Updated on: October 5th, 2020.


  • Any person visiting Intervue.io is considered as its user. The following agreement is between the user and intervue.io. The agreement governs the terms and conditions of usage of Intervue.io services such as our website.
  • Intervue deserves the right to make necessary changes to the agreement without prior notice to the user. In case of updations to the agreement, user will be notified through our website only.
  • Intervue considers that the user agrees to the terms and conditions. Intervue can terminate the user from using intervue.io without any further notice if user violates any terms and conditions mentioned in the document.
  • User must not sell, re-sell, license, sublicense, distribute, redistribute , rent or lease the services offered by Intervue.io
  • Not use the logo, trademark and other propreitory things used in Intervue.io
  • User should not use the data mentioned on Intervue.io for fraudalent purposes

User Registration or Login

  • User should be registered on intervue.io under a unique email Id in order to avail services mentioned ahead and not limited to Interview creation, Create team, Add card details etc.
  • User is not allowed to create more than one account using same email Id

Personal Information

  • User must provide his username, email id and password to create an account or a interview
  • User must enter his username while creating a interview.

Terms of using Scratch Pad

  • Scratch pad is used to run/compile code written by the user. Username should be entered by the user before using scratch pad. User cannot create more interviews than available in his plan.
  • Scratch pad cannot be used for purpose that violate the agreement. Writing any code that misuses or effect the Intervue services is strictly against the terms mentioned in this document.
  • User should not reverse engineer the scratch pad to extract our source code or other details which are sensitive and against this document.

Subsription to a Plan

  • User can subscribe to a plan by choosing the appropriate plan from video-calling, personl, small and business. User should enter his card details and pay the amount corresponding to a plan in order to start using it.
  • User cannot use the plan without paying for it. Fee for a plan will be auto-debited every month from the card entered by the user in his profile section under billing tab.

Upgrading or downgrading a plan

  • User can upgrade or downgrade a plan and his usage will be constraint by services mentioned in the plan.
  • Subscription details of the user will be updated as well once he upgrades or downgrades a plan.
  • User cannot use the account if he removes his card from the account and his subscription end date has passed.
  • Previous interview count will be added to the new plan if user upgrades the plan
  • Previous interview count will not be added to the new plan if user downgrades the plan


  • User can contact Intervue team to apply for a refund. Refund terms are governed by intervue.io terms and conditions policies and usage by the user.
  • Refund can take upto a few business days as per Stripe policies

Legal Disputes and liabilities

  • The courts of India have the sole and exclusive jurisdiction in the event of any legal dispute or conflict between Intervue and its users arising from the services of Intervue. The user must pay Intervue's attorney fees and bear the cost of legal proceedings relating to this agreement, including appeals.

Terms for adding card information

  • User should add correct card details in the billing section of his profile in Intervue.io.
  • If a card expires or no longer exists, user must update his card details to the new one to continue using the services once the subscription end date has passed for which the user has already paid.
  • User card details are stored with Stripe and not with Intervue.io for security purposes.

Third Party Links

  • Intervue has no control over third party websites the links of which are embedded in intervue.io
  • Users are advised to read the terms and conditions for other websites.
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