6 Things All Live Coding Interview Tools Should Have

6 Things All Live Coding Interview Tools Should Have

PulkitJuly 5th, 20214 min read

Your organization is open to hiring developers and engineers, but you’re struggling to get the best tool by your side to assess candidates as a recruiter. Don’t worry – you are not alone.

Research states that more than 60% of recruiters find it difficult to onboard the right talent for their organization.

After the pandemic, everything has become digital – be it interviews or conducting a coding test. Pandemic has encouraged us to leverage the power of modern tools and technologies to streamline the process. It also applies to the recruiting process.

There are tons of live coding interview tools available which recruiters can leverage to assess the candidate’s technical skills effectively. It uses an auto-grading system through which you can decide whether to move forward with the candidate for the next round or not.

But how to choose the right tool? What are must-have features in a coding interview tool?

In this article, we will discuss the must-have features of coding interview tools and how to choose the right one.

What Is An Online Coding Interview Tool?

To conduct the right online coding test, you need an online coding interview tool that allows both candidates and interviewers to solve coding problems with an online code editor and compilers for all programming languages such as Python, Java, HTML, etc.

In an online coding interview, recruiters give the task to potential candidates, ranging from solving issues or writing algorithms. The interviewer can review how the candidate completes the task and get a deep insight into the candidate’s technical skills and how much time is taken to solve a particular set of questions.

Believe it or not, an online coding interview directly impacts the candidate experience and helps develop a positive employer brand.

That said, let’s discuss 6 must-have things every remote coding interview tool must have.

6 Things Every Live Coding Interview Tool Must Have

Must Offer A Wide Range Of Tests For Different Roles

The best coding interview tool must offer various online coding tests that match your specific needs – whether it’s for front-end, back-end, or full-stack development. Additionally, it must also include coding challenges for different technologies and frameworks such as Java, CSS, and SQL.

As a recruiter, you must assess the tool thoroughly and identify whether it allows you to give the tasks that your potential candidates will be working on daily.

Must-Have In-Built Video and Audio Functionality

One of the essential features of every coding interview tool is an in-built video and audio functionality. While taking interviews, recruiters should get an actual feel while interviewing a candidate with a face-to-face engagement.

The tool must also include its own communication technologies so that both the recruiter and the candidate don’t have to move to any third-party tool for video chat to better understand their soft skills.

Must Allow Recruiters To Manage Candidates

A live coding interview tool must blend with the existing recruitment process of recruiters, streamlining the process at each step and making the recruitment process easier.

The best coding interview allows recruiters to prepare, send and follow up on email, ranking candidates, and creating a short-list based on performance. It will help recruiters if the coding test can be accessed from anywhere, based on the candidate’s preferences and the interview stage.

Additionally, the coding interview tools must be easy to use, which will speed up the hiring process. A complex tool can make the process slower; as a result, it can harm the candidate experience.

Must Have A Whiteboarding Tool

A whiteboarding tool helps teams to work digitally, from everywhere when they are online.

The whiteboarding tool plays a crucial role in coding interview tools as both recruiters and candidates can use the same whiteboard space where candidates can add the content. In contrast, recruiters see what they are doing in real-time, and they can interact easily.

With the whiteboarding tool, recruiters can send an electronic invite to the potential candidates by adding the link to the whiteboard directly in the invite. It is the right approach so that recruiters don’t lose time during the interview to bring candidates on the whiteboard.

Must Support Multiple Programming Languages

All coding interview tools must support multiple programming languages so that recruiters don’t have to shift to third-party tools to conduct tests for different languages.

It also becomes easier for recruiters to assess multiple candidates for different job roles on a single platform. For example, a recruiter can conduct a coding interview for Android developers as well as iOS developers using multiple programming language tests on a single platform.

Must Have Scheduling Functionality

Every recruiter has some day-to-day responsibilities and deadlines, and sometimes it becomes challenging to schedule the interview on time.

However, a coding interview tool must have a feature that allows recruiters to schedule interviews for later by creating a link and sending them to potential candidates.

This feature can also work for passive candidates. Passive candidates are already employed, and they can ask the recruiter to schedule the interview at their convenience. So, this is a must-have feature that can benefit both recruiters as well as candidates.

Summing Up

Hiring the technical team that best suits the job profile is a challenging task for recruiters – and it is not going to be easier anytime soon.

To judge candidates based on their skills, you need the right tool with the best features. The live coding tool you must focus on streamlining your hiring process and improves the candidate experience.

When you have the right tool behind your back, you can easily set up the coding interview and speed up the hiring process. With the features mentioned above in your tool, it becomes easy for recruiters to grab the right talent for their organization and enhance the candidate experience.

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