardus Blokdyk

As hiring a diverse workforce is crucial for organizations, Hiring for Diversity teaches recruiters to integrate modern advances and process design strategies to improve their diversity hiring strategies.

It comes with a self-assessment scorecard to help recruiters get a clear picture of the areas of improvement.

The Robot-Proof Recruiter By Katrina Collier

As recruiters leverage coding assessment tools, screening tools, and other video interview tools, this book tells how to stand out and recruit successfully in a world of modern technologies.

However, modern technologies won’t replace the human factor, but they can help streamline business operations. The Robot-Proof Recruiter guides recruiters to gain the trust of any candidate and attract them.

Recruiting 101 By Steven Mostyn

Recruiting 101 is for recruiters who want to improve their recruiting skills. Mostyn has mentioned the top 15 skills that every recruiter must know to become a better recruiter in this book.

The primary aim of this book is to boost recruiters’ confidence and keep a positive attitude whether the situation is in your favor or not.

Inclusive Leadership By Charlotte Sweeney And Fleur Bothwick

If you want your team to be more engaged and productive at their work, then Inclusive Leadership is right for you.

It teaches recruiters how to reach across the organization to take a collaborative approach and ensure the recruiting efforts aren’t wasted. This book can help recruiters who want to be successful at their D&I programs.

Hiring For Attitude By Mack Murphy

Hiring for Attitude is one of the most influential books for hiring and recruitment. This book states that hard skills are not the only sign of a candidate’s potential, but rather that attitude, future goals, and cultural fits are strong determinants of long-term success.

This book aims to hire recruiters to find the right talent for their organization and enhance employee retention rates.

The Effective Hiring Manager By Mark Horstman

If you have just stepped into the recruiting field, then this book is worth reading.

It includes all the information about evaluating resumes, scheduling interviews, and making offers or declining candidates. The Effective Hiring Manager is a valuable source for new recruiters and managers unaware of the new HR practices.

Summing Up

A great recruiter knows the importance of reading books that offer new recruitment techniques that save time in the long run.

Apart from the above-mentioned books for recruiters, there are plenty of books on talent acquisition out there that will help you make a better recruiter.

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