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About the test

The REACT test evaluates candidates based on skills: React consisting of 36 MCQ questions with a duration of 30 min. This test is of a moderate difficulty level and is taken by candidates with 2-4 years of experience.

30 min
Difficulty level:

Skills tested

36 MCQ
Questions covered
The REACT test comes with 36 questions tagged with React, ReactJS Hooks, ReactJS Axios, ReactJS Component, ReactJS CI/CD, ReactJS DOM, Miscellaneous, ReactJS Optimization, ReactJS Fields, ReactJS Libraries, ReactJS API, ReactJS Auth
Choose the correct library
Which ReactJS component is best suited for the task given below:
Find out the cause of the following issue:
Which hook must Tanu first explore to make the application functionality enabled?
Select the best ReactJS component for the given scenario:
Which ReactJS concept would be best suited for the task stated below:
Which ReactJS library would you use to achieve the given task?

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Rahul Vaidya
Software Developer
Communication or Articulation
Approach to the Solution
Code Structure
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Ankit Gupta
Software Developer
Communication or Articulation
Approach to the Solution
Code Structure
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Shiresh Naik
Software Developer
Communication or Articulation
Approach to the Solution
Code Structure
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The React Developer test is designed to assess candidates for the following key skills and attributes

  • Proficiency in React for building responsive and user-friendly web applications
  • Experience with state management in React applications
  • Knowledge of modern JavaScript (ES6+)
  • Understanding of component-based architecture
  • Ability to work with RESTful APIs and integrate them into React applications
  • Experience with popular state management libraries (e.g., Redux)
  • Capability to write clean and maintainable code
  • Skills in debugging and performance optimization in React applications
Helpful in hiring
React Developer
Frontend Engineer
UI/UX Developer
JavaScript Engineer
Single Page Application (SPA) Developer
React.js Specialist
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Intervue offers best way to shortlist React Developer

Test catered for on-the-job skills

The React Developer Test helps recruiters and hiring managers identify qualified candidates from a pool of resumes, and helps in taking objective hiring decisions.

Advanced proctoring

Detect cheating, track movements, analyze audio/speech patterns, and provide real-time, secure, efficient, and accurate proctoring to ensure reliable results.

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Send candidates an email invite to the React Developer Test from your dashboard by entering their email address. Create a public link for each test that you can share with candidates.

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Intervue helped us save a lot of recruiting bandwidth with their product. Their product helped us build reliance over how they could actually emulate our internal hiring process so seamlessly.
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What topics are covered in this test?

ReactJS Hooks
ReactJS Axios
ReactJS Component
ReactJS Optimization
ReactJS Fields
ReactJS Libraries
ReactJS Auth


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What is technical assessment
A technical test is a formal evaluation used to assess and measure candidates' abilities, skills, knowledge, attitudes, and potential for a job or academic position.
What is technical assessment recruitment
Technical tests are used to assess and measure candidates' domain-specific skills and capabilities, offering a comprehensive view of their functional abilities. These evaluations are valuable in recruitment to identify the most suitable candidates for an organization and to ensure the effectiveness of development programs.
What is the use of technical test
Technical tests are employed in recruitment, campus hiring, and workforce development.
How does technical assessments in Intervue work?
Technical assessments can take various forms, including online tests, coding exercises, whiteboard interviews, and take-home assignments. These assessments are used to evaluate candidates' technical abilities, problem-solving skills, and communication skills, especially for roles in engineering, science, or software.
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On Interview, you get a coding environment, high quality video calling, whiteboarding, question bank, live Ai supported feedback & notes all on a single unified interface that makes conducting tech interviews a breeze.
Are technical assessment tests hard to attempt?
These tests demand a basic theoretical knowledge of potential hires with medium difficulty level.
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Intervue thrives with multiple team members. You can collaborate on interviews, assignments, question banks and outcomes with your team mates. Give it a try.
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