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Candidate's guide to Intervue

Hey There,
You have an upcoming assignment on Intervue and you want to make sure you understand how things work?

You are in the right place.

Here, you can find all the information you need to perform to the best of your abilities.

Remember, don’t sweat it during the test. Intervue is here to make your life easier. You can run your code at any time, and use the output to get yourself unstuck.

If you have any questions or concerns about how things work, feel free to ping us on the chat on the bottom right of the page or email us at – we’re happy to help!

Best of Luck

Before you start

There are some things that you need to ensure before you start taking the test. Remember, once you start the assignment, you can not pause it.

Stable internet connection

A stable internet connection is required to take the assignment. Even if you go offline, the timer will not stop, hence fixing an internet connection issue will use up time. All your work is auto saved, so can start right where you left.

Setting up your space

Make sure you find a place you can sit for an extended period of time without any distractions. If you are using a laptop, keep the charger handy. Only use a laptop or a desktop to take the assignment.

Camera attachments

Some tests will require you to switch on your camera. Make sure your webcam is working. If are using a desktop you will need to connect an external camera to the system.

Test start and end times

The employer will always specify when you can take the test. Make sure you keep these in mind and always be on time. We cannot help you if you miss the deadline. In cases like these, the employer will have the final say.

Entering the test

Note: If you were invited on a Gmail, you can click on "Continue with Google" and skip the verification step shown in the video.

System Permissions

Once you enter the test, you will be asked to give camera access permissions. Depending on the organization, this step might be mandatory. If this step is mandatory, you wont be able to begin the test without allowing camera access.

Taking the test

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Best tool to take programming interviews with support for audio/video calling and free trial