Candidate guide for seamless interviews on

You are reading this because you have an upcoming interview scheduled on The below set of instructions will help you know about the platform before hand. is an easier way to take tech interviews remotely. It comes with live coding environment with ability to execute code across 25+ programming languages. It has also got audio/video calling integrated

Here’s what an session looks like:

It’s pretty simple. You write code in the left side, and when you hit Run the output is displayed on the right side. The complete pad is collaborative. So, whatever you type will be shown to the employer and vice-versa.

For some languages, REPL is also supported in the right side REPL is an interactive terminal powering that particular programming language

Reset button is used to clear the output on the right side. It does not effect the code written on the left side support integrated audio/video calling in your browser only. You can choose whether to switch on the audio/video from the modal when you join a call. Obviously, you will have to allow your browser to access the microphone and the webcam to be able to do that when the browser prompts you on starting / joining the video call.

The Interviewer has the ability to disable the code execution for you and you will not be shown the Program Output tab on the right side.

Programming Languages

We support many of the most commonly used programming languages. We also have unit testing suites and other libraries for many of them (like Java, Javascript etc).

You can see the language information during an interview by clicking the [i] icon corresponding to a language after selecting it. The pop-over will show details of all the features supported by that language

The Question Bank

Each company is shown a list of questions (conceptual and algo/data-strcutures) for many programming languages.

They can simply copy paste these questions and ask you during the live session on the pad.

Before the interview, you can visit our sandbox section to practice and get used to the interface by simply typing{language_name} Example:

and so on.

The Sandbox gives you a session that’s identical to a real interview - the only things it doesn’t have are multiple users and audio/video calling.

You can also signup to our developer account and start your learning from there as well developer sign up

All the best!

We made keeping candidate experience in mind. You do not have to worry about syntax highlighting / indentation. We will do it for you. So take is easy and just focus on the question to give your best. If you get stuck, you can anyway Run the code to see the output anytime.

If you have any questions or concerns about how things work in, feel free to email us at - we’re happy to help!