Tips For Conducting Virtual Interview

Tips For Conducting Virtual Interview

RahulDecember 18th, 20214 min read

Virtual interviews have become the new norm. It is necessary for hiring managers to stay prepared from the beginning. Hiring managers who have only conducted face-to-face interviews will have a tough time conducting virtual interviews. However, knowing the tips for conducting virtual interviewing will assist you in the long run.

No matter how beneficial virtual interviews sound, they have their drawbacks and advantages. Therefore, hiring managers will need to prepare for it. It is one of the best alternatives for in-person interviews to get the best candidate. Some of the common benefits of conducting virtual interviews include reducing bias, increasing efficiency, and better hiring outcomes.

What Is A Virtual Interview?

With the help of virtual interviews, recruiters and hiring managers get to interview via video call. In the case of a virtual interview, there is no necessity to meet the candidate. The introduction of video conferencing platforms has made it easy for businesses to conduct online interviews.

A virtual interview may be a live interview or a pre-recorded one. It can pave the way for chatbots and instant messaging. In 2020, a significant number of companies will conduct online interviews to recruit individuals.

Tips For Conducting Virtual Interviewing

The concept of conducting virtual interviews is unusual for many businesses. If you are new to the domain, you may have a tough time scheduling your interview. Nonetheless, if you want to maximize your success, this can be one of the best options to try.

If you're confused, make sure to follow the tips for conducting virtual interviewing:

Send An Invitation

Hiring managers should make it a point to save the date and send invitations to the candidate. Not only will it provide you time to prepare but also the candidate. Once you schedule the date, you can mutually decide what would be the perfect time and date.

Many businesses consider opting for pre-recorded interviews. However, in that case, hiring managers should inform the candidate. It is necessary to obtain a written consent determining the comfort of the individual. Only if they agree to the recording can you proceed with it.

Know Which Technology Will Be Helpful

If you have never used video conferencing tools, it is time that you start using it. There are several video conferencing tools like Skype, WebEx, Google Hangouts, and Zoom.

If you want to improve candidate experience, it is necessary to avoid the risk of technical hiccups. If you have conducted in-person interviews, technical or online interviews can be slightly challenging.

At the same time, it is necessary to check the strength of your signal. If the camera and microphone aren't working properly, it can be a problem. Therefore, it is necessary to learn the basics of the video conferencing technology that you will be using.

Be Clear About Your Instructions

As a recruiting manager, it is necessary to be clear about the hiring process. Once you understand how to use a particular platform, you should be clear about the candidate.

If the candidate needs to download the app, make sure to specify it. Also, be clear about the date and time. If there are any technical issues, it is advisable to be clear about the same. This will play an essential role in resolving the issues.

You can also help the candidates set up a virtual background. It is advisable to be clear about the team's expectations of the candidates. When the candidates know what to expect, they will be able to prepare for the interview accordingly.

Choose The Background Carefully

Choosing the right background is essential not only for candidates but recruiting managers. Since you're appearing for a professional interview, it is necessary to maintain professionalism.

Whether you're interviewing from the office or home, you can always opt for a virtual background. You should choose a room that is well-lit and quiet. This will play an essential role in preventing any hindrance to the interview.

Nonetheless, it is necessary to maintain the amount of light. Too much or too little can be a hindrance. There should be enough light so that the recruiting manager and candidate can conduct the interview peacefully.

Prepare The Questions Accurately

Hiring managers should prepare for the interview as they expect the candidates to prepare. The first thing to do in a virtual interview is to reduce the risk of technical difficulties as much as possible.

If you're conducting online interviews, it is necessary to know what kind of questions you will ask. Before beginning the interview, you need to know what you want from your customer.

You should prepare for certain things, including knowing the candidate's resume, job description, and documents. The interviewee should prepare for the interview thoroughly to prevent any problems. If you are hiring a candidate for a remote position, you need to prepare questions accordingly.

Maintain Professionalism

This is going to be a professional interview. Hence, interviewers should prepare accordingly. Nonetheless, it is also necessary to drop subtle hints related to the personal touch. It is necessary to avoid being on call or any messaging platform while you're conducting the interview.

Every time the candidate says something, make sure to note it. This will help you understand the candidate and also help you determine their behavior. You need to prepare a list of what is helpful and what is not. When you're conducting a virtual interview, it is necessary to maintain the same settings.

However, recruiters should understand that the individual is giving an interview from a remote location. So, there shouldn't be any penalization for regular things. Maintaining professionalism is important, but also remember that the interviewees are humans and have a life too.

Rate The Interview

As the interview continues, make sure to rate it constantly. This will help you get an idea about it extensively. Also, you must rate every interviewee carefully. Do they meet the desired qualification? Do they have the necessary characteristics?

Final Thoughts

Whenever conducting online interviews, it is necessary to be familiar with the basics. This will play an essential role in the interview. Online interviews can be tricky. However, if you know the tips for conducting virtual interviewing, it becomes simple.

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