Top 5 Talent Mapping Tools To Fill Skill Gaps in 2023

Top 5 Talent Mapping Tools To Fill Skill Gaps in 2023

Sugandha SrivastavaNovember 20th, 20237 min read

Talent mapping is undeniably crucial for achieving success at both the individual and organizational levels. However, it is a time-consuming process that involves extensive data analysis and manipulation. Human Resource managers must identify talent needs, survey the entire workforce to assess existing skills and competencies, and align them with future critical skill requirements.

This is where talent mapping tools prove invaluable. In recent years, the integration of A.I. and data technology has significantly streamlined the talent mapping process, easing the burden on recruiters. These tools empower HR leaders to make informed, data-driven decisions by facilitating skill benchmarking, mapping skill taxonomies, and more.

Despite the diverse market landscape, only a few tools stand out in accurately identifying skills gaps within an organization. These tools play a pivotal role in helping HR professionals develop targeted learning programs to address critical skill requirements effectively.

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Intervue comprehensive assessment tool offers a versatile approach to candidate evaluation, allowing top-of-the-funnel filtering across batches through multiple-choice questions, coding assessments, and subjective projects.

With the ability to incorporate various question types, including auto-scored multiple-choice and non-auto-scored subjective questions, and a library of over 10,000 questions, the tool ensures flexibility and customization in testing. To maintain question bank integrity, continuous updates involve adding new questions, replacing existing ones, and removing leaked questions.

Plagiarism prevention features, such as tab-switching inhibition and live candidate recording, enhance the tool's security. Full-screen tests, coupled with detailed candidate reports featuring identity verification photos and score playback, contribute to a secure and comprehensive evaluation process. The tool's advanced analytics, including batch-wide CSV reports and deep candidate analysis across multiple batches, empower recruiters with valuable insights for data-driven decision-making in talent acquisition.

The Predictive Index

The Predictive Index (P.I.) stands out as a robust talent mapping tool, leveraging a unique blend of psychometrics and technology to diagnose employee experiences and recommend specific actions for improvement. Notably, the tool offers assessments in over 70 languages, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive approach to talent evaluation.

A key advantage lies in the speed of its behavioral assessments, taking just six minutes to provide insightful analyses of a learner's behavior. However, it's worth noting that the Predictive Index is positioned among the higher-priced workforce development assessment tools, limiting its accessibility primarily to enterprises with substantial budgets.

Additionally, users have reported challenges with the software's complex and unintuitive user interface, particularly in navigating features like accessing assessments.

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SmartRecruiters, offers a user-friendly experience with both strengths and limitations. The platform provides recruiters with the ability to efficiently review candidates, assign grades or ratings, transfer assessments to other reviewers, or return evaluations to HR teams.

Notably, it aids in capturing data from passive candidates, creating a ready pool for future job requisitions, and streamlines the interview scheduling process, enabling the processing of thousands of candidates simultaneously. The absence of a self-scheduling feature for interviews is a limitation, and SmartRecruiters does not automatically contact candidates post-application. Integration with other platforms is also cited as a challenge.


SeekOut, though lacking a free trial, presents advantages in talent mapping. It uniquely allows recruiters to target passive applicants beyond traditional platforms like LinkedIn. Basic keyword searches suffice for candidate discovery, eliminating the need for intricate search techniques.

Noteworthy is its capability to internally search for tech positions within GitHub. Recruiters benefit from the direct upload of job descriptions to SeekOut's AI Matching tool, streamlining the identification of relevant candidates. However, challenges include the need for a new signature for each messaging campaign and a reportedly suboptimal search engine lacking name suggestions, making spelling errors problematic.

Additionally, the software lacks the convenience of directly adding candidates to a campaign from the search page, requiring a separate tab in the project for this task.


Greenhouse emerges as a comprehensive and user-friendly talent mapping software, serving as a centralized solution for various stages of the hiring process. This "one-stop shop" facilitates seamless posting of positions, applicant evaluation, interview coordination, offer management, and candidate sourcing.

A notable strength lies in its customization capabilities, allowing organizations to tailor the platform to meet unique hiring requirements and develop specific plans for each role. Greenhouse integrates smoothly with different platforms such as GSuite and Goodtime, enhancing its usability.

However, limitations include somewhat restricted customization options and the absence of features like note-saving, communication tracking, and multi-department collaboration. Users have reported that the resume matching functionality is not as precise.

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Summing It Up

Intervue emerges as a standout in the realm of talent mapping, offering a comprehensive and versatile approach to candidate evaluation. With its capability to filter candidates across batches through various question types and a vast question library, it ensures flexibility and customization in testing.

The tool's robust plagiarism prevention features, including tab-switching inhibition and live candidate recording, enhance the security of the evaluation process. The incorporation of advanced analytics, such as batch-wide CSV reports and deep candidate analysis, empowers recruiters with valuable insights for data-driven decision-making in talent acquisition.

Intervue's commitment to maintaining question bank integrity through continuous updates underscores its dedication to providing a secure and up-to-date assessment platform. While other tools have their merits, Intervue's feature-rich design and emphasis on security position it as a noteworthy choice for organizations seeking an advanced and reliable talent mapping solution.

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