How To Write an Email to Schedule an Interview?

How To Write an Email to Schedule an Interview?

RahulSeptember 29th, 20214 min read

Writing an email to confirm a scheduled interview is crucial in the recruitment process. It is a confirmation email that specifies that you have shortlisted the candidate for the interview.

Most recruiters lack the skills to craft an effective interview schedule format, and they copy from other websites. However, investing time and effort in writing an effective email can boost candidate engagement and benefit your brand and business.

Depending on when the candidate applied for the job, sending an email is your first interaction with the candidates, and it’s crucial to make a positive first impression and provide the candidate with the relevant information. An effective interview schedule email can positively impact the candidate’s decision, and they’ll choose your company over your competitors.

Why You Must Include In An Email To Confirm The Scheduled Interview?

After the pandemic, remote hiring and video interviewing became the new norm in the corporate world. With such changes in the recruitment process, your email to confirm the scheduled interview should be more than writing the date and the time.

Apart from the date and time of a scheduled interview, you must include the following:

  • Log in details of the video interviewing tool
  • A calendar link
  • Interview start and end time
  • A brief outline of the discussion
  • Details of the interviewer
  • Dress code
  • If you want a candidate to deliver a presentation, details on the software
  • A backup plan if there are any technical issues during the interview

A well-crafted interview schedule format can improve your business’s perception among candidates and encourage them to attend an interview.

7 Steps To Write An Email To Confirm Scheduled Interview

Personalize Your Interview Schedule Format

Personalizing your email means using the candidate’s name in the first line. For example, ‘Hi John,’ or ‘Dear John.’ It’s not necessary to use the full name because emails are less formal than letters.

Thank Your Candidates

Candidates appreciate when their employers value them. So, it’s always imperative to thank them, and it is a great way to start the email. It also enhances the candidate experience and positively perceives your company in the candidate’s mind. For example, “Hi John, we have received your application, and we acknowledge your time and efforts to apply to our organization.”

Schedule The Interview

When writing an email to confirm a scheduled interview, you must always use the active voice to tell that you have shortlisted them for an interview.

Give All The Relevant Details

You should include everything in an email so that there is less confusion among the candidates. Being clear and transparent is the key to attract and hire the right talent and improve candidate experience. Time, date, and overall interview rounds are critical pieces of information that you must not miss out on.

Tell Them Who Will Take The Interview

This step is the continuation of the above step in which you must tell the candidate who will be interviewing them. It will help them to do research and check the social media profiles of the interviewer.

Be Professional At The End

An email is sent to those whom you’ve never met before or to a person in a position of authority. So, you must be polite while closing the email. You must use the words like Sincerely, Your faithfully, Respectfully, Kind regards, Best wishes, etc.

The ending of an email to confirm the scheduled interview consist of three parts:

  • Sign-off – using words or phrases like regards, best wishes, etc.
  • Your Name – Your full name with your job role in your organization.
  • Signature – It includes your title, company name, and other details, such as phone number, website, and office address.

Proofread Your Interview Schedule Format And Email

So, finally, you have written an email to confirm the scheduled interview. But before you send it to the potential candidates, make sure to double-check your email in case of any grammar or spelling mistakes. You may sound unprofessional when you make such mistakes in your email.

3 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Writing An Email To Confirm Scheduled Interview

Are you ready to craft your interview scheduled email? But before that, you must know what mistakes you should avoid.

Ineffective Subject Line

You have 3-4 seconds to grab the candidate’s attention through your subject lines; otherwise, they’ll ignore your email. An email with a subject line full of ambiguity will confuse candidates, and they will be unable to gather the right information about the interview.

Your Tone Matters

Your tone represents your corporate culture, and it should be friendly, polite, and professional. When sending emails to potential candidates, always remember to personalize your emails using active voice and the candidate’s name.

Providing Irrelevant Information

Sending an email with irrelevant information can confuse candidates, and they will get unsure whether they are receiving the email from the right employer. You must be clear about the interview details and provide as much information as possible, such as time, date, location, interviewer details, etc.

Interview Schedule Format And Email Template

Here’s an example of an effective interview schedule format include all the relevant interview details:

Hi John,

Thanks for applying to XYZ Company.

We reviewed your qualifications for the [Position Name], and we wish to extend an invitation for an in-person interview at our [Your office location].

You will be meeting with [Interviewer Name}, [Interviewer Position], as well as two members of the team. The interview should last approximately one hour, and we’ll be using the time to discuss further your background, details about the position, and information about our company.

Let me know what interview time works best for you at the following link: [link to candidate self-scheduling]

XYZ Company is located at [Describe your office location]. Be sure to bring your ID to obtain a visitor’s pass from security. Upon your arrival, check in with Racheal Smith, our receptionist, at the front desk. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,

Your Name

Recruiter, XYZ Company

Your Signature

Email Template Source: Yello

Summing Up

Sending an email to confirm the scheduled interview on time plays a crucial role in improving the candidate’s experience. Make sure to write an attractive subject line and include all the relevant details about the interview.

The above-mentioned steps and interview schedule format will help you craft an effective email that will help you improve candidates' experience and create a positive employer brand.

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