How To Assess Software Developer Skills?

How To Assess Software Developer Skills?

RahulApril 28th, 20214 min read

Hiring the right software developer for a company can be challenging and overwhelming at the same time. Many recruiters and HR managers often find it difficult to onboard the right employee, which can greatly impact the organization.

Do you also struggle to hire the right employee? Are you unaware of how to begin a developer skill assessment test? If so, we have got you covered! In this article, we will discuss all the best possible methods to onboard the right software developer for the company.

How Can You Choose The Right Software Developer?

Skills may vary from one developer to the other. According to Wiley Online Library, top performers are 400% more productive than average employees. These workers could be subject to 80% of the work your team gets done. But how will you choose the right candidate?

When it comes to hiring developers, you will observe that

  • They aren’t significantly good at selling themselves; hence, you could end up missing out on great applicants because they fail to stand out on paper
  • As self-reported skills are unpredictable, you can’t pin your hopes on a good resume. It might disappoint you if the candidate doesn’t quite live up to your expectations.

So, what should be done then? Well, you must look out for certain skill sets.

Yes, when hiring the right developer, you need to focus on two pre-employment assessment skills: technical skills and soft skills. The right employee constitutes both of them. So, without further adieu, let’s delve into what skills your developer must qualify for.

Technical Skills

Technical skills refer to a candidate’s knowledge about the tools and technologies and how he/she can leverage them to the fullest while developing the product. This includes -

Programming Language and Software Framework

Proficiency in a software framework is crucial as a framework promotes the quality, authenticity, and robustness of the application.

Hire a developer who is an expert in at least one language. If your company works on C#, C++, Java, Python, and other languages, you must find developers who have prior experience working in these languages and have problem-solving skills.

Algorithms and Data Structures

An algorithm is a set of directions to perform a calculation or solve a set of problems. Data structures are a set of data values. An experienced developer can efficiently organize data and use algorithms to solve a problem.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

The right developer must have experience in working on IDEs to write, compile, run and debug their code. An IDE will also boost their development tasks.


Developers with skills in database management systems (DBMS) like MySQL and more signify their ability to conduct proper backup, maintain security, and handle the entire database.

Source Control

Version control tools like Apache Subversion and GIT enable one to manage, store and secure their code effectively.


A developer must possess problem-solving skills such as fixing errors and bugs in the code. Hire a developer who doesn’t only know how to create software products, but also knows how to look for solutions.

Soft Skills

Besides the technical screening of a developer, you must also consider whether a candidate has some soft skills or not.


Communicating adequately with the team and easily adapting to emerging changes are what determine the right software developer. Also, the right developer is keen to learn new skills to adapt to modern technologies. Versatility can’t be overlooked in today’s workplace.


Understanding the intended users of the product allows developers to see things from their perspective. It enables them to know if the product will answer the user’s needs. So, discuss some scenarios and ask them to take decisions. It will help you determine the way they think and act.

Team Player

Every employee must be a team player. It’s important for your developer to connect and collaborate with other team members and contribute equally to the success and growth of the company.


Communication skills play a crucial part in any organizational role. As a recruiter, you must hire a software developer who can easily communicate with his team and clients so that there is no miscommunication later.

How Will You Assess The Software Developers’ Skills?

Now that you have got a glimpse of what skills to look for in a software developer, the next step is to assess if a developer has these skills. But how to assess those skills? Follow the below steps.

  • Step 1: A candidate submits their CV.
  • Step 2: You will review multiple CVs and invite the right candidate for a phone interview.
  • Step 3: You invite the candidate to perform the developer assessment test.
  • Step 4: If the candidate passes the assessment, he or she will then moves to a final remote interview.
  • Step 5: The last step is to invite the candidate for a final code pair interview.

Remember, your assessment process isn’t only about evaluating them for a role. As a recruiter, you must make the process comfortable and engaging. Here are some ideas on how to do it right.

Programmer Portfolios

To pick the right candidate for the company, look at what he or she has already worked on. A portfolio is like a first sign to understanding the candidate's skills. It consists of past projects, examples of code, blogs, open-source projects, and GitHub or StackOverflow activity.


The next step is to take interviews to assess if a candidate is a right employee for your company or not. With interviews, you also get an idea about their soft skills.

The pre-screen interview can be used to:

  • Evaluate the candidate’s communication skills
  • Understand the candidate’s job and salary expectations, etc.

Software Developer Assessment Tests

A developer skill assessment test is the best way to assess a candidate’s technical skills. You can leverage coding interview tools that enable you to take assessments and candidates to create codes in real-time. This comes as a handy tool to assess developer’s skills.

Final Word

If you end up hiring an under or over-qualified developer, you are not just risking a high employee attrition rate, but also burning important financial resources on failed recruitment. So, when it comes down to hiring developers, online code editors come to the rescue. Utilize them to the best and ensure picking the right developer for your organization.

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