How To Retain Developers [2021 Edition]

How To Retain Developers [2021 Edition]

RahulSeptember 20th, 20214 min read

Hiring developers is easy, but retaining them is one of the biggest challenges that every recruiter faces. If you’re the one – struggling to retain developers in your organization, then this article is for you. Here, we will discuss some of the best ways to retain developers in your organization in the long run.

Today, developers and software engineers are in high demand, thanks to advanced technologies. Every organization strives to hire quality developers to help them manage their internet applications and brand marketing. According to the US Bureau Of Labor Statistics, the demand for the technical team will increase by 21% by 2028.

The tech industry is rapidly growing, and unfortunately, software developers are choosing to search for better opportunities frequently. With that in mind, you need to make your workplace more attractive and give growth opportunities to developers so that they can stick in your company in the long run.

Why Is Retaining Developers Essential?

The majority of companies worldwide are tech companies, and to outrank the competitors. It’s crucial to build competitive products. For that reason, it’s essential to have skilled software developers and engineers, employees with great expertise, and strong competencies in their particular industry and niche.

When companies fail to retain developers, their business suffers a lot. But have you ever thought about why do developers leave their current organization? Here are some reasons why do developers leave:

  • No appreciation
  • Unattractive work environment
  • No career growth opportunity
  • Inadequate salary and perks
  • Work overload

When great developers leave the company, it can also affect the company culture and overall productivity. That said, let’s discuss how you can retain developers to boost your business’s overall productivity.

7 Tips To Retain Developers In 2021

Offer A Healthy Work-Life Balance

After the pandemic, the way we live and work has completely changed. Today, candidates prefer those companies which offer fully remote facilities or hybrid work environments. According to Kissflow, 51% of employees prefer work from home to improve work-life balance. They also believe that they are more productive while working remotely.

At this stage, organizations need to re-evaluate their technical operations and offer flexible work hours or fully remote opportunities to the developers, if possible. Most employees say that they will prefer to work from home post-pandemic. It means that employees appreciate remote work.

Remote work can help developers to balance their personal and professional lives.

Provide Opportunities For Creativity

The developer’s role is all about developing internet applications (websites and applications) and manage them. However, most developers want to express their creative skills to make the development process easier. To retain coders, it’s time to allow them to showcase their creative skills by offering them modern tools, different types of products, and new development methods.

Offer Career Growth And Learning Opportunities

As the tech industry will continue to evolve, tech companies need to provide career growth opportunities to their developers.

When you launch your new app or website, you can’t promise your new technical team to do their best to achieve the desired goals and see how it goes. When you hire the right talent in your organization, show them how you see your company’s future and how they will be part of this growth, how they can change and grow while staying with you.

As a recruiter or business owner, you need to find ways to engage your developers in their core work by allowing them to grow in their chosen field.

Invest In A Strong Work Culture

A company’s work culture plays a crucial role in attracting developers, impacting their decision to accept a job offer. More than 60% of candidates say that a company’s work culture is a great motivator.

To build a strong company culture, you can offer developers little perks like snacks. But it goes beyond that, such as providing a fully remote environment. Work culture can be improved when employees get to know each other. For that reason, you can also perform bonding activities that promote collaboration between departments.

Offer Recognition

When it comes to motivating developers to be more productive and stay in your company, praising them or offering recognition for their hard work can be extremely powerful.

Praise can help developers to stay motivated and engaged in their job roles. For recognition to have this kind of influence, however, it needs to be presented effectively. Only genuine achievements should be praised, and as a recruiter or business owner, you need to ensure that your feedback is valuable and precise.

Provide Proper Training And Resources

When you hire experienced and high-quality developers, it doesn’t mean that they already know about how your business works. You need to guide them about how your business operations work and offer plenty of guidance, such as training on workplace goals and business models.

Moreover, give them access to the valuable resources they need to get their job done. Also, invest in the modern tools and technologies that can help them structure and streamline their business operations.

Invest In Modern Tools And Technologies

Investing in modern tools and technologies can help you retain developers. No one wants to work in outdated computers and applications. Even if they work remotely, give them the best you can and pay attention to their needs. It doesn’t mean investing in a most expensive desktop, but give them a smoothly working desktop.

Summing Up

The demand for developers will increase in the future, and organizations that promote hiring developers, in the long run, must focus on improving employee retention rates.

If you create a positive work environment and value your developers, you will never experience a sudden turnover in your organization.

The tips mentioned above will help you retain developers as well as create a positive employer brand. Apart from these tips, you need to ensure that you hire the right person who fits your work culture.

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