Privacy Policy

Updated on: November 8th, 2020.

The privacy policy governs the collection, usage and sharing of private information provided by the user to Intervue. Intervue really gives importance to your data. We are committed to providing you all the information related to how we use your data. Any user availing the services provided by Intervue must be in agreement with its Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy as mentioned in this document.
Intervue collects the following personal information:
  • Email Id
  • User name
  • Company Name
Intervue collects the following non-personal information:
  • IP address
  • Usage details
In the event of combining personal and non-personal information, both will be treated as personal


Intervue uses cookies to collect non-identifiable information. A cookie is a piece of data that a website can send to your browser. It is then saved on the computer in your browser to identify your computer. Cookies are used by Intervue with the intent of giving you enhanced user experience. In the event of any disagreement, the user deserves the right to suspend his account and not continue with services provided by Intervue
Your card information is stored with stripe and we do not keep card related data at our end to maintain security.

Google Sign In

Intervue uses Google's one tap login & login with google flow to give you a seamless onboarding experience. Intervue collects the following personal information from your google account:
  • Email Id
  • User name

Take Home Assignments

Intervue collects the following information about the candidate when they attempt a take home assignment:
  • Webcam screenshots
  • Email Id
The intended purpose of the above information is to give a report to the employer to be assessed. The screenshots are saved on AWS S3 & secured with our data security policy.
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