7 Ways To Accelerate Tech Recruitment

7 Ways To Accelerate Tech Recruitment

RahulMay 1st, 20214 min read

What do you do when a tech-oriented job vacancy arises in your company? Gear up for a hiring process, right?

Going by a study, it may take about a month and may approximately cost you somewhere around four thousand dollars to get completed with the process. For companies that are well to do and hold a good number of experience in their kitty may not find this to be a tough nut to crack, but for newer ones, it may be quite challenging to cope with such a money drain and time dedication. Thus, it is essential to trigger an effective and efficient hiring process to close the hiring deal at a fast pace to save both money and time.

Recruitment is a labor-intensive process, but with the advent of recruitment tools and technologies spreading their roots deep, things have eased down things for the employers in terms of lowering down the upfront investment.

So, here you go! We have penned a few tips that can accelerate the tech recruitment taking place in your company.

Here are the 7 tips to build great tech teams faster

Crystal Clear Job Descriptions

Penning down a clear job description is as important as conducting the hiring process. Because if you fail to give an exact picture of what you expect out of candidates and the eligibility criteria they need to fulfill to face the interview, you will be facing a bunch of people who may lack the necessary skills.

Just think of a situation where you need technically skilled people, and your interview room gets bombarded with non-technical degree holders. The thought is enough to give you a headache, right? Thus, clear job descriptions are a mandated thing to start off with the recruitment process to get the right candidates knocking at your door.

Do not over-describe the job role that may run fear down the spines of the prospects but maintain the right kind of balance between listing the necessary skills and optimizing the recruitment process.

Use Social Media Platforms

Social media is one of the biggest platforms where you can advertise a tech role. Few recruiters may think social media recruitment to be a long process, but you need to know anything on social media spreads like fire, and so can your job advert. All you need to do is design a great job advertisement that can hit the right kind of people. So try doing that and see how many inquiries you get over the phone itself.

On the contrary, if you are a new business enterprise starting from scratch and looking for employees without dedicating much revenue to the recruitment process, hiring through social media can be a great way to start. So what are you waiting for? Use your social media links and presence and redefine your team!

Conduct Tests

Conducting tests may sound like a tedious process but trust us, it plays a vital role in accelerating your tech recruitment and enhancing online coding assessment. Why? Because half of the non-deserving candidates get filtered in the very first stage.

So, the next batch you have is a decent set of candidates who are not there to play the fool and are deserving enough for the job role. Further, conducting tests can also help you determine the personality and ability of potential job seekers. So, chalk out a test paper and get going with your first phase of selection to get competitive candidates for the interview level.

Structure Your Interviews

Calling the candidates for an interview without any pre-hand preparation is just like calling them on a blind date. The candidates may excel in such an interview, but you may fail as a recruiter. Thus, to save yourself from failing as a recruiter, always standardize the interview and interview questions well in advance. It can help you to figure out the eligible candidate for the post.

You should always outline an interview frame line and discuss it with other team members of the interview panel before simply heading ahead to conduct an interview. This will not only get the right candidates working at your office desk but will also help you accelerate the tech recruitment process.

Automate The Selection Process

With the world going digital and more and more automation technologies coming up, the recruitment process has advanced a step ahead to adopt coding interview tools and other relevant software to let the best man win the job post. This software can help in handling the recruitment process with ease and efficiency and can boost productivity simultaneously.

With some tools, you can even send emails and responses to the candidates to keep them updated about the recruitment process and hiring. These tools can add quality job seekers to wait outside your office for the interview and can speed up the process by conducting and evaluating the tests.

Keep An Eye On Your Talent Pool

For this, it is vital to build a talent pool at first. So, how do you actually create a talent pool, and what it is all about?

Talent pool can be thought of as a database of candidates with whom you can stay in touch as and when a job need arises. This talent pool may comprise of all the candidates who may have previously applied for a job position in your company, recommended candidates, or those who may have submitted their resumes as potential job seekers. Such people may be familiar with your company policies, and contacting them in case of a job vacancy can help you accelerate the recruitment process rather than starting from step number one all over again.

Consider Outsourcing A Part of the Process

At times when you are highly busy enough to conduct a recruitment process and are in search of people who are experts in their discipline, then partnering with a staffing agency for the same can aid in accelerating the recruitment procedure.

Staffing agencies excel in finding the right match for your job requirement and have access to a wide talent pool of job seekers. Thus, they can help you find the best candidate to serve your purpose by getting the applicants screened for the job role mentioned.

Once they shortlist some candidates, you can take the final round and bring the right person onboard

Summing Up

These are a few ways that can help you accelerate your tech recruitment process. But make sure that you merely do not over rush or you will end up wasting money. Following the above-mentioned strategies to accelerate the tech recruitment process can help you stay ahead of the competition and lure the right people for your company. So why not try these hacks and strategies to give your hiring process a boost?


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