Frequently asked questions
Will I be charged for a test invite that the candidate did not attempt?
No, you only get charged for the tests that the candidates have submitted.
Can I add more team members than my limit on the plan?
Unfortunately, you can only add up to the limit of users in your plan.
When is an interview deducted from my quota?
Your interview only gets deducted when both candidate and interviewer have spent more than 15 minutes in a call.
Why should I buy a paid plan?
Our free plans have a limit of max 3 interviews/assignments per day. In addition to that you have unlimited access to interview playback and history that you can access in our paid plans. To see a detailed comparison, tap here.
What are my payment options?
We currently accept debit and credit cards but can accept alternative payment methods like ACH for Business or Enterprise plans if you email us at
Can we take concurrent interviews on one account?
Yes, Absolutely!
What happens when I add my team members?
Intervue thrives with multiple team members. You can collaborate on interviews, assignments, question banks and outcomes with your team mates. Give it a try.
How is interview on Intervue different than zoom, google meets and teams?
When you interview on Intervue you and the candidate both can be on the same code environment while being on a high quality video call. You also have a quick access to question bank, notes and candidate profile. All the events from the interview are collated in a quick playback that can be shared with anyone from your hiring team.
Is the interview and assignment quota in my plan same?
Yes they both belong to the same quota.