Top 5 Advanced Applicant Screening Tools

Top 5 Advanced Applicant Screening Tools

Sugandha SrivastavaNovember 15th, 20234 min read

Do you find it hard to believe that tasks like writing job descriptions, reviewing resumes, identifying red flags in CVs, and shortlisting potential candidates can now be accomplished with minimal human intervention? It's true. The most advanced applicant screening software has revolutionized the recruitment process.

These tools leverage cutting-edge technologies, including social profile analysis, psychometric assessments, and culture fit evaluations, to assess a candidate's potential. They provide comprehensive reports to hiring teams, enabling them to make unbiased and fair hiring decisions.

Did you know that around 78% of applicants include falsehoods on their resumes? The sheer volume of resumes and the complexity of verifying information can overwhelm a hiring manager. But with the best applicant screening software, it's possible to efficiently and swiftly handle tasks such as resume screening, background checks, customized assessments, and their evaluation.

To assist you in navigating the array of options available, we've compiled a meticulous list of the top 5 applicant screening tools. Our list offers a detailed comparison of their advantages and disadvantages, pricing options, free trial availability, user ratings, and more.

5 Best Applicant Screening Software In Competitive Market

1. Intervue

Intervue, a leading company in the field of applicant screening software, stands out as a top-notch solution for modern recruitment needs. With a suite of powerful features, Intervue redefines the way organizations screen and select candidates, making the entire process more efficient and reliable.

Intervue's Assessments enable organizations to screen candidates in bulk, making it ideal for both campus drives and off-campus lateral hiring drives. The platform offers the flexibility to create and access a wide range of readymade assignments across more than 30 different roles, allowing companies to streamline their screening process without the need for extensive customization. For those who prefer to build tests from scratch, Intervue provides access to a library of over 10,000 questions, ensuring that assessments are tailored to the specific needs of the organization.

One of Intervue's standout features is its ability to shortlist the top 10% performing candidates and seamlessly transition them to live interviews within the same environment. This integrated approach not only saves time but also keeps all candidate data in one place, making it easy to manage the hiring process efficiently.

2. Freshworks

Freshworks offers a cloud-based, self-automated solution for streamlined and efficient processes. It supports quick data extraction through webhooks, enabling rapid candidate information retrieval. The platform facilitates engaging potential candidates through chatbot-initiated contextual messaging, transitioning them to agents at the right moment. However, Freshworks is considered expensive for college recruitment and lacks advanced filtering options in comparison to other campus recruiting software. Notable clients include Clarity, Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System, Bridgestone, Synergy, and Bensons for Beds, with a highly rated G2 Crowd score of 4.5/5.

3. Zoho Recruit

Zoho offers a talent mapping software with notable strengths. It optimizes ROI and seamlessly integrates Zoho applications like CRM and Email, fostering synchronized functionality. Zoho effectively taps into social media channels, including LinkedIn, for enhanced social recruiting. However, drawbacks include limited mobile-friendliness, restricted customer service for free users, and a complex, unintuitive user interface that challenges navigation and feature utilization. Clients such as Allianz, PWC, Bosch, Deloitte, and A1 (Telecom Austria Group) have benefited from Zoho, with a G2 rating of 4.4/5 based on 1,340 reviews at a pricing of $145 per month.

4. Skeeled

Skeeled offers a user-friendly platform for recruitment. It simplifies and expedites the feedback process for candidates. Recruiters benefit from the ability to multipost job listings on multiple portals with ease. However, Skeeled has some drawbacks, including ineffective email integration that requires repetitive entry of email IDs and the display of "no-reply" in email responses. Implementation can be time-consuming, and candidate grouping features may lead to confusion. Notable clients like Sales-Lentz, Nuo skin, IBDO,, and G4S have utilized Skeeled. While pricing is not publicly disclosed, it holds a G2 rating of 4.3/5 based on 21 reviews.

5. iMocha

iMocha, with a free trial option, offers various advantages for recruiters and employers. It allows precise assessment of candidates' proficiency levels, categorizing them as beginners, intermediates, proficient, or experienced. Recruiters can efficiently manage candidate pipelines, monitor test performance, and analyze invitation data. Additionally, iMocha provides comprehensive assessment reports, giving employees insights into their skills, competencies, areas for improvement, and training effectiveness. The platform offers AI-powered customizable and shareable reports.

Summing It Up

The evolution of applicant screening tools has revolutionized the recruitment process, offering unprecedented efficiency and reliability. These advanced solutions leverage cutting-edge technologies for assessing candidate potential, including social profile analysis, psychometric assessments, and culture fit evaluations. They provide comprehensive reports that empower hiring teams to make unbiased and informed decisions.

With the staggering prevalence of false information on resumes, these tools streamline tasks such as resume screening, background checks, customized assessments, and evaluation, alleviating the burden on hiring managers. The top 10 applicant screening tools, including Intervue, Freshworks, Zoho Recruit, Skeeled, and iMocha, offer a range of features and capabilities to cater to diverse recruitment needs and preferences.

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