Candidate stories
Candidates are raving about Intervue after taking mock interview and getting placed.
Mock interviews helped me deal with the pressure of an interview. I can always trust them to be honest in their feedback.
Harshit Garg, Big Data Engineer, Amazon
This platform gave me the comfort and confidence to treat my interviews like a fun, relaxing conversation, rather than a terrifying experience.
Arunesh, Senior Software Engineer, Mphasis
Wanted to say thanks to you in general for building a company that helped me get to this point and specifically for the reports. They were super helpful and I think made the difference between offer/no-offer for me.
Abhishek Bajpai, Senior Engineer, Nagarro
What our hiring partners say
Hear from our partners why they us
Intervue helped us save a lot of recruiting bandwidth with their product. Their product helped us build reliance over how they could actually emulate our internal hiring process so seamlessly.
I cannot imagine Upstox's hiring without intervue now. As a recruitment lead finding interviewers bandwidth was the biggest frustration that intervue solves seamlessly
Intervue is a true game changer in the hiring space. As a hiring manager it makes my team very productive if I am not having to worry about using my team's interviewing bandwidth.
Intervue has been a key component of our hiring startergy. It has enabled us to scale rapidly. It has adpated to specific needs accross roles.
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