What Is a One-way Interview And Why Should You Use It?

What Is a One-way Interview And Why Should You Use It?

RahulApril 30th, 20214 min read

These days, technology plays a dominant role in almost all sectors. The list also includes the process to recruit professionals for technology firms.  One way interview is the new way of hiring employees in such organizations. It is different from the traditional method of hiring as it involves a wider scope of technology.

Much like other recruiting managers, you might also want to know about it in detail. Read on to get an insight into it.

What is a one-way interview?

A one-way or asynchronous interview is a modern way of interviewing with the help of technology. It benefits both recruiters and firms in many ways. The rationale behind using it is to expedite the process of recruitment for a firm. Employers utilize it to meet their recruitment targets within a shorter notice.

A one-way interview creates a win-win situation for hiring managers as well as potential employees. For the former, it acts as a proven approach to boost efficiency in the hiring process. On the other hand, candidates get to interact freely and conveniently with a touch of flexibility. This explains why candidates feel at ease while attending a one-way interview.

How does one-way interview work for a recruiter?

Alone-way interview allows recruiters to have a flexible schedule. It is also useful for those candidates who remain on the go. They can choose the timing of their choice and record their answers to a list of questions. They can use audio, video, or text for this purpose.

A one-way interview is also compatible with numerous devices, meaning that candidates can record their answers using a PC, a mobile device, or a smartphone. As such, it is an obvious option for job seekers who look for better opportunities even if they have a job in hand. It allows them to attend an interview without the need to physically move to a specific venue at a specific time.

In a one-way interview, employers invite several candidates at once. They may either use an email or a text message to accomplish this task. After recording their answers, candidates submit them for a review.

The interview method of one-way interview is well organized. After submission, the recorded answers of candidates enter into recruiters’ email inboxes. Thereafter, hiring managers evaluate the performance of candidates depending on the correctness of the latter’s answers. This way, the hiring team decides on employing candidates.

Why you should use one way interview to recruit employees?

No doubt, many recruiters voice reservations for hiring candidates through a one-way interview. However, as a hiring process, it also has several undeniable benefits. Most hiring managers incorporate it in their scheme of things to reap its benefits.

Here are some cogent reasons that highlight why it makes sense to use one-way interviews for the recruitment of firms.

Saves time

Imagine how long it might take for you to conduct multiple interviews with many candidates. On average, it can take several weeks for you to hire employees by adopting this approach. On the other hand, a one-way interview enables you to save time by sending questions to multiple candidates at once. You can do it either through emails or texts.

After sending the questions, you need to just wait for the arrival of the videos with recorded answers in your inbox. Spending a few hours watching the videos to assess the answers of candidates is less time-consuming than the traditional method. Thus, it saves your precious time, which you can use for other purposes.

Assists in expanding the list of candidates

Due to scheduling conflicts, candidates miss out on grabbing job opportunities that come along. Likewise, hiring managers also miss out on hiring talented employees. One-way interviews help recruiters expand the list of eligible candidates.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things, including the process of hiring. Gone are the days when face-to-face interviews used to be the way forward for recruiters to hire candidates. Fortunately, the one-way interview allows recruiters to hire candidates from distant places by bypassing geographical challenges as it involves the use of the Internet.

Encourages effective screening of candidates

For recruiters, screening candidates is of paramount importance. It helps them narrow down the list of candidates by filtering them based on their eligibility. The traditional method, i.e., face-to-face interview, can be frustrating as it needs a recruiter to interact with a candidate in person.

With one-way interviews, recruiters can better evaluate the interaction of candidates based on real-time scenarios. Whether they want to check the fluency of candidates in a language or their response to a real-time scenario, a camera is more reliable than a questionnaire.

Steadies the nerves of potential hires

Contrary to the general perception, a candidate who gets nervous in a face-to-face interview may do well on camera. Due to nervousness, many talented or capable candidates fail to make the first impression.

A recorded video allows recruiters to gauge the confidence of a candidate. Unlike what happens in a conventional job interview, a recruiter does not sit in front of a candidate on a one-way interview. This can help a candidate steady their nerves and put their best foot forward.

Collaborative approach to team building

The traditional method restricts the role of the other members of a hiring team by putting the onus on the interviewer. The latter provides feedback on which the other members act.

One way interviews give a better view to all the members of a hiring team. As the whole video is recorded, the entire hiring panel can see it. Thereafter, they can make an informed decision about the selection of candidates.

Final Thought

As a modern method of hiring, one-way hiring brings several undeniable benefits to the table for recruiters. Because it is an online interview with a flexible approach, it removes time and travel constraints. While an in-person interview has its value, most recruiters are switching over to one way interview as they find it more effective and reliable in the pandemic phase.

If you haven’t adopted this modern method for hiring candidates yet, look for ways to include it in your scheme of things for better outcomes.

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