How To Encourage Candidates To Take Pre-Employment Assessments?

How To Encourage Candidates To Take Pre-Employment Assessments?

RahulAugust 3rd, 20214 min read

A pre-employment assessment is a part of the screening process, which helps recruiters to get a deep insight into candidate skills and easily assess whether the candidate is the right fit or not. Hiring based on a wordy resume is a bad practice, and it can affect the business's overall productivity and cost a lot.

But most candidates often hesitate to go through these pre-employment assessments as there is a myth that – these tests are time-consuming, and very few candidates pass this test. Well, this is definitely not true. It uses an auto-grading system based on which candidates proceed to the next hiring steps.

So, how to improve candidate engagement in pre-employment assessments?

If you’re the one struggling to encourage candidate engagement in pre-employment tests, then keep on reading this article. Here we will discuss some of the best strategies to improve candidate engagement for pre-employment tests.

Why Is Candidate Engagement Important?

Candidate engagement is all about interacting with candidates via phone call, email, messaging, face-to-face meetings, etc. It plays a crucial role in inbound recruiting methodology. This methodology improves candidate engagement through relevant substance to candidates.

Candidate engagement is about making a connection with job seekers. The more you interact with them, the more they put interest into the job they want.

Here are some of the valuable points of candidate engagement for recruiters:

  • It enhances the interest in candidates
  • Candidate engagement helps to develop a positive employer brand and enhances brand reputation
  • Candidate engagement lessens the issue of applicants stepping out of the recruiting process
  • It enables new hires to be happier when they start work
7 Proven Strategies To Boost Candidate Engagement

To boost candidate engagement, you should be consistent across channels and address the desires and interests of prospective candidates. Consider the following strategies:

Develop A Positive Employer Brand

First of all, you need to develop a positive employer brand on all the reviews and recruiting sites by providing immense candidate experience. When candidates have great experience in your company, they’ll talk about it with their friends, colleagues, and relatives. They might even post a positive review on several recruiting websites.

Additionally, enhancing the brand reputation is also essential as job seekers will consider the company’s public image and reputation before applying for a job.

Discuss The Benefits Plan And Compensation Package

Candidates are impatient, and they apply to multiple organizations when they’re looking for a job. So obviously, they’ll prefer the company which offers them the best benefits, perks, and most importantly, the package.

To attract the top talent and make candidates choose your company over your competitors, you need to be transparent about the requirements and benefits you offer. You can do this by writing a compelling job description, wherein you must clearly mention the job requirements, package, perks, and benefits a candidate can get while working in your company.

Tell Them Why Your Company Is The Best Place To Work

Making your company the best place to work is a challenging task. To build and maintain good company culture, you need leaders committed to devoting their time and efforts. Thus, it requires considering a long-term scenario, maintaining a frequent, authentic, and deep communication style.

An office tour is one of the best ways to give candidates a realistic idea about the environment and work culture. As a recruiter, you must know about how you can improve your work culture and environment so that it becomes easy to encourage the candidates to take a pre-employment assessment.

Make Your Company’s Website User-Friendly

A website is the first thing that a candidate will engage with before/after applying for a job. Your site must have fast-loading pages, and it must highlight the careers section that showcases employees and a list of the new job vacancies.

You can also share employee testimonials on your website to show potential hires how the current employees feel about the organization. Also, post messages from company leaders on your blog and images showcasing work-related events. These practices create a great image of the company, which will help you boost candidate engagement.

Optimize Your Social Media Profiles/Professional Profiles

Along with optimizing your website, your social media profiles must also be optimized as candidates use these to get to know about your organization, culture, and reputation.

Be sure you know the information published on social media and encourage managers to update information posted online.

You can post photos and videos of events that you celebrated in your organization to give a glimpse of the company culture. Also, post some valuable information that will help candidates to succeed in their particular profession.

Outsource Your Recruitment

High staff turnover can affect the business’ productivity, lower staff engagement, and impacts customer services. Working with a third-party company will place more emphasis on the recruitment process, including connecting your Employer Value Proposition (EVP), and is likely to result in an enriched quality of candidates who are the right fit to a particular job role and your work culture.

If you’re a startup, then outsourcing your recruitment will be your best decision as you have less experience in encouraging candidates to take a pre-employment assessment and join your company. You may be unable to deliver that experience which a third-party company can do. The outcome of outsourcing can result in the reduction of staff turnover.

Use Two-Way Video Interviewing Technology

Using a two-way video interviewing tool can help you form a more authoritative relationship with potential candidates. Remote hiring and video interviewing is the new norm in the corporate world, and video interviewing can help you reduce scheduling burdens placed on both you and the candidates.

Using coding interview tools like Intervue can help you attract the top talent for your organization. It will give you a deep insight into a candidate’s technical skills (in the case of technical recruitment). It also helps you connect with your candidates in more significant ways.

Summing Up

Encouraging candidates in the recruitment process can be challenging for recruiters. Still, it is the key to attract top talent. A more engaging hiring process can help you stand out from your competitors and enhance the brand reputation.

With the above-mentioned strategies, you can excel in your recruitment game to boost candidate engagement to take pre-employment assessments.

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