10 Tips To Conduct Better Coding Interview

10 Tips To Conduct Better Coding Interview

RahulApril 30th, 20214 min read

Most programmers dream of landing the best job in the software development industry. They start looking for the best job opportunities at multinational companies after completing their college days. But to translate their dream into reality, they need to get through a coding interview which can be challenging.

Preparing for a coding interview is easier said than done. The same is the case when you talk about the other side of the story - yes, the recruiter's story. A candidate needs to make several considerations to enhance their preparation, and so do the recruiters to get the right set of people sitting in their office cubicles. From general logic-based questions to structure-based questions involving bit manipulation and algorithm, covering all bases is imperative to get the right candidate on the roll.

One might find it a bit tedious on the surface. However, adopting a systematic approach will help in simplifying things in this regard and getting the top skilled candidates to join your team. Here are ten helpful tips that you can consider applying to conduct a better coding interview.

10 Tips To Help You Conduct Better Interviews

1.  Provide The Complete Address And Directions

This may sound like something very basic, but giving a clear address map to your office can save time and prevent the candidates from reaching late and starting it all on the wrong note. So, brief them on the directions with landmarks so that they can feel comfortable when they reach for an interview. Further, sending an itinerary a day prior can get the candidates aware of what they are expected to do.

2.  Think differently

Asking the same questions just like any other interview is not going to help you reap fruitful benefits. Your candidates may also have become habitual of doing the same. Think out of the box and arrange meetings with members of different departments and managers to get feedback on what you should be asking the candidates with varied perspectives.

3.  Give Clear Information About The Interview Process

A candidate may find it no less than a nightmare if all of a sudden you announce a skill test or something else that they may not be prepared for. So if your interview process has a set of phases to clear, make sure that you announce the same in advance. After all, ambushes are not liked by anyone and can send jitters down the spine.

If at all, your interview process is more than facing an interview panel, let the applicants know the same beforehand so that they can have ample time to blossom their skills accordingly.

4.  Chalk Out The Questions In Advance

When you are at the other side of the counter asking questions to the candidate, you may go to any extent while asking questions. Sometimes you may even go ahead to ask irrelevant questions that may not even be close to the role for which you are conducting the hiring process. Thus, it is a better idea to predetermine the questions that you are going to ask.

May it be a situational basis, skill-oriented, or behavioral, chalk out some questions in advance so that you can gain better learning about the potential candidates.

5.  Gather The Right Set Of Interviewers

You might have different departments in your office, and setting up a team of the right people for the interview panel can help you in the interview process. They can help you judge a candidate on the bars of expectations and their ability to fulfill the job responsibilities. You can further consider inviting peers who excel in the hiring process to gain a better insight into the candidates.

6.  Know Whom You Are Hunting For

A good interviewer is one who is aware of what he/she is looking for and the real objective of the hiring process. Being aware of the same can help you ask questions and find out how the candidate can accomplish the objectives. Further, getting a slight idea about the candidate’s background can help you highlight the essentials.

7.  Be Friendly

You might have also faced an interview at some or another time. Thus, you might be aware of how it feels when you wait anxiously outside the interview room for your turn, right? Hence, try to lower down their anxiety levels by being friendly and not leading and commanding them. Some simple gestures like welcoming them to the room, making them feel comfortable can help them to calm down their nerves.

8.  Constructive Feedback

When you break the silence and actually announce the results in front of the candidates, give them a sweet and short explanation as to why they were not picked up. Constructive feedback can help them for the next interview they plan to face, and they can accordingly enhance their skillsets and performance.

9.  Build Rapport

You and your potential candidates are soon to develop a relationship if they get selected, and thus forming a good rapport with them can foster good relations. Build trust and ensure a positive experience for the candidates to connect with them. This will bring in good vibes in the minds of the candidate towards the company, which will further help you to work together for the combined company goals.

10. Bestow A Positive Attitude

Usually, the recruiter is one of the very first few people with whom a candidate interacts. Thus, creating a positive atmosphere for them is the sole responsibility of the recruiters. Presenting an enthusiastic yet professional attitude can help in a meaningful exchange of thoughts during the interview process. So, bestow positivity and listen actively to the responses of the candidate for showcasing the value proposition of employees of your brand.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, these are some handy tips to put your best foot forward for conducting a coding interview. While the questions in each coding interview may be different, being consistent with your approach will help you get the best results. Try putting these tips into practice while conducting a coding interview to land the best candidates in your team. All the best!

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