How to Solve Issues With Technical Recruitment?

How to Solve Issues With Technical Recruitment?

RahulJune 19th, 20214 min read

Finding the right technical team for the organization is never easy, and especially for non-tech recruiters. Also, after the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a drastic change in the corporate world, and today, more and more companies are embracing remote hiring. It becomes difficult for recruiters to adapt to such modern trends.

Even with the increase of digital recruiting tools, technical hiring is still hard in the 21st century.

According to SHRM, more than 62% of recruiters say that technical recruitment is difficult today than it was years ago. As some modern trends are evolving every day, recruiters have to find a way to adapt to such changes and overcome their challenges.

In this article, we will discuss some of the challenges that recruiters face today in the technical hiring process and how to overcome them.

Technical Recruitment Challenges And How To Overcome It

As the ubiquity of remote hiring and working has increased exponentially - and now it's here, and it is here to stay. Let's discuss some of the challenges you might face in your technical hiring process and how you can overcome it.

Revamp The Hiring Process

More than 90% of organizations are still using the old-school recruiting process they've used for years. We are living in 2021 - the strategies that worked years ago won't work today. Using old-school practices will make it difficult for you to hire the right talent for your organization.

The Solution
We are living in a world full of technologies. And the COVID-19 pandemic has truly been a game-changer in the corporate world. As remote hiring is the new norm in the corporate world, you need to completely revamp your recruiting process by embracing video interviewing, using coding assessment tools, screening assessment, etc.

Making such changes in your existing hiring process will help you catch the best talent for your organization and improve your employer brand.

Your Recruiting Team Is Over-Capacity

Every recruiter in a team has some day-to-day responsibilities that go beyond finding the right developer for your organization. It means that they don't have enough resources left for strategic hiring - especially in a business with a small recruiting team. In such cases, filling one position can be stressful. Similarly, a sudden spike in a job opening in your organization can be even more stressful for your team.

The Solution
The best way to overcome this problem is to outsource your technical recruitment process to a reputable recruiting agency. This is the best approach to lessen the burden on your team members. In outsourcing, you will have access to a large team of recruiters without having to pay all of their benefits and salaries yourself. Plus, a recruiting agency you choose will have the ability to fill multiple positions simultaneously.

Standing Out From Your Competitors To Attract The Best Talent

With the introduction of new technologies, the demand for software developers and engineers is booming. Due to this, most organizations find themselves having to compete for the top candidates to fulfill their desired needs. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem.

The Solution
The best approach to overcome this issue is to focus on building your employer brand. A great employer brand is a key to winning the battle for the top candidates.

Additionally, to streamline the hiring process, you can ask for referrals from your existing employees. It also tells your employees that you appreciate their opinion, which builds community and is a great motivator for hard work.

Finding Candidates With The Right Skills

Often recruiters with non-tech backgrounds struggle to determine whether the candidate is the right fit for the organization or not. Either candidate has less experience or experience in some other field. So, how to find the candidate who best caters to the company's needs?

The Solution
To find the right candidate, you can conduct a coding assessment test, a must in technical recruitment. Coding tests are the best to assess a candidate's technical skills and how much time is taken to solve a particular set of questions. It uses an auto-grading system through which you can easily determine whether to move forward with the candidate or not.

Also, you can involve more people during your interview process. For example, you can involve senior developers or the CTO of the company with good technical knowledge.

Creating A Consistent Candidate Experience

A candidate's experience plays a crucial role in deciding whether the candidate will accept your job offer or move on to other opportunities. A great candidate experience is difficult to achieve and may result in candidate drop-off. So, how to enhance the candidate experience?

The Solution
You can overcome this problem by developing a standardized interview and evaluation process that offers the same experience to every candidate. It is crucial to train all the team members on best interview best practices and ensure every candidate is evaluated across the same criteria. You can leverage several recruiting software to speed up feedback from candidates.

A positive candidate experience ensures each candidate walks away from your organization after an interview as a brand ambassador.

Lack Of Local Talent

More than 20% of recruiters say they struggle to find the best fit in their local area. While this is partially attributed to a shortage of talent - period - employers may simply need to set their expectations and be more helpful.

The Solution
The solution is simple - be flexible. If it's challenging to find the talent in your localized area, opt for remote hiring, work-from-home, or even relocation support. But if this is also not an option, improve your search to generate relevant results using an online resume search tool.

Summing Up

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the game of hiring and recruiting has been revolutionized. With such modern trends in the corporate world, non-tech recruiters often struggle to adapt to these new changes. However, the challenges and the solutions mentioned above will help you hire the right talent for your organization and streamline your recruiting process.

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