5 Startups That'll Change The Technical Recruitment Industry For The Better

5 Startups That'll Change The Technical Recruitment Industry For The Better

RahulJune 19th, 20214 min read

As a non-tech recruiter, how long do you take to fill a technical position in your organization? Most probably a month or so! But do you know you can easily hire candidates for the technical role with the least or no technical background? Yes, you read that right.

A constant change in the recruitment process is necessary. With the introduction of new trends and technologies, you need to adapt yourself to such changes to ensure you’re hiring the right talent.

The pandemic has brought various developments in the recruitment game. Today, more and more companies embrace remote hiring and use the best tools for interviewing candidates and assessing their skills, streamlining their recruitment process. However, to stand out from the competition, you also need to think out-of-the-box and revamp your technical recruitment process.

With that said, here, we will discuss the 5 startups that are helping recruiters to streamline their technical hiring process.

5 Startups That Are Taking Technical Recruitment To The Next Level

iprospectcheck is an employee-background check that uses the best technology with experts that focus on compliance and accuracy and provide leading turnaround times. This tool uses three top-notch technologies, including SwiftHire Mobile, Customized Integrations, and I9/E-Verify.

SwiftHire is a background screening tool that allows candidates to start the screening process by submitting their details online. It will save a lot of time for recruiters to access the personal data of the candidates right into their ordering system.

Integration is important for every organization in recruiting team. iprospectcheck allows for less keying of data, leaving more time for mission-critical operations.

iprospectcheck use E-Verify technology that allows recruiters to process electronic I9 forms through the E-Verify system automatically.


Intervue is a top-notch solution for recruiters looking for an extensive live coding interview tool. It offers a lot of useful features such as question bank, resume, interview history, and many more. It helps recruiters to make informed decisions in every step of the recruitment process. Intervue is integrated with audio/video calling, where the recruiter needs to provide a URL to the candidate without downloading any third-party software.

Intervue is a code editor with Google docs features where recruiters can easily collaborate with candidates using the best and quickest way possible over an interview. It also offers a customized question bank functionality where recruiters can ask questions to the candidate without leaving the interview session.

Many big players such as OLX, PayTm, Bounce, etc., use Intervue to streamline their technical recruitment process. Now, it’s time for you to leverage it. Believe it or not – you won’t regret it.

GoCo Inc

If you are looking for an all-in-one HR software – then GoCo Inc is the way to go. The main purpose of GoCo is to automate the actual process of the recruiting team in every organization.

With GoCo, recruiters can also enhance their candidate experience by giving their new hires an engaging digital experience for pre-boarding before their first day.

GoCo is different from other recruiting tools as it won’t change the way recruiters work. From employee onboarding to administration and payroll, GoCo covers it all. It offers fully customizable onboarding solutions, which give employers the tools to make the first day memorable for the new hires.

Are you still using an old-school punch card system? Well, GoCo’s digital time clock system ensures a hassle-free employee clock-in experience and gives recruiters a primary solution for maintaining attendance.

Tabb Inc

The onboarding process becomes easier when Tabb is by your side. Tabb focuses on a candidate-oriented approach. Unlike other tools, it specifies the entire background for each candidate to one researcher. It includes their researcher’s name, email ID, and phone number in each report, allowing hiring managers to get access immediately when a question arises relating to any research phase.

The hiring managers can request Tabb to conduct specialized handling regarding the candidate and their experience to focus on specific concerns. The cutting-edge technology of Tabb has a huge database of employers and institutions that includes their procedures and contact information to check employment, degrees, and diplomas.

Tabb also offers a drug screening functionality that proactively preserves employers from the potential negative influence of hiring candidates with substance abuse matters. Also, it satisfies federal, state, and occupational mandates.


DeGarmo is a one-stop solution that caters to the talent assessment needs of organizations. It connects with leading ATS platforms helping small businesses to enterprise markets.

During the high growth of business and bulk-hiring, it becomes challenging for recruiters to manage their current positions along with the new roles. But with DeGarmo, everything becomes simpler. It provides the scalability, and support recruiters need to increase their internal recruiting team. Recruiters can easily support the extra load and keep things moving smoothly.

Before hiring the candidate, recruiters need to ensure that the potential candidate has the necessary skills or not. DeGarmo provides hundreds of skill assessment test which recruiters can conduct to assess the candidate's skills. Whether it is Office applications, typing, math, or even multi-tasking simulations – DeGarmo is the jack of all trades.

Once you log in to DeGarmo, you will have access to several tools and technology which will help you hire the right talent and discover the needs of your workforce.

Summing Up

The companies mentioned above clearly indicate that the recruitment software market is diverse, and such tools can make the recruitment process much simpler and straightforward.

Leveraging these tools will allow you to stay ahead of the hiring and recruitment curve. If you are confused about which tool to use for recruitment, then it is recommended to identify your business needs and goals and must-have features that will support them.

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