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Five categories of vetted interviewers
Request an interview with any of the following category of interviewers:
  • Hyper-growth product-based companies
  • Startups
  • Product enterprises
  • IT Services
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Interviewer vetting process

  • New interviewers choose technical parameters
  • An expert on our platform takes their technical interview basis those parameters
  • New interviewers also undergo a shadow interview round to test for interviewing skills
  • Only if they receive a rating of 4/5 in both rounds, they are onboarded as new interviewers
Interviewer vetting process

Interview calibration

  • Each round has a difficult level - Easy, Medium, or Hard
  • Calibration is done using a combination of the difficulty level of the round and the category of the interviewer chosen
Interview calibration

Interviewer community guidelines

Interviewers need to abide by certain protocols and guidelines to maintain interview standards:
  • Interviewers must maintain a rating of 3.5+ in order to be assigned interviews
  • To reschedule an interview, the interviewer needs to inform us at least 2 hours prior to the interview.
  • Reports must be submitted within one hour after an interview has ended.
  • Interview feedback should be clear and concise.
  • The difficulty level of the interview must be followed at all times.
Interviewer community guidelines

The pairing algorithm

Following things go into the pairing algorithm:
  • Experience range of the interviewers
  • Technical skill-set
  • Over-all interviewer rating
  • Technical parameters are chosen by the recruiter while requesting the interview
  • Availability of the interviewer
  • Category type of the interviewer
The pairing algorithm

Security is our top priority

Intervue serves startups to fortune 500 companies with enterprise grade security baked in by design
After interviewing candidates on Intervue, we were able to convert at least 5% of people from our application base to hires.
Niket Gupta
Group head of talent acquisition, Yubi
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Here are frequently asked questions to clear all your doubts.
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How do I schedule an interview?
Go to intervue.io/homepage and select the profile and rounds you want to schedule the interview for. Add candidate and company details and click 'Schedule Interview.'
Will I be charged per interview?
For on-demand interviews, you will get paid credits to use per month.
Can I get a trial for On-demand interviews?
Yes! Enjoy 2 free credits (1 credt = 1 interview) or you can reach out to us.
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